Monday, April 20, 2015


In honor of today's Twin Peaks thunderclap I just wanted to share a few quick thoughts. Of course #SAVETWINPEAKS but more than that, aren't all of us Twin Peaks fans something? For years I loved this show in quiet obscurity, devoid of social media and digital instant everything. I often felt weird, perhaps fittingly so, for feeling so obsessed. However now, seeing how excited people are about this show, it feels like Twin Peaks was meant to come back. I'm thrilled at the fans outpouring to save Twin Peaks!

Years ago I went on a job interview and was interviewed by this woman who asked me what my favorite television show was. Of course I answered Twin Peaks. She looked at me funny and replied, "But that's so old!" I recall thinking that I instantly didn't like her, because to me a person who looks at art of the past and immediately dismisses it as a meaningless relic probably isn't a person I could relate to. Nonetheless I told her the show was timeless and nothing came of that job. 

Thinking of that makes it clearer that Twin Peaks truly is timeless and more alive now than ever. I think most fans agree that if David Lynch doesn't direct at least some of the new episodes, it won't be the same show. The hybrid of Mark Frost and David Lynch needs to be in tact for the show to capture the right magic. I don't have a subscription for Showtime and I was only going to get one to watch Twin Peaks. I could easily find episodes of their shows for free elsewhere, but I actually would pay to watch TP. If the network doesn't do right by the series I think they will miss out on an amazing opportunity to make a ton of money, not to mention amazing art.

Let's hope all this devotion pays off for all the actors, but especially for all the fans. We deserve to see Twin Peaks rise again!

I think Major Briggs has it right in the clip below. There is a time and for Twin Peaks it's right now! 

P.S. If you haven't already, sign the petition to save Twin Peaks here --- > SAVE TWIN PEAKS

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