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"Dick Laurent Is Dead" - Dissecting Lost Highway

"You'll Never Have Me" by @eclecticirie

Written by: David Lynch & Barry Gifford

Directed by: David Lynch

Original US Release Date: February 21, 1997

Starring: Bull Pullman, Patricia Arquette, Balthazar Getty, Robert Loggia & Robert Blake

On a dreamy desert highway, sexual jealousy, rage and murderous intent weigh heavily on a deranged man's soul. 

Fred Madison smokes a cigarette at his house. His intercom buzzes. When Fred listens a voice says, "Dick Laurent is dead." In the distance police sirens blare. Off put, Fred starts looking out his window, but doesn't see anyone outside. Later Fred prepares for work. His wife Renee says she's not going to come to the club to see him play, because she's going to stay home and read. She tells him he can wake her up when he gets home. Then we cut to him playing the saxophone at his club the Luna Lounge. After his set, Fred uses the pay phone backstage to call Renee, but she doesn't answer. He seems upset. However when he returns home, Renee is soundly sleeping in bed.

The next morning Renee goes outside to pick up the newspaper and finds an envelope on the step. She opens it and finds a videotape inside. Fred asks who it's from, but there's no indication of who sent it. He pops it in the VCR and they watch it together. The tape shows a recording of the front of their house. Renee thinks it must be from a real estate agent. Later as Fred lays in bed he has a memory of seeing Renee leave the club during one of his sets with another man. Next to him, Renee undresses and gets into bed with him. They begin to have sex. During their love making Fred watches her closely. He seems to struggle sexually. During their encounter, the far off hum of 'Song to the Siren' can be heard. Renee pats him on the shoulder and whispers,"its okay." Fred has a look of humiliation, rolls off her and looks away. Renee stares off quietly. 

After Fred tells her about a dream he had of her the night before. He says he heard her calling his name from inside the house, but he couldn't find her. Then he says he saw her in bed, but it wasn't her, it only looked like her. Fred then wakes up. He looks and sees Renee's body, but the face of a scary man is transposed over hers. Then he wakes up again, seemingly having had a dream within a dream. Renee is next to him asking if he's alright.

The next morning Renee goes outside again and finds another envelope. Fred sees it and asks if Renee wants to watch it. He pops it in and sees it's more footage of their house from the outside, but also footage of the inside showing them sleeping in bed. Renee gets scared and calls the police. Later two detectives show up to watch the videotape. They look around the house and go into the bedroom. They ask if they own a video camera. Renee says no, because Fred hates them. Fred explains that he likes to remember things his own way. The detectives say they should try to use the alarm again, after Fred tells them they stopped using the alarm because it kept going off. After some more looking around, the detectives leave their cards and promise to keep an eye on their house. 

Original artwork by @eclecticirie
Fred and Renee attend a party at Andy's house, a friend of Renee's. She's drunk and asks Fred to get her another drink. He doesn't seem pleased, but goes to the bar and orders more drinks nonetheless. He takes two shots of Scotch and then is approached by a mysterious man dressed in all black. The man says, "We've met before, haven't we?" Fred says he doesn't think so. The mysterious man replies that they met at Fred's house. He also tells Fred he's at his house right now. Fred thinks that's "fucking" crazy. The man takes out a cell phone and tells Fred to call him at Fred's home number. Fred does so and hears the man's voice answer, "I told you I was here." He also tells Fred that he invited him there. Fred asks who he is. The man maniacally laughs in response. Then the voice on the phone says, "give me back my phone," and the man walks away. After Fred goes up to Andy and asks who that man is. Andy says he's a friend of Dick Laurent. Fred gets nervous and notes that Dick Laurent is dead. Renee takes sudden interest and asks, "who's dead?" Fred takes her aside and insists they need to leave.

On the car ride home Fred asks Renee how she knows Andy. She tells him she met Andy a long time ago and he told her about a job. When they pull up to their house, Fred sees a flash of light and shadows inside. He tells Renee to wait in the car. Then he goes to investigate. Inside the phone rings. Fred looks around in darkness, but doesn't see anything. He goes back outside to get Renee. Once inside, Renee goes to take her makeup off in the bathroom. Fred hears a noise and goes to investigate. He walks into a dark hallway and looks at himself in the mirror. Renee gets worried and calls out for him. Then we see Fred walk out of the darkness. 

Presumably the following day, Fred finds another video left at his door. He pops it in the VCR and watches alone. This time it's more footage of the outside of his house, then the inside leading up to his bedroom. Inside the bedroom is footage of Fred standing over Renee's brutally murdered body. He starts calling out to Renee panicked and the next thing he knows, Fred's being punched by the two detectives in an interrogation room. Fred is confused and pleads, "tell me I didn't kill her!"

Next we learn that Fred was convicted of murder and sentenced to the electric chair. We see him taken to his jail cell. Fred flashes to the bloody images of Renee on the videotape. Fred lays on his jail cell bed and stares up at the light above him. He has more flashes of Renee's dead body. Then we see him out in the courtyard. He falls to the ground and tells the guard there's something wrong with his head. They take him to the doctor. Fred tells the doctor he can't sleep after the doctor looks him over. The doctor gives him some pills and forces Fred to swallow. He says Fred will sleep now.

Later Fred yells for the guard while he tries to rest in his cell. He asks the guard (Henry Rollins) for some aspirin, but the guard ignores him. Then Fred hears music again (Song to the Siren) and has a vision of a burning cabin in the desert. He sees the Mystery man from the party walk out of the cabin door, look at him and walk back inside. Lights start to flash as Fred struggles and grabs his head. A younger man standing by a driveway appears and we hear people calling him Pete. It then flashes back to Fred, whose head is bulbous and bloody.

The next day the guard goes to look in Fred's jail cell and is startled. He gets the captain and they deduce that the person in Fred's cell isn't Fred. The guard says, "this is some spooky shit." Later we learn the person in Fred's cell is named Pete Dayton and he's a 24 year old man. Pete's parents arrive to pick him up and bring him back home. The police let Pete go, but keep an eye on him by staking out his house. 

The following day, Pete rests in the backyard while music plays. Pete gets up and looks into his neighbors backyard. There's a dog there and a baby pool with a sailboat floating in it. Later a group of Pete's friends stop by to see him and want to take him for a ride. Pete's dad (Gary Busey) thinks it will do him some good. His friends take Pete to a bowling alley/night club. Pete meets up with his girlfriend, Sheila, who says he's been acting strange lately. She wonders what happened to his face. Pete says he doesn't remember the other night. She asks if he still cares about her and they kiss.

The next day Pete goes to the Firestone garage where he works. He tells his boss (Richard Pryor) that he's ready to work. His boss says Mr. Eddy called. Outside the police keep watch. Later Mr. Eddy comes in and is anxious to see Pete. Mr. Eddy notices the wound on Pete's head and tells him if someone is bothering him he'll take care of them. After Mr. Eddy insists Pete take a ride with him, because he doesn't like the sound of something. While they drive Pete listens. Then he tells Mr. Eddy to pull over. Pete gets out, tweaks some gears under the hood and makes the car run perfectly smooth again.

Later an aggressive driver tailgates Mr. Eddy and beeps at him. Then the driver gives Mr. Eddy the finger while passing him. Mr. Eddy decides to run him off the road. Then he drags the man out of car and has his hit men point their guns at the driver. Mr. Eddy proceeds to berate and punch the driver. Mr. Eddy angrily insists the man learn how to drive and get a driver's manual. The driver fearfully sobs. Once back in the car, Mr. Eddy composes himself. He tells Pete he's sorry, but explains tailgating is one thing he can't tolerate. He drops Pete back at the Firestone, gives him money and offers him a porn tape. Pete takes the cash, but declines the porn. The cops watch from across the street and refer to Mr. Eddy as Laurent. 

At his house, Pete stares at himself in the mirror intently. Then he goes to pick up his girlfriend, Sheila, and takes her for a drive. They pull off to the side of the road while the cops follow at a discrete distance. Inside Pete's car, they kiss and she asks why he doesn't like her. Pete says he does like her. Sheila then takes off her sweater and they end up having sex. 

The next day at the Firestone, Pete hears Fred's saxophone playing on the radio while he's working on a car. He doesn't like it and changes the station. His coworker (Jack Nance) isn't pleased because he liked that song. Mr. Eddy then drives in with his Cadillac along with his blonde girlfriend, Alice Wakefield, in the passenger seat. She looks exactly like Renee Madison. Pete watches her get out of the car and get into Mr. Eddy's other vehicle to a slow motion track of That Magic Moment by Lou Reed. 

Later that night, Alice pulls up to the garage in a taxi. Pete walks up to her. She introduces herself and asks if Pete wants to take her to dinner. Pete isn't sure it's a good idea. Alice goes to call another taxi, but Pete takes a look at her and changes his mind. They end up at a motel. The cops watching outside think he gets more pussy than a toilet seat. Inside Pete and Alice can't get enough of each other. They make plans to see each other again and do so several times.

Hitchcock's Vertigo?
Next we see that Alice calls Pete at home to tell him she can't see him that night, because she thinks Mr. Eddy suspects something. Later in his bedroom, Pete appears concerned as a black widow spider crawls up the wall. Pete sees a vision of Alice's face circling him. He gets scared and leaves. He picks up Sheila and takes her to a motel. They end up having sex, but Pete seems to be confused and distracted. 

When he gets back home his parents want to talk to him. They say the police want to know if Pete remembers anything about what happened to him the other night. Pete can't remember anything. His parents tell him that he came home the other night with Sheila and another man they'd never seen before. After Pete gets a vision of Renee's bloody body. 

The next day Mr. Eddy comes to see Pete at work and warns him that if he ever found out someone was making out with Alice, he'd kill them. Then Alice calls Pete and tells him to meet her at the Starlight Motel. Once there together, Alice cries that Mr. Eddy will kill them. She thinks they should run away together. Alice says she knows a guy, Andy, who pays girls to party with men. She suggests they rob him to get enough money for their getaway. She explains that Andy works for Mr. Eddy and makes pornography. Pete wants to know how Alice got involved with these people. Alice tells him a story about meeting Andy at a place called Mokes. She says he sent her to a job at this "scary" house a year ago. At this house, Alice was forced at gunpoint to strip in front of Mr. Eddy and his henchmen. Pete wonders why she didn't just leave and thinks she liked what happened to her. Alice responds that she'll go away if Pete wants her to. Pete tells her no and says he loves her. Then Alice instructs Pete on where to go the next night. She also advises him on how to knock Andy out. 

Pete goes home and Sheila is waiting for him. She curses Pete out for cheating on her. Pete's dad pulls her off. Sheila says Pete is different and runs off. Then Pete's mom says there is a man on the phone for him. When Pete gets on the phone, he finds Mr. Eddy is on the other line. Mr. Eddy says he's glad to know that Pete is doing well. Then Mr. Eddy puts the Mystery man on the phone, who tells Pete they met before at his house. He also says in the far east when a man is sentenced to death he never knows when someone will put a bullet in the back of his head. Pete is fearful and wonders what's going on.

Later Pete takes the bus to Andy's house and sneaks inside as Alice instructed him. On Andy's widescreen television is a pornography film featuring Alice. Then Andy comes down the steps. Pete knocks him over the head with a bottle. Alice then walks down in her underwear and kisses Pete. Andy wakes up and charges Pete. However he misses, lands forehead first into the corner of a glass table and dies. Alice has little reaction and reminds Pete that he killed Andy. She's anxious to get the money and takes Andy's jewelry off him. Pete watches her with the porno playing in the background in horror. Nearby he notices a picture of Alice and Renee together with Andy and Mr. Eddy. Pete wonders if both of them are her. Alice points to herself and says, "that's me." 

Then Pete starts sweating and bleeding from his nose. He goes upstairs to use the bathroom. Upon getting up there everything becomes fuzzy. It appears that he's suddenly in a motel hallway. He opens a door to room 26 and sees a blurred woman (Renee/Alice) having sex inside who says, "don't you want to ask me why?" He's confused and heads back downstairs. Alice is there. She points a gun at him and asks if he trusts her. She then smiles and tells Pete to put the gun in his pants. Alice tells him she knows a guy who will fence all of Andy's things so they can go anywhere together. They leave and take Andy's car. Pete drives confused. Alice says the fence she told him about is at his cabin in the desert.

Original artwork by @eclecticirie
When they pull up to the cabin, Alice gets out and tells Pete to follow. They knock on the door, but find the cabin empty. Alice says they'll have to wait. They go back outside and Pete asks why she chose him. She doesn't answer. Instead she asks if he still wants her more than ever. They end up making love in front of the car's headlights on the desert floor. The scene is set to the song --> Song to the Siren and is quite powerful. Pete passionately tells Alice he wants her. Alice grabs Pete's hair and whispers in his ear, "you'll never have me." Then she gets up and walks naked into the cabin and disappears.

Original artwork by @eclecticirie
When Pete stands up from the desert floor, he's Fred. He notices the Mystery man in the back of his car. Then the Mystery man disappears and reappears at the cabin's door. He says, "here I am." Fred quickly dresses and goes inside. The Mystery man is waiting for him. Fred asks where's Alice. He gets upset and says, "Her name is Renee! If she told you her name is Alice she's lying!" Then he pulls out a video camera, aims it at Fred and yells, "what the fuck is your name?" Fred gets scared, runs to the car and drives off while the Mystery man follows filming him.

Then Fred flashes to The Lost Highway Motel where he discovers Renee is having sex with Mr. Eddy/Dick Laurent. Fred waits in the next room with a gun. After she leaves, Fred grabs the gun, goes to Dick Laurent's room and kidnaps him. Fred puts him in the trunk of his car. Meanwhile from inside the motel, the Mystery man watches from the window as Fred drives away. 

Fred drives Dick into the desert. They struggle and Fred ends up stabbing him in the neck. The Mystery man appears and shows a dying Dick Laurent one of his pornography films. We then flash to a party where a snuff film is being played. Renee appears in the film. Renee, Dick Laurent and Andy all watch aroused. Then we return to the desert. The Mystery man shoots Dick dead and whispers something in Fred's ear.

At Andy's house, the police find a picture of Renee with Andy and Dick Laurent while investigating Andy's murder. They remember that she's Fred Madison's wife and say Pete Dayton's fingerprints are all over Andy's house. They think there is no such thing as a coincidence. Meanwhile Fred returns to his house and says on the outside intercom, "Dick Laurent is dead." Then the police arrive so Fred jumps in his car and takes off. Fred drives into the desert while a trail of police vehicles follow. Day turns into night, and while driving Fred begins to freak out. His face appears distorted. Fred seems to be burning as he screams in agony and morphs between Pete's face and his own. 

The End

My Simplified Theory: 

The film is a drive through the mind of Fred Madison. Fred struggles with fears that his wife is having an affair, has issues with sexual inadequacy and was probably 'deranged'. His choice to "remember things his own way" is likely a clue to his mental frailty. In a state of jealous rage, he kills his wife's lover, Dick Laurent, Dick's associate Andy, and ultimately ends up killing his wife Renee. He tries to run from the police and ends up in an elaborate car chase before being caught. Fred is then sentenced to death by electrocution. Then the night before he's to be electrocuted, Fred is given a heavy sedative to sleep.

Upon returning to his jail cell, Fred enters an intense dream/hallucinatory/psychogenic fugue fantasy state where he reinvents or revises, whichever you prefer, his own life story through a younger variation of himself. In said story, he gets to fall in love all over again. However the truth of his reality, much like in dreams, continues to bleed into his alter ego's realm. Finally, he is brought back to his truth and is ultimately electrocuted.

A Prequel to Mulholland Dr.?

Lost Highway seems to have an undeniable symmetry to Mulholland Dr. and perhaps could be viewed as the masculine counterpart to Mulholland Dr.'s feminine perspective. Both films appear to be a variation of the same core story. In both movies, the main character is wrestling with their conscious through a dream after having killed their spouse/lover. 

Is the Mystery Man real? 

I see him as a figment of Fred's subconscious. Note he's smaller than Fred, creepier, dressed in all black and his face appears whitened. I think he's supposed to represent Fred's evil, ugly, and deranged side.

What is the cabin? 

I'd argue it's Fred's soul or Fred's id or Fred's conscious or even a symbolic representation of his mental illness. I think you can view the cabin in a number of ways, but I do believe it represents a place where Fred has to face himself.

What are the videotapes? 

Perhaps his dark side was sending them to Renee before he killed her to toy with her. They could also be seen as messages from Fred's subconscious telling him how things really happened, not just how he likes to remember them. Either way, I think Fred was sending those to himself.

Is Pete Dayton real? 

Maybe? I think Pete represents a revised variation of Fred in Fred's fantasy/fugue state, but it's also possible that Pete was a real person who somehow got involved with Renee, Andy and/or Dick Laurent. Or perhaps Fred knew him somehow and wished to be like him; I think this is debatable. 

Was Renee really having an affair and involved in pornography?

I feel like what we know of Renee is very limited, but I do believe she was likely having an affair and/or involved in some nefarious behavior. At the end of the film the police find a picture of Renee with Dick Laurent and Andy at Andy's house after he was murdered. That was outside of Fred's dream so I believe that was real, proving that Renee did have some kind of real life relationship with them. However the Alice version of Renee in Fred's dream seems exaggerated so she may not have been all that bad in reality. Given that she was living with someone crazy enough to kill her, I'm sure there is another side to the story. 

What's with all the duality?

Every main character has an alternate version in Fred's dream/fantasy. Renee/Alice, Mr. Eddy/Dick Laurent and Fred/Pete/Mystery Man. Perhaps that's because in dreams things don't always make sense. Perhaps they are familiar, but different in someway from reality. It could also be in Fred's deranged mind everything was intensified and/or glorified to suit his delusion. If you listen to Twin Peaks Unwrapped's interview with Lynch's Lost Highway co-writer --> Barry Gifford, he talks about how they were intrigued by psychogenic fugue when writing Fred. In a fugue state, a person can distort their own reality.

OJ Simpson?

I spoke with Twin Peaks Unwrapped about this terrific movie, which you can listen to here ---> Lost Highway. In the podcast, we briefly discuss the potential influence the OJ Simpson trial had on David Lynch when he was writing Lost Highway. While watching the film, I did note several elements that reminded me of OJ's demise, particularly the car chase scene.

Themes of Sexuality

I've often wondered why when people are analyzing so much of the other elements in Lynch's work they seem to gloss over the sexual themes. With the exception of Laura Palmer's demise in Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me, where the subject turns more toward abuse, it seems the sexual themes in Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, and especially Mulholland Dr. with particular intensity in Lost Highway, are somewhat avoided. Perhaps that's because it's an uncomfortable subject to explore?

Whatever the reason, David Lynch doesn't back away from sex scenes in the least. He also seems to be very good at showing a range of sexual issues his characters are struggling with. To me, it feels very Freudian. Freud's main themes of analysis were dreams, the unconscious and subconscious mind, the Id, Ego, Superego and sexuality. If I had to offer a simplified explanation of Fred in Lost Highway, I'd say he was the Ego struggling to please his Superego and to control his Id, lost in a dream and plagued with feelings of sexual inadequacies. If you like the idea of Lynch channeling his thoughts on OJ Simpson while writing this film, perhaps that's how Lynch saw OJ. Am I going too far?

Nonetheless, David Lynch has been quoted as saying, “Sex is a doorway to something so powerful and mystical, but movies usually depict it in a completely flat way.” With that thought in mind, I think it's important to remember that Fred is obsessed with Renee. He wants her, but can't satisfy her. He believes she is having an affair and ultimately becomes murderously jealous. When Alice says, "You still want me Pete, don't you? More than ever?" I feel like that is Fred's subconscious haunting him. When she tells him, "You'll never have me," after making intense love to him in the headlights, is that truly Fred's deep routed sexual insecurities forcing him back to reality? I think it is, because after Alice walks away and disappears into the cabin, Pete returns to being Fred. 

Who stands out the most?

My vote is for Patricia Arquette. She is arguably one of Lynch's best femme fatales and I think she's a pretty bold actress for taking on such a challenging role. With that in mind, I asked my female friend and artist, to create some tasteful artwork to represent some of the sensual elements in Lost Highway. I also think my friend did some fabulous work that deserves to be celebrated.

Robert Blake as the Mystery Man could revival Twin Peaks's Bob any day for creepiest character in a Lynch film. What I think he represents in the film, which is basically Fred's evil subconscious, or even a visual representation of a multiple personality disorder, is incredibly intense. I feel like maybe Lynch wanted the viewer to experience what the inside of an insane person's mind 
would be like. Twin Peaks Unwrapped reminded me that Robert Blake had been accused of killing his real life wife a few years after this movie came out. Life intimating art?

Robert Loggia as Mr. Eddy/Dick Laurent was really something special. I don't think anyone really likes to be tailgated, but Mr. Eddy takes road rage to whole new level.

Finally, The Music

Angelo Badalamenti's music combined with Trent Reznor, Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson certainly made for a wicked soundtrack. It definitely defines the style of the 1990's a bit, but as a 90's kid myself, I love it. I thoroughly enjoy the soundtrack's dark tone. I also think, like in most Lynch films, the music serves as cues to the atmosphere of the scenes. I think David Bowie's, "I'm Deranged," very simply explains Fred's mental struggles. Personally I love the song, "Fred's World". I think it is a very haunting melody that strikes a similiar feel to what I love so much about the Fire Walk With Me soundtrack. Listen below.

Keep in mind that this is just my thoughts on the film. I don't claim to be right or to know everything. I simply fell in love with this movie while preparing this recap/essay and wanted to share my take. I'd love to hear what other people's opinions on the film are. I think Lynch's work is open to interpretation, which is part of why it's so much fun to contemplate.

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Eraserhead: Oh, I Don't Know Much Of Anything

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Recap of Episode 19

Season 2 Episode 19

Written by:  Harley Peyton & Robert Engels

Directed by: Caleb Deschanel

Original Air Date: January 12th, 1991

"Who's on the top floor?"

In Ben's office at The Great Northern, Bobby enters in his suit. He calls for Ben and finds him sitting on the floor. Ben tells him in life you need balance. Bobby gazes upon a pile of furniture stacked on top of Ben's desk and wonders if Ben listened to the tape he sent him. Ben answers yes, but says he was surprised that Leo could master the technology to record him. Ben asks what Bobby wants. Bobby looks back at the furniture pile in confusion. Ben asks him who is on the top floor. Before Bobby can answer, Ben says he is. Ben then tells Bobby to follow Hank Jennings. He insists that Bobby show him something he doesn't already know and sends him on his way. As Bobby leaves Ben's office, Lana Milford comes running down the hallway in her lingerie screaming.

"That's Dead Dog Farm."

At the Sheriff's station, Dale looks at real estate listings with a local agent. He flips a coin to decide which listing he should see first. It lands on a seemingly random photo of a deserted property. Dale asks what the property is. The agent tells him it's Dead Dog Farm. She calls the property a puzzle and says no one ever stays there very long. Intrigued, Dale says he wants to see it right away.

"Persistent Random Misfortune."

Dick walks into the station wearing a denim jacket lined with fur and a pair of khaki shorts. He meets with Lucy, Andy and Judy Swain from the Happy Helping Hands organization. Judy sits down with all of them to give them some background on little Nicky. She claims Nicky has been plagued with persistent random misfortune. Dick wonders if his parents were killed. Judy says no one knows for sure. Then Sheriff Truman comes in and tells Andy they have to go, because there's an emergency up at the Great Northern.

"She's a witch!"

In Dougie Milford's room at The Great Northern, Dougie lays dead on the bed. Sheriff Truman, Doc Hayward and Andy all investigate. Andy finds a copy of the Karma Sutra and reads a passage about simulating women, which shocks him. They also find a bunch of other sex play items. The Sheriff jokes, "At least he went out with his boots on." Then Dwayne Milford walks in distraught over his dead brother. He sees the sexual books and claims those are the murder weapons. He tells them Dougie never could say no to a woman. Dwayne then walks out into the hallway where Hawk sits with Lana. He accuses her of murdering his brother and calls her a witch. Lana cries to Hawk that it's true, she's cursed. She tells him a story about how her prom date ended up in the emergency room after he tried to kiss her and the bands on his braces snapped. Hawk tries to comfort her. Lana asks if he's the Sheriff. Hawk stands up, leans against the hotel room door and says when something big goes down he's the man they call. Right then, Andy opens the door and Hawk clumsily falls back into the room.

"Now will you go out with me?"

At the high school, the coach gives a speech about a random black football player who was the first to compete in the old days. Then he says Nadine has the right to compete now. The coach calls Mike over and says Nadine has volunteered to take Mike on in a wrestling match. The crowd begins to egg Mike on. When they start to wrestle, Mike advises Nadine on what to do not to get hurt, but she doesn't listen. She starts asking if he wants to go out later on a date. Then to Mike's surprise, Nadine flips him over her back. Then she somehow picks him up, twirls him around and tosses him to the floor. Mike lays there confused. Nadine asks, "Now will you go out with me?" Later Mike approaches Donna by the lockers. He tells her Nadine beat him up and he wants Donna to pretend she's still his girlfriend. Donna says she's not that good of an actress and laughs him off. Mike thinks he's going to end up in traction.

"Once a fortnight."

James sits in his room at Evelyn Marsh's house when, Malcolm Sloan, Evelyn's brother walks in. He tells James he's Jeffrey Marsh's driver. Malcolm sits down with James and immediately tells him that, "once a fortnight," Jeffrey beats Evelyn up. He says she tries to get even with Jeffrey by breaking his toys. James asks why Malcolm doesn't stop Jeffrey. Malcolm answers that no one stops Jeffrey. 

"The best and worst are drawn to Dead  Dog."

Dale and his real estate agent, Irene, pull up at Dead Dog Farm. She tells him there is a legend that says, "Of all the people in the world the best and the worst are drawn to Dead Dog. Most turn away. Only those with the purest of heart can feel it's pain and somehow in between, the rest of us struggle." Dale looks around and notices that three vehicles have visited recently by tire marks in the driveway. They also find the front door open, which Dale concludes means there was a meeting there in the last few hours. Inside, Dale finds traces of baby laxative in the sink and cocaine on the kitchen seat. Dale smirks and notes, "Irene, we have to notify the Sheriff."

"What if you died?"

Dick tries to fix a flat tire on the side of the road while Little Nicky sits in the driver's seat. Nicky plays with the wheel. Dick asks him to stop doing that because he's trying to concentrate. Then Nicky beeps the horn and startles Dick. He orders Nicky to get out of the car. When Nicky gets out we see he's wearing an identical outfit to Dick. Nicky then asks if Dick is mad at him. Dick assures him he's not. However he looks at him curiously when Nicky laughs that he scared Dick. Dick resumes his attention toward the tire, but the tire jack unexpectedly collapses causing the car to fall. Little Nicky gets scared and runs over to Dick in a panic. He hugs him and asks, "What if you died?"

"The cold war seems like a case of the sniffles."

Dale walks into Harry's office and meets Colonel Reilly, who is heading up the Air Force's investigation into Major Briggs disappearance. Reilly asks if Dale noticed any wild life in the area when he disappeared. Dale mentions seeing an owl and says he knows about the messages their monitoring from deep space. Colonel Reilly says they need to get their facts straight, because the messages that Briggs showed Cooper actually came from the woods in Twin Peaks. He goes on to say that Major Briggs disappearance goes so far beyond national security it makes, "the cold war seem like a case of the sniffles." Dale looks very alarmed by the news.

"Are you afraid of your husband?"

James shows Evelyn that he got Jeffrey's car started in her garage. He also tells Evelyn that he spoke with her brother about her "situation." James wonders if she's afraid of her husband. Evelyn tells him to mind his business. James says he knows what it's like to be alone and kisses her. Right then Jeffrey pulls into the driveway and beeps the horn. Evelyn jumps out of the car and tells James things aren't as bad as she made them out to be. Then she walks over to greet Jeffrey. James watches curiously. Later that night, James hears Evelyn and Jeffrey fighting from his room. Malcolm comes in with a drink in his hand and says he's heard this for four years. Malcolm claims that one day he's going to kill Jeffrey.

"It's Gettysburg."

Audrey playfully grills Bobby when he enters The Great Northern about what he's doing for her father. Bobby is reluctant to show her, but wants to know if they can celebrate together later. Audrey grabs his jacket collar and tells him they should think about doing business together. Bobby tries to kiss her, but Audrey slyly pulls back with a smile. Bobby smiles back saying he likes the way she thinks. Then he walks into Ben's office. Audrey decides to sneak into the wall to listen to their conversation. Bobby finds Ben arranging a model of the battle of Gettysburg on his desk while smoking a cigar. Bobby shows Ben some pictures he took of Hank that please Ben. Ben gives him some cash and tells Bobby to come back tomorrow so they can discuss a full time position.

"Here's to me." 

At the Packard's, Pete and Catherine celebrate with champagne. Pete quotes Yates to her, which Catherine thanks him for. She tells Pete he's very lyrical. Pete informs her that Yates is a poet. Catherine swills her champagne. She tells him she knows, while trying not to look annoyed. Catherine then orders Josie to bring their appetizers over and tells her she'll treat her with all the respect she deserves. Catherine also tells Josie to put on her maid's cap. Pete wonders if Catherine is being to hard on Josie. Catherine is quick to remind him of all Josie's wrong doings. Pete says that's not the Josie he knows. Catherine then proposes a toast to herself for bringing Ben and Josie down. She says, "here's to me." Pete responds, "here's to you Poodle."

"I may be wearing a dress, but I still put my panties on one leg at a time."

In his hotel room, Dale talks to Diane about his latest chess response from Windom Earle. Dale wonders where Windom is and what he's planning. Dale also mentions looking into real estate and says he hopes he could eventually settle down with a family. Dale notes that in Twin Peaks secrets always prevail and he thinks those secrets maybe connected to his trouble at the bureau. Then Audrey knocks on the door. She brings the pictures that Bobby took for Ben and shows Dale. He looks at the photos and sees a group of men chatting outside of Dead Dog Farm. Dale is pleased. He tells Audrey she did good and she may have even saved his life. Audrey hopes that makes them even. 

Then Denise Bryson knocks on the door. Dale greets him with a hug as Audrey watches. Dale introduces Audrey to Denise. She's shocked to learn the FBI has female agents. Then Audrey impulsively kisses Dale on the cheek before she departs. Once alone, Dale shows Denise the pictures Audrey brought him and gives him a sample of the cocaine he took from Dead Dog Farm. Denise thinks it will help his investigation. Denise then changes the subject and wonders how old Audrey is. Dale smiles as he walks Denise to the door. Dale assumed that Denise is no longer interested in girls. However Denise corrects him by saying, "I may be wearing a dress, but I still put my panties on one leg at a time, if you know what I mean." Dale responds, "not really."

At the Double R Diner, Big Ed plays with his slice of pie. He tells Norma he's not all that hungry. Sensing he's upset, Norma reminds Ed that he can talk to her about anything. Ed then confides in her that he's not all that happy with his life. Ed feels like all the plans he made for himself didn't mean a thing. Norma tries to be encouraging and tells him they can make new plans. Unbeknownst to them, Hank is listening to their conversation from around the corner.

"Did you check him for witchcraft?"

Dick comes to the station to talk to Andy about Little Nicky. Lucy tries to listen to their conversation. Dick whispers that he thinks Little Nicky might be homicidal or even the devil himself. Andy envisions Little Nicky in a devil costume in his head. Meanwhile Doc Hayward comes into Harry's office while Dwayne is there. Doc tells Dwayne that Dougie died of natural causes. Dwayne doesn't believe him and asks if Doc Hayward checked Dougie for witchcraft. Doc Hayward says that's not the kind of thing that shows up in an autopsy. Dwayne wants Lana charged with murder and thinks she killed Dougie with sex. Harry says they can't do that. Dwayne blusters that Lana isn't going to get one penny of Dougie's money. Then he walks out.

Nearby Hawk gets warm milk for, "the window Milford" in the conference room. Doc Hayward, Andy, Dick and Harry all seem to become entranced by Lana as Dick recites poetry about Lana's beauty. Lucy watches with disgust. Later Lucy finds the station completely quiet. The phone rings with a call for the Sheriff, but she can't find him. Lucy tries to intercom Harry, but gets no response. She takes a walk around and finds all the men in Harry's office with Lana. The men are all fawning over Lana as she drinks milk and tells them stories about her youth. Seeing Andy fuss over Lana particularly upsets Lucy so she storms off.

"My name is Ernie Niles and I confess, I'm guilty." 

Denise Bryson walks into the Double R and sits down at a booth where Ernie Niles is eating. Denise shows Ernie a picture of him convening with Hank and Jean Renault at Dead Dog Farm. Denise tells him he's in violation of his parole. While sitting there, Denise puts on lipstick and asks for Ernie's help. Later in Dale's hotel room, Ernie looks beleaguered as he sits with Dale and Denise. He says, "my name is Ernie Niles and I confess, I'm guilty." Ernie claims that Jean threatened to kill his family and tortured him into complying. Denise tells him to shut up. Ernie then says Jean has four kilos of cocaine to sell and wanted him to find a buyer. Denise takes Ernie's hand and coyly says he's now looking at the buyer.

"My father is a deeply weird individual."

Original Artwork by @eclecticirie
At the Briggs house, Bobby comes home to find Betty sitting alone in the dark. Bobby realizes that she's upset about Major Briggs. Bobby assures her that he'll be back, but Betty isn't so sure. Bobby lights a cigarette and tells Betty about the conversation he had with Major Briggs at the diner a couple weeks ago about his future. Bobby says his father is a deeply weird individual, but has a lot more going on than most people. Betty cries that at night the Major sometimes runs his fingers through her hair, but doesn't think she notices. Then the lights go off and Garland suddenly appears in the foyer. He's oddly wearing old fashioned aviation attire. The Major then asks how long he's been gone. Betty tells him two days. The Major says that is strange. Then he tells Bobby to put out his cigarette and make him a strong drink. Betty hugs and kisses Garland while asking if everything is alright. The Major replies, "no, not really."

End of show!

After a little break, I'm happy to be back to recapping for Twin Peaks! So much has been happening in the Twin Peaks world lately. I feel so happy to be a little part of this wonderful fan community, especially at such a special time for the show. We finally have a date for new Twin Peaks. On May 21st it all starts anew and I can't wait! I'll be ramping up my recap schedule to fall in line with the new season's debut in the next few months. I'm happy to say that my dear friend, and fellow Twin Peaks fan, @eclecticirie, will be designing some original artwork for this blog. Look for more of her terrific work in the coming months. 

On a sad note, RIP to Miguel Ferrer. We really lost an amazing person, actor and Twin Peaks alum with his passing. May he be free of all chowder heads and blithering hayseeds in Valhalla. 

On to the episode. I definitely find this episode to be on the lighter side. There are several humorous moments to enjoy throughout. I'm quite fond of Ernie Niles and pretty much every minute of Denise Bryson. Given the recent insights into Dougie Milford's life in Mark Frost's, The Secret History of Twin Peaks, I can't help but wonder if there are clues I'm supposed to be focusing on in Lana's scenes. Regardless, it still plays for laughs. I would say the most intriguing moment is definitely Major Briggs return. His aviator outfit certainly suggests he was somewhere interesting during his disappearance. Dare I suggest time travel or another dimension?

Enjoy a clip of Audrey's meeting with Denise below!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Recap of Episode 18

Rocket blind into the dark

Season 2 Episode 18

Written by: Barry Pullman

Directed by: Duwayne Dunham

Original Air Date: December 15th, 1990

"Is there someplace you're going to or running from?"

On the highway, James takes the longest ride possible out of Twin Peaks on his hog, a scene that is accompanied by some twangy music. After what seems like days of riding, James ends up at Wallies Hideout only a few towns away from Twin Peaks. He sits at the bar next to a blonde woman who's having a drink alone. She immediately engages him in an odd conversation and asks, "is there someplace you're going to or running from?" James laughs and tells her she's got the wrong man and he's alright. The woman responds by saying, "men are always alright, right up until they pull the trigger...," James tells her he's just a quiet guy and compliments her jacket. Then she asks if he can help her fix her husband's car. She tells him her name is Evelyn Marsh and she lives up the road. James agrees, but wants to play the jukebox first. He takes a coin, plays a dramatic lovable tune and puts his head against the box while he broods. Evelyn watches him curiously. 

"That's Classified!"

At the Sheriff's station, Dale and Harry talk to Betty Briggs about the Major's disappearance. Betty tells them that Major Briggs has disappeared before, but the fact that Dale and he were in the woods at the time of his current disappearance is significant. She also tells them that Garland talks about the woods constantly. Dale asks her if the Major has been attempting to make contact with some "element" that exists in the woods as part of his work. Betty replies, "that's classified." However she does offer to return with some of the Major's notes that he left at his bedside. After she leaves, Dale says the light he saw in the woods wasn't just some work related occurrence. Dale thinks it's a powerful force in that exists in the woods. Then Andy and Hawk walk in with matching Ascot ties for the Milford's wedding gift. After Cooper gets a call from Gordon Cole, who loudly tells Dale he's got his full support during the FBI's investigation into him. Gordon also says that the FBI is sending, Dennis Bryson, another agent that Dale describes to Harry as "no nonsense", to look into the investigation. Gordon advises Dale to let a smile be his umbrella before hanging up. 

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Dale goes into the conference room to meet with Agent Roger Hardy for questioning. Dale insists that he's innocent of any wrong doing. Agent Hardy thinks Dale is making the cowardly choice, but Dale intently tells him that he's now focused on a bigger game. Roger asks what game. Dale proudly tells him the, "sound the wind makes through the pines, the senses of animals, what we fear in the dark and what lays beyond the darkness." Roger looks confused and snipes, "what the hell are you talking about?" Dale smiles and claims he talking about looking at the world with love. Roger warns him that the FBI is likely to charge him with drug trafficking. Dale says he can't control that. Roger says he's keeping Dale's suspension in place and he's going to recommend that Dale have a full psychological work up after cracking such a big case with Laura Palmer's murder. Dale seems unfazed and thanks him for his candor. Before walking out, Dale glances at his gun and FBI badge on the table.

"He has the cutest buns!"

Nadine approaches Donna in the hallway at the high school dressed in her cheerleader outfit. Donna asks if she's heard from James. Nadine asks if Donna means Eddie's friend with the motorcycle. Donna answers, "yes." Nadine tells her that he hasn't been around for a couple days. Then Nadine asks Donna if she's still going out with Mike. Donna says no and wonders why she asked. Nadine says there is some major chemistry going on with her and Mike. Then Mike happens to walk down the hall. He says hi to Donna, but ignores Nadine when she says hi to him. Nadine watches him walk down the hallway and then giggles to Donna, "he has the cutest buns!" Donna asks about her relationship with Big Ed. Nadine says that sometimes Eddie acts like he's old enough to be her father.

"Let's go out for a Malted."

Dick comes to the station with Little Nicky, who Dick tells Andy is his charge from Happy Helping Hands. Dick introduces Little Nicky to Andy and says they were hoping to take Lucy with them for a malted. Andy tells them that Lucy is busy helping with the Milford wedding. Little Nicky gets upset when Dick says they can't go without Lucy. Andy decides to step in and offers to take Dick and Nicky out with him for a malted. Andy asks Nicky if he'd like that. Little Nicky replies, "Oh boy!"

"The Dweller on the Threshold."

In Harry's office, Dale asks Hawk and Harry if either of them have ever heard of a place called the White Lodge. Hawk looks stern and asks where Dale heard of it. Dale responds it's the last thing the Major talked about before he disappeared. Hawk is quick to tell Dale that he might be fearless in this world, but Hawks warns, "there are other worlds." Hawk explains that his people believe the White Lodge is a place where the spirits that rule man and nature reside. He also says there is a legend of a shadow self of the White Lodge called the Black Lodge. Hawk tells Dale that the Black Lodge is a place where every spirit must pass through on the way to perfection and there you will meet your own shadow self. Hawk says his people call it, "the dweller on the threshold." However he cautions Dale that if you face the Black Lodge with imperfect courage it will utterly annihilate your soul. Dale seems fascinated by the information.

"Happy to meet you, Sheriff."

Lucy's temporary replacement buzzes Harry in his office to tell him that Dennis Bryson has arrived. Dale looks pleased and tells Harry that Dennis is one of the finest minds in the DEA. He assures Harry that they're in very good hands. Then Dennis walks in and pleasantly says, "Coop." He's dressed as a very tall woman and tells Dale, "it's a long story, but actually I prefer Denise if you don't mind." Dale looks confused, but goes along with him, as does Harry. Hawk nods at him, but refuses to shake his hand. Denise says it was a nice drive and he finds it hard to believe that Twin Peaks has any crime. Harry says unfortunately they do. Dale then tells Denise he believes he's being set up. Denise laughs that his recent experiences have taught him not to judge too quickly. Denise says he's going to check into his hotel and then get started on Dale's case. He asks Dale if the food is any good at The Great Northern. Dale tells him he's in for a real treat. Harry snarks under his breath, "so are they." Then Denise tells Dale he wants to catch up with him later and tell him all about his new life. Dale replies that he's anxious to hear about it. Denise then turns to Harry on his way out and flirts, "happy to meet you, Sheriff." Hawk smiles at him and after Denise leaves Hawks remarks, "that's a good color for him!" Dale just smiles amused.

Back at the high school, Nadine finds Mike working out on the leg press in the gym. She decides to show off in front of him by using the leg press next to him at the max weight of 600 lbs. Nadine begins to press away like it was nothing while Mike struggles next to her using less than half that weight. He looks at her confused and asks if there is something she wants as she stares at him. Nadine makes a flirty comment about him being too forward. Then the gym coach comes in and sees Nadine pressing like a mad woman. He looks impressed and asks if she's ever thought of going out for the wrestling team. Mike looks shocked. 


At Harry's house, he comes home to find Josie in his bed just waking up. Harry sweetly kisses her and they snuggle up in bed together. Then he tells her, "it's time." Harry says he needs to know the truth or he can't be with her. Josie groans softly, "oh...Harry," but then she tells him the truth is she used to work for a man in Hong Kong named Thomas Eckhert. Josie explains that Thomas took her off the street when she was 16. She claims that he was her father, master and lover. Josie tells Harry that Cousin Jonathan/Mr. Lee works for Eckhert and threatened to kill Harry if she didn't go back to Hong King with him. Josie goes on to say that she thinks Eckhert had Andrew Packard killed and she'd rather die than go back to Eckhert. Harry says she's with him now and he can protect her. Josie thinks Thomas will just kill them both, but Harry tries to reassure her by saying, "let him try." Josie looks into the distance uncertain.

"Catch Anything?"

Norma serves Agent Roger Hardy some pie at the Double R when Hank and Ernie stroll in. They both look beleaguered, particularly Ernie. Norma walks over to Ernie and asks, "catch anything?" Ernie answers without thinking, " I hope not." However then he realizes she was talking about hunting and gives her phony story about shooting a buck. Norma listens skeptically and then tells him that Vivian went back to Seattle. Norma also says she thinks Ernie should go there to. After Hank brings Ernie some food. Ernie tells him that Vivian went home. Hank thinks it's better for their business that way.

"Uncle Andy went funny boom boom."

At the diner counter, Norma brings Little Nicky a chocolate malted and pie for Andy and Dick. Nicky wonders how much it costs, but Dick tells him not to worry about it. Nicky blows his whip cream in Dick's face, clearly upsetting him. Andy gets a subtle laugh and tells Nicky that, "Uncle Dick" isn't mad at him. Dick gets annoyed and asks in retort for, "Uncle Andy," to pass him a napkin. When Andy stands up to get it, Nicky spins his stool. When Andy sits back down he goes flying onto the floor. Andy gets upset. Dick laughs and notes to Little Nicky that, "Uncle Andy went funny boom boom."

"Sometimes riding at night, I punch off the headlights and roll on the throttle and just rocket blind into the dark." 

James takes a look at Evelyn's husband's car at her house. James sports a cozy sweater and tells her he thinks he can fix the car. Evelyn tells him that her husband, Jeffrey, loves the car and that he loves to have the most unique and beautiful toys. She claims her husband is that way about everything and she wonders if James feels the same way about his motorcycle. James says he loves the bike for where it can take him. Evelyn asks where he wants to go. James says it's not a place he wants to go to, it's a feeling. He looks into the distance and tells Evelyn that, "sometimes riding at night I punch off the headlights and roll on the throttle and just rocket blind into the dark." Evelyn smiles and offers to have him stay with her while he fixes Jeffrey's car. She also says she'd like the company while her husband is out of town on business. James agrees to stay.

"You're out Ben!"

At the Great Northern, Ben watches home movies in his office of when his father first opened the hotel. He laughs seeing himself and Jerry as young boys. Ben walks up to the screen saying,"now is the winter of our discontent." Then he kisses the images of his family on the screen while smoking a cigar and talking to himself. Hank walks in, sees the projector and asks, "stag party?" Ben is annoyed to see him and asks where he's been. Hank claims to have had a, "killer schedule." Ben recounts his recent trouble with Catherine, Leland and his being arrested for Laura's murder. Hank agrees that he's had a tough week. Ben then gets distracted talking about how arranging the furniture in a certain way could offer health benefits that are far reaching. Hank changes the subject and tells Ben there's been a "friendly takeover" at One Eyed Jacks and Ben is out. Hank also says he doesn't work for him anyone. Ben realizes that Jean Renault is involved and tells Hank he's dancing with the devil. Ben refuses to back down. Hank grabs him by the collar, says he's a mess and again insists, "Ben you're out!" Hank then leaves as Ben mockingly repeats Hank saying, "Ben you're out, you're out Ben!" Then he sits Indian style on his desk and makes figures with his hands on the screen through the projector's light. 

"The King must die!"

Dale opens mail from Windom Earle in his hotel room and discovers another chess move and a tape recording. Dale listens to the recording. On it, Windom jokes about how predictable Dale's last chess move was. Windom thinks Dale must be wondering what his next move will be. Windom notes that he's willing to make any moves necessary to win. Windom says he'll even sacrifice the Queen, because, as Windom puts it, "the King must die!" Dale appears rather alarmed by the recording. Later Cooper gets a call from Denise inviting him downstairs for the Milford wedding. After Dale makes a note to Diane to remind him to tell her about Agent Bryson.

"I found that wearing woman's clothes relaxed me."

Douglas Milford and Lana say their I do's at The Great Northern, despite Dwayne Milford objecting by saying Lana's a gold digger and Dougie has one foot in the grave already. Harry interjects and takes Dwayne outside for some air. Later during the reception, Dale joins Denise by the bar. Denise has Lana's bouquet of flowers with him and tells Dale he had an unfair advantage. He jokingly asks Dale, "how many of the other girls were varsity wide receivers?" Then Denise gets back to Dale's investigation and tells Dale he found cocaine residue in his car. However Denise kindly offers to help Dale clear his name. 

After Dale asks about Denise's recent life changes and wonders if it's okay to ask. Denise says he likes to talk about his new life. Then he explains that after wearing woman's clothes for a sting operation he was on with the DEA last year, he discovered that wearing woman's clothing relaxed him. Dale listens with respectful intent. Harry joins them and remarks how he had to restrain Mayor Milford. Then Dougie and Lana Milford dance over to them. Dougie dips Lana and tells Sheriff Truman to arrest her, because she stole his heart. Everyone smiles. Lana remarks, with an impressed smile, that Dale is the one who solved the Laura Palmer case. Then Dougie dances her back to the dancefloor.

"This cake is delicious!"

Nearby Dwayne Milford tells Pete that Dougie always had a weakness for woman, especially if they had jello in their walk. He says he was married to the same woman for half a century, but that's because he used his brain to think, not his garden hose. Pete just looks overwhelmed, especially when the The Log Lady comes over to tell him the cake is delicious. Pete then remarks that the music turned out pretty good. Dwayne thinks it might as well have been the death march. Meanwhile on the dancefloor, Audrey and Dale take a spin together while Harry chuckles watching Denise dance with Andy. 

"Happy Andrew?"

At the Packard's house, Josie goes to see Catherine. She tells Catherine that Andrew was killed by Thomas Eckhert and Catherine is in danger. Catherine has trouble believing that Josie cares about saving her after all the trouble she's already caused. Josie says she's got no one to turn to now and she's at Catherine's mercy. Catherine decides that from now on Josie will work for her as a maid and she tells Josie to move into the servants quarters. Then Catherine sternly warns Josie that if she disobeys her in any way she'll find Eckhert and feed Josie to him. After Catherine tells Josie what she wants for breakfast the next day and sends her off. Josie walks away and then, a very much alive, Andrew Packard walks into the room. Catherine smiles at him and asks, "Happy Andrew?" Andrew says yes. He thinks now Thomas will come looking for his one true love. Catherine looks pleased and notes, "We'll be waiting for him."

End of show!

It's so funny to me that all the stuff with Dougie and Dwayne Milford in this episode, truthfully scenes that for years I dismissed as fun fodder during rewatches, now, thanks to Mark Frost's book, The Secret History of Twin Peaks, has me fascinated and looking for clues in a whole new way. I really think there is something so brilliant about that. Mark Frost really took the mundane and turned it into an interesting mystery. Whether it truly means anything in the new episodes of Twin Peaks or not, Mark gave some of the sillier elements of season two a masterful overhaul. Bravo!

As for the episode itself, on a whole I would deem this a light episode without too much mystery afoot. However the introduction of Agent Denise Bryson certainly is a highlight. David Duchovny steals all the scenes he's in and offers a lot of fun. I hate to be picky, but the poor dialogue offered up in the James/Evelyn scenes due detract from some of the positive elements within this episode. Thankfully it does offer some laughs, even if they're not for the right reasons. Nadine and Mike are cute, even if they're a bit silly. To be fair, the Little Nicky stuff is pretty damn bad as well, but Dick and Andy are fun to watch and find a way to make it enjoyable. 

Andrew Packard's return from the grave is intriguing and I liked seeing Josie get a verbal whiplash from Catherine, especially after seeing Josie continue to play Harry for a fool. What is the truth about Josie? I think some of what she tells Harry in this episode about her past may be true, but since it seems to be a manipulative move on her part, who knows for sure. Plus we know she's lying about her own involvement in Andrew's boat explosion. My favorite mysterious aspect is probably the talk that Hawk and Cooper share in Harry's office about the White and Black Lodges. Hawk's words are pivotal. Watch below!

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