Thoughts on Hotel Room

"For a millennium, the space for the hotel room existed, undefined. Mankind captured it, and gave it shape and passed through. And sometimes in passing through, they found themselves brushing up against the secret names of truth." 

Written by:Barry Gifford,David Lynch,Monty Montgomery,Jay McInerney
Directed by:David Lynch & James Signorelli
Music by: Angelo Badalamenti

Episode 1 - Tricks 
Starring: Harry Dean Stanton, Freddie Jones &Glenne Headly

It takes place in September 1969. Moe, played by Harry Dean Stanton, Darlene, played by Glenne Headly, and Lou, played by Freddie Jones share a perverse encounter at the Railroad Hotel. Darlene - a hooker, is taken to hotel room #603 with Moe for a hook up. However, the night takes an odd turn when an acquaintance of Moe's, named Lou, shows up and crashes their party. The two men seem to have a grudge against each other over Moe's dead wife, Felicia. Darlene gets stoned so Lou convinces her to perform a cheer fro…

Ben Horne: "Who's the Glad Handing Dandy?"

Who is Benjamin Horne; a lovable playboy or a self-serving deviant? Initially described by Agent Cooper in the pilot episode of Twin Peaks as a, "glad handing dandy," Ben Horne didn't seem like a very good person when we first met him in 1990. In fact, he looked to be a likely suspect in Laura Palmer's murder, not to mention an awful father, husband, arsonist, a scandalous businessman, a womanizer, and an attempted murderer. However, his character's arc in the original series took Ben on a very bumpy emotional ride. By the end of Season 2 he seemed to be a better man. Imploring the rules of goodness taught to him by none other than John Justice Wheeler, Ben appeared to have turned over a new leaf. Played brilliantly by the very talented Richard Beymer, Ben Horne's influence in Twin Peaks goes far beyond just the lives he affected, some positively, many negatively. His character creates a sort of moral compass for the show, proving that even the worst of us c…

Twin Peaks 2017: The Best of Season 3

Twin Peaks: Season 3 was littered with amazing moments of humor, horror, and heartbreak. It was 18 hours full of unforgettable imagery, and loads of ambiguous mystery to stew about. As in the original series, Season 3 also offered a myriad of quotable dialogue, quirky characters, and laugh out loud scenes that were delightful for fans. Pictured above, although we didn't see her much until Part 10, Candie sure was fun to watch. Paired with the famed Mitchum Brothers, the whole team provided so much fun. Thinking of that, I thought it would be nice to put together a list of some of my personal favorite moments from Season 3. These were just my top picks, but honestly the entire season was a thrill to watch. It was hard to chose the "best", because there was so much to enjoy spread over the whole eighteen hours. Nonetheless, I had to make some choices, otherwise this post would be endless. Enjoy!

The Best of Season 3

Mr Jackpots and his famous, "Hello-o-o-o!" prett…

Down the Rabbit Hole: Thoughts on Season 3

If there is a lesson to be learned from Twin Peaks: The Return, maybe it's to realize that everything changes. Sometimes in order to shed the weight of the past you need to let go of it, otherwise you get trapped in its loop. There is no going back. You can't go home again. Love it or hate it, by Part 18 of Season 3 it was clear that there are no true answers, only ideas, perceptions, and assumptions. It was a great cerebral ride that drew it's curtain call with more confusion than conclusion, but within that maybe a little haunting closure too.  
When parts 17 and 18 aired I was ready to not necessarily receive answers to everything, but to feel a sense of cohesion with the entire 18 hours. Instead, I was scratching my head in befuddlement. I have loved this show since I was a kid. Its return mattered to me, and yet my beloved Lynch and Frost murdered Twin Peaks before my very eyes. Are they just cruel? Do they really hate their fans that much? After such a terrific and…