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Recap of Episode 23

Season 2 Episode 23

Written by: Tricia Brock

Directed by: Lesli Linka Glatter

Original Air Date: February 16th, 1991

"She was the love of my life."

Dale listens to Windom's tape recording in Harry's office. On the tape, Windom insists that Dale print his next move in the newspaper. After they finish listening, Harry says he's not letting Dale out of his sight. Dale thinks they better call Pete so Harry tells Lucy to get Pete on the phone. Carolyn's death mask sits on Harry desk, which Dale stares at mournfully. Harry senses his distraction and notes that Carolyn was very beautiful. Dale softly replies, "she was the love of my life, Harry."

"Poor Josie."

At the Packard's, Pete tells Lucy over the phone he'll come right down to the station. After he hangs up, Pete serves Catherine and Andrew breakfast. He makes a funny face out of Andrew's food, which Andrew loves. Catherine looks on annoyed. Once Pete leaves, Andrew tells Catherine he hoped time would ease her inner rage. Catherine just wants to know about his plans for Ghost Wood Estates. Andrew tells her he's meeting with the investors later. Then Josie walks in. When she sees Andrew she promptly passes out in shock. Andrew and Catherine laugh hardily as Catherine comments, "poor Josie."

"Get em' outta here!"

Hawk brings Hank, who's on crutches, into Harry's office. Harry is ready to throw the book at him so Hank offers to be witness for him. Harry firmly replies, "no deal." Then Hank makes a comment about Harry sleeping with the prime suspect in Andrew Packard's murder. Harry looks offended. Hawk then kicks Hank's crutch out from under him forcing Hank to fall into Harry's desk. Harry yells, "get em' outta here!" Meanwhile Albert tells Cooper in the conference room that Josie is the one who shot him. Cooper says he doesn't take it personally.

"I look forward to your stint in housekeeping!"

At The Great Northern, Audrey approaches the concierge, Randy, saying she's doing a stint in every department while learning the business. Randy isn't pleased and snarks that he looks forward to her stint in housekeeping. Then he walks away annoyed. Audrey is off put and fumbles with her binder and name tag. Some twangy guitar music begins to play in the background as a man approaches her. At first Audrey is abrupt with him, but then softens when she looks at him. She asks how she can help him. He says he needs assistance transporting equipment from his jet. Audrey jokes and calls him Mr. Rockefeller. The man smiles and then recalls Audrey playing Heidi in a play when she a little girl at the hotel. She seems flattered and remembers she was ten years old at that time. However when she looks back up, he's already walking away. After Audrey receives a note asking her to go to the Roadhouse at 9:30, along with a torn piece of paper with a poem on it.

"We're breaking up."

Nadine comes home in a somber state and tells Ed that she's in love with Mike. She claims they had a magical night together on their wrestling trip. Ed asks what this means. Nadine says they have to call a spade and spade. She says, "we're breaking up." Then she hugs him and apologizes. Ed looks befuddled, but pleased.

"I think I'm going mad!"

At the Packard's, Dale tries to get Josie to talk to him. Catherine eavesdrops on their conversation. Josie won't speak so Dale tells her this is the end of the line. He asks her to think of Harry, and tells her to meet him at the police station later. When she's alone again, Catherine walks in and torments Josie by saying Thomas wants to see her later that night as well. Josie is panicked. She says she's going mad and asks Catherine to help her. Catherine says Josie has to face Thomas. Then she discretely shows her a gun hidden in the bookshelf. Josie grabs the gun and clutches it to her chest.

"Incredible Roasted."

In Ben's office, Ben asks Bobby to join him for a meeting with Audrey and Jerry. Ben eats some celery and says today is important. Then John Justice Wheeler, the same man Audrey had an encounter with earlier, walks in. Ben is happy to see him and introduces him to everyone. Ben refers to Bobby as his Executive Assistant, Bob Briggs, and then everyone sits down. Ben begins to speak with them about the hard times they've fallen on. He shows them a picture of the Little Pine Weasel. Jerry is quick to say that they're, "incredible roasted." Ben explains that the Little Pine Weasel is nearly extinct and he wants to cleverly stop the Ghost Wood project to save the weasel.  

"I'd rather be his whore than your wife."

Windom Earle drops off a note for Shelly at the diner. Right then, Norma gets a call from her sister, Annie, who is coming to Twin Peaks from a convent. Norma says when Annie was little it always seemed like she was from another place and time. Then Shelly finds her note, which also asks for her to come to the Roadhouse at 9:30. Norma thinks its sounds intriguing, but dangerous. Then Ed walks in and comes behind the counter. He grabs Norma and asks Norma to marry him. He says it's their turn to be happy and kisses her. Shelly walks away with a cute smile to give them privacy.

Later Norma goes to see Hank in jail and asks him for divorce. Hank tries to sweet talk Norma, and asks for her help to get out of jail. However Norma refuses. Hank gets upset and threatens her. Then he calls Norma, Ed's whore. Norma responds, "I'd rather be his whore than your wife."

"Let's bust this bitch!"

Leo carves wooden sticks outside of Windom's cabin. Windom sings and then talks to Leo about how nature is cruel. We see him pull out an arrowhead and place it on top of the wooden stick. Meanwhile at the station, Pete stalemates Windom's game for Dale. Harry then calls it into the paper just in time. Albert walks in looking to talk to Cooper so Cooper steps outside with him. Albert says Josie is guilty and he's ready to, "bust this bitch!" Cooper is hesitant to make a move on her. Harry then walks out and watches them with concern.

"We won't speak again."

Andrew brings champagne to Josie's room for one last time at the Packard's. They briefly wax nostalgic about their past. He tells her that the police are closing in on her and the only solution is for her to see Thomas. Andrew says Thomas can get her out of the country, because he doesn't know he's alive. Andrew walks out saying they won't speak again. Later Catherine is reading a book with Pete sitting next to her when someone knocks on the door. She refuses to get up so Pete halts what he's doing and answers the door. Harry is there looking for Josie. Catherine and Pete tell him that Josie is meeting with Thomas at the hotel.

James meets Donna for a picnic in the woods. He tells her that he's going to be a witness in Evelyn's trial. James notices that Donna is wearing the ring he gave her. She says she knows about Evelyn, but she doesn't want him to worry about her. At first Donna asks for him to come home with her, but then she realizes that James needs to go have great adventures. James says he loves her and promises to come back one day.

"I'm Alliivvee!"

Andrew surprises Thomas Eckhardt in the elevators at The Great Northern. He tells him that, "I'm alliivvee," with an exaggerated groan. Andrew says Josie is the one who warned him of Thomas' plan years ago, thus allowing him to live. Thomas seems upset, but insists that Josie belongs to him. Andrew says he should be careful if Josie is coming back to him.

"What does that have to do with the price of eggs?"

In The Great Northern dining room, Ben tells John Justice Wheeler that he needs his expertise to be a better person. Audrey sits with them and nearly chokes when Ben refers to needing John to scribe his goodness on Ben's 'virgin' pages. John explains to Audrey what he does for a living, which is buying bankrupt companies. Ben jumps in to say that when John is done with a project the air is cleaner. Then Ben is called away, due to the chef trying to stab Jerry. Once alone, Audrey questions John's motives. He thinks she doesn't like him. Audrey says the Horne's might be in trouble, but can stand on their own. They end up having a brief, but intimate conversation where he tells her that it's glorious out in the world, and Audrey tells him she's only 18. John asks what that has to do with the price of eggs. 

Donna bumps into Shelly at the Roadhouse and they compare their torn notes. Audrey shows up, shows her torn note, and they all put the letter pieces together. Then we see Windom Earle is watching them from the end of the bar, dressed in a trucker disguise, as they read the poem he sent them.

"Put it down!"

Dale practices fly fishing in his room when Catherine calls him to say Josie is at the hotel with Thomas. Dale takes his gun and goes to Eckhardt's room. He hears yelling from outside the door, then he hears a gunshot so Dale bursts in. He sees Thomas and Josie in bed together. Thomas stumbles out of bed with blood on him and falls to the floor. After Josie pulls a gun on Cooper and tells him that she only shot him because he came to town. Harry bursts in with his gun pointed and screams for Josie to, "put it down!" Josie appears to loose her breath. starts to shake, and then falls dead on the bed. Harry runs to her, checks her pulse and realizes she's gone. Right then Dale sees Bob start to crawl over the bed and yell to him, "What happened to Josie?" Then the little man from another place appears and begins dancing on the bed. Dale snaps back to reality and sees Harry crying while holding Josie. At the end, we see Josie's face is somehow transposed in the wooden knob on the nightstand. She seems to be trapped in the wood and screams out in pain.

End of show!

I love that Ed and Norma seem to finally get to a happy place in this episode, at least for now. I also enjoy the fun banter between Pete and Andrew, and seeing Ben eat celery always makes me laugh. This episode marks the end for Hank, James, Thomas Eckhardt and Josie, and it also marks the beginning of John Justice Wheeler. There is nothing quite like Billy Zane's portrayal of J.J.W., is there? 

It's interesting that Norma says Annie always seemed like she came from another time and place, don't you think 'The Secret History of Twin Peaks' fans? Another bit of dialogue that might have influenced the very clever Mr. Frost.

It's always nice to see Bob, even if his appearance doesn't make much sense. Josie's death is a bit inexplicable, as is her transformation into a wooden knob, but it did make me feel upset for Harry. Their relationship has been a slippery slop to say the least. Watch below!

Recap of Episode 22 <-----

Recap of Episode 22

Season 2 Episode 22

Written by: Harley Peyton & Robert Engels

Directed by: Diane Keaton

Original Air Date: February 9th, 1991

"I just want it over with."

We open to slow pan of a giant chess board. Then Evelyn appears sitting on her staircase. She's dressed in all black. Malcolm stands by the doorway talking to some local police officers about James. She's clearly disenchanted with the lies he's telling, but plays along. Once the officers leave, Malcolm puts his hands on her throat and warns her to be careful. Evelyn says she just wants this over with. Meanwhile at Wallie's Hideout, Donna pulls James into the corner. A group of random sailors sit at the bar. The bartender is pushy about offering Donna a drink. Then James says he's being set up, and he thinks he should talk to Evelyn. Donna doesn't know if it's a good idea, but James is convinced that Evelyn will listen to him. Donna asks why in a solemn voice, almost as if she knows something transpired between them. Then she goes to call big Ed, but pretends to be on the phone with her friend, Annette, when a police officer walks in. 

"Get a life, punk!"

At the Sheriff's station, Dale and Harry question Bobby and Shelly about Leo's awakening. Bobby tells them that he and Shelly have been together for a long time. Dale looks at a chess board nearby and asks Bobby where he was the night the mill burned. Dale wonders if Bobby shot Leo that night. Bobby cops an attitude. Harry tells him to "button it!" Bobby then says it was Hank who shot Leo. Harry promises Shelly they will protect her. Bobby mockingly says he feels so much safer now. Then they go to leave and bump into Albert on their way out. Albert takes a good look at Bobby and snarks, "Get a life, punk!" 

Albert enters the conference room with his briefcase and a smile. Albert and Harry embrace for a bear hug. After Albert exchanges a hardy handshake with Dale. Then he tells Dale and Harry that he's back in town because of Windom Earle. Albert shows them a map of places where Windom has been sending pieces of wedding clothing to different police stations around the country. Dale looks at the pictures of the items and realizes their Carolyn's. Albert then explains how Windom manipulated the dead vagrant's fingers on the chess board in the Harry's office. Dale tells him good work, but then he looks out the window in deep thought. Albert walks over to him and notes that Windom's making his move. He also compliments Cooper's wardrobe change from his FBI suit to a flannel shirt. Albert thinks it would be fashion suicide for most people, but says it works on Cooper.

"Leo the Lion, Roar!"

In Windom Earle's cabin, he wears a dirty onesie and plays the flute. Then he wakes Leo up and begins to read Leo's rap sheet. Leo tries to walk away, but Windom slams his flute into Leo's legs. He gets the better of Leo and yells, "Leo the lion, roar." Then Windom puts an electric collar around Leo's neck. Leo tries to get up so Windom shocks him with an evil smile. After Windom feeds Leo some gruel.

"I turned all my Christmas' into a week full of Monday's."

Norma and Big Ed have pillow talk in his bedroom about all the years they lost. Norma talks about keeping the diner open all the time so she didn't have to have another life. Ed says he turned all his Christmas' into a week full of Monday's. They kiss and discuss starting a new future together. Then Nadine comes crashing in with her 2nd place wrestling trophy. She awkwardly hops into bed with them and apologizes to Norma for beating Hank up. Norma is clearly uncomfortable, but thanks her. Then Nadine goes to leave. Before walking out she says that she's okay with them being together, because she's very serious about Mike.

At the Packard's house, Dale and Harry question Josie about Cousin Jonathan/Mr. Lee's death. Harry pleads with her to tell the truth. Josie hesitates to communicate, but grabs Harry's hand under the table. Dale decides to get some more coffee. While doing so, Pete comes in with story and a ton of dry cleaning. Dale takes the dry cleaning so Pete can answer the phone. Once alone, Dale takes a sample of Josie's vicuna coat and gloves. Meanwhile Thomas Eckhardt calls Josie and taunts her. Catherine listens on the other end with a sly smile.

"Implement the 'Appomattox' scenario."

Ben continues his descent into the Civil War in his office at The Great Northern. Dr. Jacoby, Johnny Horne and Audrey stand nearby. Jerry debates with Audrey about leaving Ben in his current condition. Audrey firmly reminds him that she'll get everything if Ben is incapacitated. Jerry then changes his position and says they should help Ben after all. Audrey asks Dr. Jacoby to bring Ben back to the real world. Dr. Jacoby says it's time to implement the, "Appomattox," scenario. Bobby then walks in wearing his Civil War uniform. He joins Ben in a choppy rendition of Dixieland with Johnny Horne and some of the other hotel workers.

Later, Audrey, Jerry, Dr. Jacoby and Bobby reenact, with a fair amount of hilarity, the end of the Civil War on Ben's behalf, but with a twist. They declare the South the victor. Upon signing over the 'Article' which supposedly makes the victory official, Ben passes out. When he wakes up, he tells them he had the strangest dream, but says now he feels terrific. Ben asks what they're doing in costume. They all laugh and rejoice in response.

"You don't get it, do you? I'm talking about our lives."

Donna finds Evelyn drunk at Wallie's Hideout. She asks why Evelyn is doing this to James, especially when he's such a good person. Evelyn responds, "he was good at two things: the car and me." Donna oddly replies, "you don't get it, do you? I'm talking about our lives." Then Evelyn gives Donna a dose of her negative realism about life. Malcolm walks in so Evelyn stumbles off. He grabs Donna's neck and threatens to kill James if he sees her again. Malcolm then walks out as Donna cries for them not to do this to James.

"Our Sheriff's got a serious problem with his girlfriend."

Back at the station, Albert and Dale look at some slides while discussing Josie. Albert has compared the fibers found outside of Dale's room when he was shot to Josie's vicuna coat. Albert thinks she's guilty. He also says that the police in Seattle are looking for a beautiful Asian woman in connection to Jonathan's death. Albert notes that Harry has a serious problem with his girlfriend. Dale doesn't want him to say anything until they're certain. After Dale goes into Harry's office. Harry tells him the name of the dead body was Powell. Dale says that's Carolyn's maiden name. Dale is worried. He explains that every time Windom takes a piece from the chess board someone will die. Dale says he's never beaten Windom at chess. Harry tells him not to worry, because they have an expert Chess player right in town.


At the Double R, Pete checkmates, Toad, Dale, Harry and Doc Hayward while they all laugh. Dale is impressed. Pete says he owes his skill to the great Jose Raul Capablanca. Then Dale says he needs Pete's help to play a stalemate game.

Nearby Shelly goes into the kitchen to speak with Norma. Shelly wants to come back to work. Norma takes her back gladly and they hug. After Harry speaks with Norma and tells her Hank's going to jail for a long time. Norma is pleased to hear it.

Thomas Eckhardt comes to dinner at the Packard's and nearly gives Josie a heart attack. Catherine makes Josie serve them while she and Thomas exchange terse banter over Andrew's supposed demise. Thomas claims he killed Andrew for love. Josie comes to pour them wine and Catherine remarks on Josie's lovely hands. Thomas takes Josie hand and kisses it. Josie pulls away in disgust. He seems rebuffed. Then he negotiates with Catherine over Josie's fate. Josie listens nervously, and then serves them a pig's head for dinner.

"Don't hurt him!"

Evelyn makes smoke rings at her house while stewing on the couch. James suddenly opens the door and asks, "why'd you do it?" He gets in her face and pushes her down on the coach. Evelyn admits that she doesn't have a hidden heart of gold, and says she did it all for the money. However she also claims that at times she really wanted James for the good and honest way that he tastes. James says he likes the way she tastes too. Malcolm then appears and knocks James out. He manhandles Evelyn and recounts a made up story for her to offer the police when they kill James. Later Donna bursts in screaming for them not to hurt James. Malcolm grabs Donna by the hair. Donna pleads with Evelyn to help James. Evelyn musters her courage and ends up shooting Malcolm. Donna screams as a "Bob-like" echoing is heard in the background. Evelyn falls to the ground with Malcolm's body, and manically babbles about the story she will give to the police.

"It's your move!"

In Windom's cabin, he tries on a disguise and monitors Leo as he tries to write a letter. Windom doesn't like Leo's handwriting and zaps him a couple of times. After he soothes Leo by giving him a treat. Windom then shows Leo a picture of Audrey, Shelly and Donna. He says, "pretty words for pretty girls." Then he makes Leo lick an envelope for him. Leo seems resistant and whines, "no!"

Later Dale goes to the hotel and unknowingly passes Windom in disguise on the elevator. Windom then leaves a message for Audrey at the front desk. Meanwhile Dale goes into his room and sees Carolyn's death mask laying on his bed. He's clearly troubled by the sight. When he picks up the mask, a recording of Windom's voice goes off. Windom remarks that Carolyn was beautiful, and claims he still loves her. Then he firmly tells Dale, "it's your move!"

End of show!

For some reason I've always marked this episode as the worst in my mind, but watching it now, I find myself liking it a little more. There is no way around Evelyn's awful dialogue. Nor can James' acting be called good, but I don't think this is the worst episode of the series any longer. I like the Windom Earle's scenes a lot. I also love the chess scene with Pete, Toad, Harry, Dale and Doc Hayward. Give me Toad and I'll give you a smile. 

Here's what's bad about episode 22:

The random sailors at Wallie's hideout, hammy policeman talking with Malcolm, Evelyn, James, and Donna all struggling with the poor dialogue, Thomas Eckhardt (despite sharing some good banter with Catherine), and Bob-like roaring sounds as Malcolm dies. 

Here's what's good about episode 22:

Ben makes it back to reality, the Evelyn/James subplot finally ends, Shelly goes back to work at the diner, Norma, Ed and Nadine have a great moment together, we learn who shot Dale Cooper, Windom and Leo are a lot of fun to watch, and Albert makes some great comments about Dale's flannel shirt. 

Watch below!

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Recap of Episode 21

"My name is Windom, Windom Earle!"

Season 2 Episode 21

Written by: Scott Frost

Directed by: Uli Edel

Original Air Date: February 02, 1991

"Windom is a genius!"

In Harry's office, Doc Hayward, Cooper, Andy and Harry investigate the dead body left by Windom Earle. In the victim's mouth is a chess piece. Cooper tells Doc Hayward to look under the victim's shirt to check for a puncture wound, which will have likely severed the aorta. Doc does so and sees Dale is right. Harry realizes that Dale has seen this before. Then Hawk enters and tells them that he found boot prints outside, which were heavier on the way in versus going out. Cooper recounts what he thinks happened. He says Windom probably recently befriended the dead man. Then he thinks Windom created a diversion by knocking out the power so he could get the body in Harry's office. Dale goes on to say that Windom is a genius, and he's just taken the first pawn in a very sick game.

"What about Shelly?

Audrey tells Bobby at The Great Northern that she learned from Ben that a business relationship is like a sacred pact. Then she asks if he wants to get rich. Bobby smiles and replies, "immediately." Audrey grabs his chin and says from now on she's the one he sucks up to. Bobby asks, "What about Shelly?" Audrey responds flatly, "What about Shelly?"

Meanwhile Shelly fearfully calls out for Leo in the darkness of her kitchen. Leo tosses a jar of sauce at her and it smashes next to Shelly's head against the refrigerator. She makes a run for the front door, but finds it locked. Outside, an owl hoots. Then Shelly tries to run out of the kitchen door, but trips. Leo comes out of the shadows and whispers, "bad girl." Then he tosses some soap in a sock at her. Shelly grabs a knife, says she'll kill him and then tries to slash her way through the plastic in the kitchen. Leo grabs her and tosses her to the floor. He then comes at her with an ax. Bobby shows up right then, hears Shelly screaming and runs to rescue her. He and Leo end up struggling with the ax. Leo gets the better of Bobby and chokes him with the handle. Shelly searches the floor for her knife. She finally finds it and proceeds to stab Leo in the leg. Leo then runs from the house while yelling out in pain. Bobby and Shelly are traumatized from the frightening encounter and cling to each other.

"Harry, I want it!"

Back at the station, Harry brings Dale coffee as the police run forensics in Harry office. Harry says Dale was right and they didn't find anything to connect Windom Earle to the incident. Harry offers Dale the case as his deputy. Dale says he wants it. Then Hawk comes to tell them that he booked Hank for parole violations, and that Shelly called to say Leo woke up and attacked her. Meanwhile Andy tells Lucy by her desk, that he and Dick think Little Nicky murdered his parents. Lucy gets upset. She doesn't believe him and is determined to get to the bottom of it.

"Love isn't wrong, James!"

Jeffrey Marsh approaches James in his garage. He says he heard James does fine work from Evelyn. Then Evelyn comes over and stares at James while Jeffrey gushes about his love of cars. Evelyn says she wants James to stay, because she can find plenty for him to do. James replies sure, but seems uncomfortable. Jeffrey then decides to take the Rolls Royce for a spin. When he drives off, Evelyn hears the sound of a crash in her head. Later Evelyn finds James packing his bag. He tells her he's leaving so she tries to seduce him. However James pushes her away and spouts, "what's wrong?" Evelyn answers, "love isn't wrong, James!" She asks James not to leave her alone with Jeffrey. James doesn't know what to do so he walks out saying he's going to check on his bike.

"People will find out."

At the Double R, Big Ed tells Doc Hayward he's worried about Nadine because she wants to start dating. Doc asks if she's sexually active. Ed makes a funny face and replies that he wakes up every morning feeling like he's been hit with a timber truck. Doc says it's the extra adrenaline. He advises Ed to tell Nadine to be home by 9 o'clock. Then Norma comes over and Doc notes a smile between her and Ed. Doc Hayward asks if he should be worried about Donna going to look for James. Ed doesn't think he should be so Doc leaves. After Norma sits with Ed. He tells her about Hank jumping him and Nadine beating Hank up for it. Norma thinks it's time for her to make some changes with her martial status. Ed suggests they get some wine and venison steaks to celebrate. Norma smiles, "people will find out." Ed smiles back, "let em!"

"Windom's mind is like a diamond."

Harry asks Dale at the station how chess figures into his strife with Windom Earle. Dale says they played a game every day for three years, but he never beat Earle. Dale also says he published his response to their current game in the Twin Peaks Gazette. He ends up telling Harry that Windom was his partner and taught him everything he knows about being an agent. Dale says four years ago he met a woman named Carolyn, who he was supposed to protect as a material witness. Dale confides in Harry that he fell in love with her, but one night he failed and she was killed. He explains that she was stabbed in the same way the dead body in his office was. Dale says it's because Carolyn was Windom's wife. Dale thinks Windom killed Carolyn, and that he committed the crime she originally witnessed. He compares Windom's mind to a diamond and says he's capable of anything.

"Just You and I"

Donna heads to Wallie's Bar looking for information about James. She asks the bartender if he's seen James. The bartender answers no. Evelyn happens to be there and decides to approach Donna. She tells her that James fixed her husband's car, but he left yesterday saying something about going to the beach in Mexico. Evelyn then advises, in a condescending tone, for Donna to go home, because she thinks James will be back. Donna appears upset by the conversation. Then the song, Just You and I, starts to play. A montage scene begins of James struggling with his inner turmoil back at Evelyn's place.

"Dixie Land"

In Ben's office, an elaborate Civil War set has been arranged with precision. Ben looks over everything carefully. Then Audrey and Jerry walk in. Jerry is shocked by what he sees. Dr. Jacoby sits nearby observing Ben. He tells Jerry that Ben is marching on Washington. Ben thinks Jerry is General Jeb Stuart. Dr. Jacoby tells Audrey and Jerry that Ben needs to have a Confederate victory in order to resolve his inner issues. Ben then turns on the fan, grabs his confederate flag and begins singing, I wish I was in Dixie. Jacoby chimes in with him enthusiastically.

"I'll be in the shadows."

Major Briggs stumbles into the station and tells Lucy he needs to see the Sheriff. Then he collapses. Awhile later in Harry's office. Lucy gives the Major some water. He re-hydrates himself and ends up confessing to Harry and Dale that he believes he was taken to the White Lodge during his disappearance. The Major says he fears his superiors aren't altruistic in their motives for locating the White Lodge. He also fears that there is much trouble ahead. The Major tells Harry and Dale he will be in the shadows until the time comes.

Later Andy asks Dale and Harry to come with him. They go into the conference room and meet up with Hawk, Dr. Jacoby and Lana. Dr. Jacoby explains that Lana has a heightened sexual drive that few man have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Dale and Harry seem excited by the information. Jacoby feels that Lana is innocent of any wrong doing in Dougie's death. Dale congratulates her. Lana then leaves with Dr. Jacoby for a night of bowling.

"We've decided to adopt a child."

On their way out, the Mayor shows up with a shotgun. He accuses Lana of killing his brother. Dale suggests that the Mayor and Lana talk alone for a moment, which the Mayor grudgingly agrees to. Dale puts the two of them in the conference room, and then tells the men outside they need to wait. One commercial break later, they finish waiting and check on Lana and the Mayor. They find Lana sitting on his lap planting red kisses all over him. The Mayor says they've decided to adopt a child. Lana claims he's just like Dougie, and she feels like her husband has been brought back to her. 

"Like a rate to a piece of cheese."

At the Packard's, Pete looks over his shopping list and realizes he forgot the hot dogs. More to the point, he says he forgot the weenies with the skin on them. Catherine makes a bold entrance and tells Pete she has something to show him. She takes him into the other room and asks if Pete ever wondered how she survived after the fire. Pete replies yes. Then Andrew Packard walks out very much alive. He explains to Pete that a man named Thomas Eckhardt tried to kill him with Josie's help. Andrew says it was because he got the better of Thomas in a business deal. Andrew also thinks that Thomas will come for Josie like a rat to a piece of cheese. Meanwhile over at The Great Northern, we see that Thomas Eckhardt and his associate, Jones, are checking into the hotel.

Harry shows Dale a picture of Mr. Lee/Cousin Jonathan that came through the wire at the station. It says, 'Asian Man Killed.' Harry notes that Josie told him she got away from him. He asks Dale to look into it for him. Meanwhile Doc Hayward comes to the station and calls Dick and Andy into Harry's office. Doc tells both of them a sad story about Little Nicky's background. He says his mother was a chamber maid who conceived Little Nicky from being raped. Unfortunately, she died in child birth thus causing Little Nicky to be shuffled from family to family until he finally found a forever home. However there was a fatal crash that killed his parents, despite six year old Little Nicky pulling their bodies from the wreckage. Doc observes that then Little Nicky was alone again, as he is today. Lucy snipes that she told them so and smashes a fly dead with her swatter. Dick and Andy get choked up from the information and both start crying. 

"You set me up!"

Evelyn finds James once again packing in his room. He yells at her that, "it's wrong!" She asks if it's because she's married. James says yes. Evelyn tells him she loves him, and claims she never said that to anyone before. Then the police pull up in the driveway. Evelyn says there was an accident. James realizes that she killed Jeffrey. He seethes, "You set me up!" Evelyn tells him it was Malcolm's idea and he's not her brother. She yells for James to go and find that pretty girl who loves him. James sneaks outside and sees Donna waiting for him. Donna tells him to come with her and they run away from the police together.

"Come in, I'm a friend."

Leo finds himself alone in the woods. He's wounded, weakened and appears confused. Then a giant owl flies overhead startling him. Leo continues to walk forward and stumbles upon a cabin in the woods. He makes his way inside and finds a man in suit standing in the shadows. He has a flute in his hand, which he puts down and replaces with a handgun. The man then tells Leo to come in, saying he's a friend who will help him. He asks his name so Leo tells him. The man then steps into the light and sits in front of a chess board. He smiles and replies, "You can call me Windom, Windom Earle."

End of show!

What I think is the most interesting element in this episode is the introduction of Windom Earle. In addition to the backstory of his relationship with Dale and Dale's relationship with Carolyn. Learning more about our dashing, yet flawed, leading man is always interesting. I also liked the battle between Shelly, Leo and Bobby. I thought it was pretty intense and well done. Nobody wants to see Leo coming at them with an ax, but I always love a little sprinkle of horror in Twin Peaks.

I was also happy to see a nice moment between Norma and Ed. It's impossible not to root for them as a couple. Plus Major Briggs offered some intrigue with his thoughts on being taken to the White Lodge. I hope that in new Twin Peaks we learn a bit more about the White and Black Lodges. I should also note that I liked Andrew Packard's return from the dead. Although Catherine does seem to be a bit too enthralled with him for my taste. Just as Andrew predicts, Thomas shows up in Twin Peaks and gives us a fire reflection in his sunglasses. Is this fire equal to his burning passion for Josie? His desire for revenge? Either way, this picture looks like it should be on the cover of a romance novel.

As for the weaker moments, I don't really enjoy the scenes between James and Evelyn, but I did get some laughs from them. I really think James's montage to Just You and I, is hilarious, even though I know I'm supposed to feel something else. The dialogue in their scenes together is very campy and not well executed, but that's just my opinion. Ben and Jacoby singing, I wish I was In Dixie, was funny, but not Ben's finest hour. Episode 21 also marks the end of the Little Nicky storyline, which I think is for the best. It was amusing to see Andy and Dick's reactions when Doc Hayward told them about what really happened to Little Nicky though.

Overall I think this episode should be viewed as a transitional one. It kind of went by quick. It had some interesting moments, a few over the top moments, and concluded with a creepy introduction for Windom Earle, which I enjoyed. The owls are always watching, aren't they? Both outside of Shelly's house when she was attacked and while Leo was wandering in the woods. 

The log lady intro probably sums it up the best, as this episode does seem to center around dilemmas of the heart.

Watch below!

Recap of Episode 20 <------

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Recap of Episode 20

"Redacted" by @eclecticirie

Season 2 Episode 20

Written by: Harley Peyton

Directed by: Todd Holland

Original Air date: January 19, 1991


We see the stars at night and then hear a spooky voice whisper, "Cooper..." An owl shaped yellow symbol flashes into view. Major Briggs' voice begins to seep in the background as he slowly comes into focus. The Major is sitting on what appears to be a King's thrown in the middle of the woods. He recounts the experience of his disappearance as best he can remember. We can hear Cooper's voice asking him questions as we focus on the Major. Briggs tells them he recalls a giant owl. Then a flash of an owl flying off appears. We flash back to the Major and see the same symbol has been marked on his neck. 

"Is this meant for the soul? My soul?"

In the conference room, Dale, Doc Hayward and Harry question Major Briggs. Dale asks him how big this owl was. The Major looks confused, but answers it was big enough to cloud his memory. Harry asks what the nature of his work is. Briggs exhaustively answers, "it's classified," but notes that he's repeatedly told himself that. The Major is shaky. He wearily spouts, "is this meant for the soul? My soul?" He wonders if he should tell them about the nature of his work.

He mentions Project Blue Book, which Dale knows to be a secret Air Force project that investigated UFO's in the 1960's. Briggs says that some still investigate in an 'unofficial' capacity. He also says that in Twin Peaks they are searching for a place called the White Lodge. Before he can continue, a military officer comes in to take the Major with him. Harry isn't happy about it, but the Major chooses to leave peacefully. After Dale looks at a Polaroid picture of the Mayor's neck marking and water from the sprinkler above drips onto the picture. Dale looks up slowly, then he exchanges curious glances with Harry and Doc Hayward.

"Ernie Niles is as bold as can be!"

In Harry's office, Denise waits with a nervous Ernie Niles and plate of donuts. Ernie is reluctant to make the call to Jean Renault. He tries to pump himself up by saying how he's faced tougher men before. Denise offers a neck massage to help him relax, which Ernie shrugs off uncomfortably. Then Dale walks in with coffee and asks if they're ready. Denise says Ernie is gun shy. Feeling challenged, Ernie responds, "Ernie Niles is as bold as can be!" He reaches for the phone, but before dialing begs Cooper and Denise to not make him do this. They ignore him. Dale eats a donut and Ernie finally gets on the phone.

Dick comes to the station in a khaki fedora and trench coat disguise. He pulls Andy aside and tells him that he found out at The Happy Helping Hands orphanage that Little Nicky's records were sealed. Dick wants he and Andy to break into the orphanage to learn more. Lucy tries to listen to their conversation, but misses them as they leave. Dale then pulls Lucy aside and quietly asks if she found out anything about their secret inquiry. Lucy tells him she couldn't find out anything about a chess deal or Windom Earle.

At the Double R, Norma offers Ed more coffee and asks if everything's alright. Ed smiles and slips a message to her saying, "We need to talk," on the back of his check. Norma smiles and says bye for now. Later Hank notices Norma leaving during the breakfast shift. He asks where she's going. Norma answers that she'll be right back, and that he should think of her leaving him alone as a test. Hank doesn't look pleased.

"Nothing I can think of."

At Shelly's house, she struggles to feed Leo while Bobby huffs around in his suit. Leo gets his oatmeal all over her. Shelly gets frustrated and snaps that it was Bobby's turn to feed Leo. Bobby cops an attitude and says he's not coming back. He says he's Ben's golden boy now and has better things to do. Shelly gets mad and sarcastically asks, "like I don't have anything better to do?" Bobby snarks, "Nothing I can think of!" Shelly slaps him so Bobby walks out.

James calls Ed from Evelyn's house and asks him to wire money to Wallie's Bar. Evelyn overhears so James pretends to be talking to his mom. After he hangs up, she asks James about his life in Twin Peaks. James says that after Laura died everything went to hell and no matter what he did, someone else (Maddy) got killed. He says that's why he had to leave. Evelyn is sensitive and says she understands how he feels. They kiss. James removes her sunglasses and sees a black eye. He asks why Evelyn let's her husband hurt her. A car then pulls in the driveway so Evelyn walks away. Before leaving, she asks James to help her.

"I want 16 cups of coffee!"

Original artwork by @eclecticirie
At the Double R counter, Nadine saddles up to Mike while he's drinking coffee. She wants to share pie with him. Mike gets upset when she persists. He sternly says he wants his own pie and 16 cups of coffee, if he desires, by himself. He also says he'll get a court order, if needed, to get her to leave him alone. Nadine says she thinks he's the most handsome boy at school, and she wants to go on a date with him. Then she impulsively kisses him. At first Mike seems shocked, but then he appears to like it.

At the Packard's, Harry comes to see Josie. She tries to push him away, but Harry can't keep his hands off her. Josie feels she's no good for him now that she's Catherine's maid. Harry won't hear it and continues to kiss her. Josie weakens from his intensity and they end up making out in the kitchen.

"You make my body hum."

Original artwork by @eclecticiri
At the Great Northern, Audrey sees one of the hotel workers run out of Ben's office in tears while carrying paint supplies. Audrey then goes into Ben's office and finds him on the floor reliving the Civil War with a miniature toy set. She tries to talk sense to him, but Ben seems to be convinced he's in the past. Audrey worries so she places a call to Jerry. Later Bobby plays along with Ben's reenactment for while. He sees Audrey looking in so Bobby steps out to talk with her. He tells her Ben is basically loosing it. Audrey insists that they have to help him. Bobby assures her, "don't worry baby, Bobby's on the case." Audrey tells him not to call her baby. Meanwhile Catherine shows up to see Ben when he's alone. Ben thinks she came to gloat. Catherine says it's true that she wanted to destroy him, but states that she still wants him. She claims he makes her body hum. Ben seems delighted and buries his head in her chest. 

"I want to be with you no matter what!"

Norma goes to see Ed at his house. She tells him that he's the last thing on her mind at night and the first thing she thinks about in the morning. Norma says she wants to be with him no matter what. They end up taking things to the bedroom. Later Donna stops by looking for information on James. Ed tells her about his call from James, gives her money for him and sends Donna off to Wallie's Bar. After Norma says goodbye and kisses him before leaving. Once alone, Hank appears and starts beating Ed up. Then Nadine comes home, sees what's happening to Ed and ends up hilariously knocking Hank out.

"You can call me Dennis!"

Back in Harry's office, Hawk tries to put a wire on Ernie. However Ernie is sweating so much that Hawk has trouble. Ernie says it's nervous perspiration as he recounts his own war days. Dale tries to keep Ernie focused. He goes over the plan with everyone. Dales wishes he could join them. Harry tosses him a badge and says he deputizing him. Dale looks delighted and says he hopes he can live up to it. As they prepare to leave, Ernie gets nervous and pleads, "don't make me do this?" Then he takes it back and says he's cool. Dale wonders where Denise is. Then she walks in dressed in a suit and says, "you can call me Dennis!"

Dick and Andy break into the administrator's office at the orphanage. Andy keeps watch by the door, while Dick looks through the file cabinet. A perspective adoptive, and somewhat odd, couple comes to see if their would be son, Donny, can be visited. Andy and Dick panic. At first Dick says Donny is dead, but then corrects himself by saying little Donny is dead tired. He also refers to Andy by the code name, Woody.

"Lucky boy!"

James surprises Evelyn in her driveway with a bottle of champagne, and a fixed Rolls Royce. Evelyn says Jeffrey will be home by midnight and they don't have a lot of time. James responds that he'll take whatever time they can get. She compliments his honest face and hopes James will stay with her. James takes both their glasses and dumps out the champagne. Then they start to undress each other and kiss. From a distance, after a long pan out shot of the driveway, we see Malcolm is watching. Later, after sex, Evelyn leaves a sleeping James and runs into Malcolm outside of his room. Evelyn tells Malcolm that she left James dreaming of love. Then she and Malcolm start kissing while Malcolm notes what a lucky boy James is.

"You brought the nightmare."

At Dead Dog farm, Cooper watches with binoculars while Hawks listens to Ernie's wire. Harry stands ready with a rifle. They listen as Dennis and Ernie try to broker the deal with Jean inside the house. However due to Ernie's perspiration, his wire starts to sizzle. Jean realizes what's going on, puts a gun on Dennis and calls for Cooper. Dale offers to trade himself for Dennis and Ernie. Later at night we see that a hostage situation has taken over. Inside Jean, Officer Preston King and Dale converse. Dale advises them to surrender, because the police will never deal.

Jean says he blames Dale for both his brothers' deaths. He explains the chronology of events following Laura Palmer's death. Jean feels that Dale's arrival brought a nightmare to Twin Peaks. Jean hopes that nightmare will die with Dale. Then Denise arrives dressed as a waitress from the Double R. She carries a tray of food for them. Then she surprises them by revealing a gun in her stockings, which Dale quickly grabs. A shootout ensues. Cooper fires and kills Jean. After Harry, Hawk and Andy burst in. Cooper thanks them. Dennis says it was all Harry's idea.


Shelly wakes up to blues music playing on and off, along with the lights. She calls out for Bobby, then looks at Leo's bed. She finds a toy clown in his place. Then she looks at Leo's wheelchair in the kitchen and finds it empty. She quickly turns around and sees Leo standing there with birthday cake all over his face. He cracks a sick smile and groans, "Shelly!" 

Lucy calls Dale and Harry to the station after a power failure. She talks endlessly trying to explain what happened. Hawk pops his head in to say he's checking the generator because something isn't right. Dale goes into Harry office and looks around with a lighter. Dale calls Harry to come have a look. They find a dead body sitting at Harry's desk. The body is arranged so its hand is pointing to a specific chess piece.

End of show!

Original artwork by @eclecticirie

As much as I love both the characters of Andy and Dick, their silly orphanage scenes are arguably their worse in the series. Just when you think the Little Nicky storyline couldn't get any worse, guess does! However overall, this episode is a good one. I think the entertainment value brought from the Dead Dog Farm scenes, every Denise moment, as well as Shelly and Bobby's troubles, are all very enjoyable.  

Jean Renault meets his end in this episode at Dead Dog. He makes an interesting point about Cooper bringing the nightmare. I'm not sure I agree with that, but it certainly seemed to affect Cooper when he said it. Sadly, this episode does mark the last appearance for both Denise and Ernie. Ben's descent into the Civil War is very over the top, but I do enjoy it for some good laughs. 

Leo's awakening is very creepy, especially with those clown references. Personally I really hate clowns and I have always found them disturbing. I do like how the music is going on and off due to what I presume is Windom Earle messing with the town's power. Even though he's yet to be seen, Windom Earle is already wreaking his particular brand of havoc on the town. Interestingly, the body discovered in Harry's office is also Kyle MacLachan's real life brother, Craig MacLachlan. He is credited on IMDB as "The Dead Man". 

The Major Briggs elements of episode 20 are very intriguing to me. I find his plot fascinating at this point in the series. His referencing the owl and the 'unofficial' search for the White Lodge definitely seems to be inspiration for Mark Frost's, The Secret History of Twin Peaks. I also find the Log Lady Intro for this episode very interesting. She talks about fire in the woods and losing her husband. It seems almost out of place with what is contained within the episode itself, with the exception of Brigg's limited recount of his disappearance.

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