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A 2015 Twin Peaks Year End Wrap Up

Trust in Lynch & Frost
With the new year on the horizon I thought it seemed like an appropriate time to reflect on the Twin Peaks fanfair of the last year or so and give thanks for the happy place we're in right now. Many first wave fans remember the long, long road to the possibility of Twin Peaks living again. Yet it is happening again. The hype has never been more feverish and likely never will be again once all this is behind us. The ride has been a bit bumpy though. There's been some sadness, periods of stillness, at times a feeling like if we shut our eyes we'd burst into flames, a lot that couldn't be revealed, but thankfully through the grace of David Lynch and Mark Frost we're finally purified. In 2017, we're getting 18 new episodes written and directed by Lynch & Frost. With that in mind, let's review some of the best and worst moments of 2015 for TP fans.

The Lows of 2015

  • The lowest low has to be the death of our beloved Log Lady, Catherine Coulson. Not only is the character of the Log Lady at the heart of Twin Peaks, but Catherine seemed to be a lovely person (although I never met her) and was beloved by fans. Her presence will be sorely missed in 2017. RIP - we will miss you, but never forget you!
  • Another low of 2015 (spoiler alert) was the news that, Michael Ontkean aka Sheriff Truman, will not be reprising his role in 2017 and might be recasted by Robert Forster. Now this might be a red herring, because I have trouble believing that the TPTB would recast Harry S. Truman. My guess is that if Robert Forster is in new Twin Peaks, it will be as a completely new character. I really like Robert and could definitely see him fitting into the world of Twin Peaks. We'll see, I'm still holding out hope for Michael Ontkean's return, at least for a cameo. Fingers crossed!
  • When David Lynch announced Twin Peaks might not be coming back after all in March of 2015 that was also a terrible low for 2015. I think there was a collective gasp amongst the fan world. That was possibly the most disappointing news for Twin Peaks fans since its original cancellation. 
  • An unfortunate low of 2015 was the Twin Peaks social media controversy over spoiling vs. not spoiling. The fact that Lynch/Frost had to ask fans to respect their privacy during filming is a shame. However some of what was being deemed a "spoiler" didn't really give anything anyway and felt a little like much ado about nothing. Regardless, the fan world seems to have settled down for now and appears to be chugging along peacefully.

The Highs of 2015

  • Hooray! A huge high came in May of 2015, when David Lynch, Mark Frost and Showtime all confirmed that Twin Peaks is good to go for 18 new episodes, written and directed by Lynch & Frost. I think the social media outpouring definitely helped and bonded many fans. At least for me, there was a sense of victory!
  • Another high time for TP fans, although I wasn't at either (shame on me), is that the Twin Peaks US festival in July of 2015 was a great time for all and bigger than ever, as was the UK festival in Oct 2015. Based on all the videos, podcasts, pictures and status updates I saw from those who attended, it seemed like a wonderful experience. I have a feeling that the festivals over the next few years are going to be amazing!
  • Confirmation that Mark Frost's book, The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks, will be coming out in 2016 and the new episodes of Twin Peaks will debut in 2017 was a solid high for 2015. Yes we have to wait a bit longer, but at least we know when now. Let the anticipation commence!
  • We know for certain that Kyle Maclachlan is coming back and that's a must have high. Also Dana Ashbrook & James Marshall recently hinted in November of 2015 that most of the original cast will be making an appearance. (Spoiler Alert) Read here - > It's Gonna Be Good!
  • On December 18, 2015, David Lynch gave fans another amazing high for 2015 by releasing an official teaser for 2017. Watch here --- > Location Sometimes Becomes a Character I'm pretty sure that's Mr. Lynch himself at the end of that video or perhaps Gordon Cole!

My log does not judge.
Special Thanks

On a personal note, I'm very thankful for those who have been supportive of this blog. When you put yourself or your creative interests out there for others to see, you inevitably open yourself up to both positive and negative feedback. I think the negative keeps you honest and the positive keeps you going. I appreciate beyond my ability to express myself all the likes, shares, retweets, podcasts, comments, private messages and conversations about this amazing show. 
  • I'd like to give special thanks to Twin Peaks Unwrapped for inviting me to speak on their Mulholland Dr. podcast episode this year and for regularly retweeting me, featuring me in their online newspaper and in general being fun and supportive. You guys are awesome! Listen to these two if you haven't, they're doing a great job!
  • I'd also like to thank Red Room Podcast for generously featuring my articles, pictures and posts in their online newspaper. Since I started my blog, Red Room has been super kind and their podcasts are highly enjoyable, thank you and like I've said before, you rock!
  • Also thank you to Joel Bocko whose 'Journey Through Twin Peaks' video series amazed me this year. If you haven't, watch Joel's video series! 
  • Thanks to Rinaldo Zoontjes for regularly tagging me in his awesome digital art, this guy is super talented folks, check him out! 
  •  Twin Peaks Italia thank you for your continued support on Twitter and Facebook -  I always enjoy your posts! 
  • Thanks to Live From the Roadhouse for inviting me to record for their Wild at Heart podcast.
  • A little thanks for the ladies as well. I advise others to check out the Log Ladies Podcast. I believe they are the only girls only podcast going for Twin Peaks and especially great for new fans!
  • Also check out The Blue Rose UK blog, which is another female blog for Twin Peaks. Keep up the great posts!
  • In addition, I'd like to specifically thank all of you on Facebook and Twitter who have reached out to me directly, commented, shared fun videos, art, writing and your insights regarding Twin Peaks. It's really made social media fun for me in 2015.
Truthfully I am in awe of others devotion, creativity and talents when it comes to the fanfair surrounding Twin Peaks. I have learned so much from you and it's expanded my Twin Peaks experience in a wonderful way. I think 2016 will be a great time to keep the fire smoldering for TP fans. I'm looking forward to seeing all the amazing things the other fan groups will be up to this year. I have a few fun new posts that I'm cooking up for the new year and I will begin to recap Season 2. As you can imagine, I can't wait for the Evelyn episodes. ;)

Cheers everyone!

Happy New Year! 

May the wind always be at your back! 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Recap of Episode 7

I'm curious about the chip, how'd that happen?

Season 1 Episode 7

Written & Directed by: Mark Frost

Original Air Date: May 23, 1990

"My Little Coconut."

At Dr. Jacoby's office, Donna and James search for answers about Laura. They find a box of drink umbrellas that Dr. Jacob collected over the years in his desk. Donna reads one that says, "1974 - I first lay eyes on Mimsi." Then Donna turns a switch on the wall that plays Hawaiian music. She panics when she can't turn it off so James turns the volume down. After Donna sees a little coconut hanging over Jacoby's hammock. Looking at it she remembers what Laura's last tape said and remarks aloud, "my little coconut." When they look inside the coconut they find Laura's broken heart necklace and another tape. After they take off on James' bike while Bobby watches from afar. Bobby makes his fingers into a gun and pretends to shoot at them. Meanwhile over at Easter Park, Dr. Jacoby sees Maddy dressed as Laura by the Gazebo. He tries to go toward her, but he ends up being viciously attacked by a masked man. Maddy hears some commotion in the distance, but then Donna and James drive up and they all take off together. Dr. Jacoby lays helpless on the ground and watches as they drive away. Then he rolls over on this back and slips into apparent unconsciousness. 

"Pick a card."

Dale plays poker with Jacques Renault at One Eyed Jacks. After turning down a alluring offer from a hospitality girl, Dale shows Jacques the broken chip he found in Jacques' cabin and says he's a friend of Leo's. Meanwhile in Blackie's office, Audrey walks in dressed in lingerie for her first night of work. She notices Dale on Blackie's security camera monitors. Blackie interrupts her gaze and tells Audrey the owner is coming. Blackie explains that he likes to meet all the new girls. Audrey asks who he is, but Blackie tells her no names are allowed and not to ask. Then Blackie spreads her card deck across her desk and tells Audrey to pick a card. When Audrey does so, Blackie places her hand atop of Audrey's and gives her a suggestive look.

"Bite the bullet, baby!"

Outside in a van, Hawk and Big Ed listen as Dale has a private chat with Jacques inside of One Eyes Jacks. Dale tells Jacques to look at the chip and claims that Leo told him all about their night up at the cabin. Dale mocks Waldo by saying, "Laura, Laura", which makes Jacques want to bolt. Dale stops him by explaining that he's the money man in Leo's operation. He offers Jacques 10K to do a job for him across the border. Jacques agrees and after Dale asks him to explain how the chip got a missing piece in it. Jacques tells him about a night up at his cabin where he, Laura, Ronette and Leo were partying. He says Laura was tied up and liked it that way. Jacques explains that Leo let Waldo out of his cage and Waldo started pecking at Laura's shoulder while Leo was having sex with her. Laura was upset so Leo put the chip in her mouth and told her to "bite the bullet, baby!" Dale looks sickened as Jacques recounts the experience. Then Jacques walks off and Dale whispers to Hawk on his microphone that they have a trout on the line. 

"You better call that ambulance."

Harry and Andy wait in their police truck at the spot where Dale told Jacques to meet him across the border. Harry asks Andy if Lucy has spoken to him yet. Andy responds, "It's a cold trail." Harry grunts, "Aww...women!" Then Hawk tells them on the radio that the trout is nearing them. They continue to speak in fishing terms about their sting operation until Jacques pulls up in his El Camino. Right then the police converge on Jacques and place him under arrest for the murder of Laura Palmer. Harry walks away as a deputy handcuffs Jacques. However Jacques manages to pull free and grabs for the deputy's gun. He then tries to shoot Harry, but out of nowhere Andy fires at Jacques and shoots him in the shoulder. Harry and Andy both look stunned at Andy's accuracy. After that, Andy flatly tells Harry, "You better call that ambulance."

"Isn't sex weird?"

Donna plays the new tape they found in Jacoby's office at her house with Maddy and James. They listen to Laura talking on the day she died, Thursday the 23rd. She remarks that James is sweet, but so dumb. She says she can only take so much of sweet. Then Laura talks about a mystery man in a red corvette who really knows how to light her F.I.R.E. She says she thinks he tried to kill her a couple of times, but says she really got off on it. Laura's voice is intense as she asks, "Isn't sex weird?" Then Laura whispers that her mom is coming with milk and cookies and tells Jacoby she has to go. Then the recording ends. After Doc Hayward comes downstairs saying he's got an emergency at the hospital and has to leave. Donna hugs James in sympathy over Laura's cold words, but James says he was glad he heard what Laura had to say. He looks at Maddy and apologizes to her for having to hear Laura's tape. Maddy seems shaken, but says she's okay. James remarks that he thinks Dr. Jacoby is innocent and was likely trying to help Laura. Donna questions that and wonders how Jacoby got Laura's necklace. 

"You broke my heart!"

Shelly decides to wash her hair in the kitchen sink at her house. She keeps her gun and a towel nearby. As she washes, Shelly gets soap in her eye and reaches for her towel. However she finds it suspiciously out of reach so she instinctively grabs for her gun. Right then Leo grabs her, puts his hand over her mouth and tells Shelly that she made him do this. Later at the Packard Saw Mill, Leo ties Shelly up in the drying shed and prepares to burn the place down. He sets a timer and tells Shelly she has one hour to think about what she did to him. He says Bobby will be dead by then too. Then Leo walks out and screams, "You broke my heart!" 

"We had an agreement."

Hank puts pressure on Josie at the Packard's house about getting more money for his part in Andrew Packard's death and for the subsequent jail time he served. He gives her quite a speech about his market value, but Josie stands firm saying, "We had an agreement." Hank decides to show her how they commence business dealings in prison by cutting her thumb, followed by his own thumb. He forces her to rub their thumbs together, making a blood oath. Then Hank remarks that once you're business together, you're in business for life. After he walks out leaving Josie to oddly run her bloody thumb over her lips.

Pete finds Catherine furiously rummaging through files in the office at the Mill. The mill workers watch her from outside the doorway in confusion. Pete steps inside, closes the door and asks her what's going on. Catherine asks where the account ledger is and wonders if Pete took it to help Josie pull something. Pete closes the blinds in the office so the workers can't see them and tells her that's not the case. Catherine asks for the sake of what they once were to each other if Pete will help her now. She reminds him about the summer when they first met. She recalls how Pete was a lumberjack who used to scamper up a tree like a cat. Then Catherine explains that she's in trouble and doesn't have anyone else to turn to. Pete gets emotional and grabs her into a big bear hug. Catherine looks exasperated, but plays along and pats Pete on the back in return. 

"James Hurley is an Easy Rider!"

At the sheriff station, Big Ed and Hawk tell some of the deputy's about how Andy saved the day and Harry's life during Jacques' arrest. Andy acts out the shot he took as Lucy listens and waters plants nearby. Seeing that Lucy is smiling at their story, Hawk urges Andy to try and talk to Lucy again. Andy follows Lucy into the station's kitchen and plants a kiss that is at first awkward, but then turns sweet on Lucy. Swept up in emotion, Lucy finally reveals to him that she's pregnant. However Andy looks terrified and can't speak in response. Seeing his reaction, Lucy turns cold. After Andy walks out and passes Big Ed and Hawk in a daze. Then Lucy comes out of the kitchen and snaps at them that there is fresh coffee. The station's phone rings so Lucy answers in a huff. Bobby is on the other end pretending to be Leo Johnson. He tells Lucy to tell the Sheriff that James Hurley is an easy rider. 

"He's too stupid to lie."

In the hospital, Sheriff Truman and Dale question Jacques Renault in his room. They ask about the night Laura was killed. Jacques explains that the night Laura died he was knocked out by Leo and he doesn't know anything about what happened in the train car. He says when he woke up Leo, Ronette and Laura were gone and he had to walk home. After Harry asks Dale if he thinks Leo took the girls to the train car alone. Dale thinks Jacques is too stupid to lie, but he doesn't appear convinced. Harry thinks Jacques can testify and they can get a conviction against Leo. Nearby Doc Hayward looks in on Dr. Jacoby and talks to another doctor about the incredible things Jacoby was saying when he was brought in. Later Doc Hayward speaks with Dale and Harry outside and tells them that Jacoby claims he saw Laura Palmer by the Gazebo in Easter Park. 


Catherine and Pete look for the account ledger in their house, but Pete gets distracted when he stumbles on his high school year book. He nostalgically sighs at a picture of a girl named Midge Jones. Then Catherine gets a call and ushers Pete out of the room. It's Hank on the other end, although Catherine doesn't recognize his voice. He tells her what she's looking for is in drying shed three back at the Packard Saw Mill.

Over at the Double R, Hank attempts to make nice with Norma. He asks if Norma still has her feather bed and says he dreamed about her on that bed in prison. Then Hank pretends to be frustrated from poorly expressing his feelings to Norma so he throws a hand towel on the floor and spouts, "Heck!" Norma tells him to say what he wants to say. Hank tells her that he learned from his counselor inside that he always talks to big, but he really wants their marriage and their business to soar. Hank asks Norma to give him time to make her proud of him and then he kisses her. Norma looks uncertain and stays quiet. 

"Stay with me!"

At Big Ed's house, Nadine spreads a blanket out on the floor of the living room and prepares for her final moments. She sits down in a pink party gown, pours a ton of pink and yellow pills in a bowl and places a note and a glass of water nearby. Then she solemnly whispers, "Goodbye." Later Big Ed comes home and calls out for Nadine. He walks into the living room, sees her on the floor and tries to wake her up by slapping her cheeks. Then he calls for an ambulance, cradles Nadine in his arms and pleads, "stay with me!"


Back at the Sheriff's station, Lucy tells Dale and Harry that Leo Johnson called saying that James is an easy rider. She also says she heard what sounded like the clock at Easter Park striking in the background. In response, Dale tells Hawk to set up surveillance at Easter Park. Then James walks into the station. Dale tells Harry to investigate the "easy rider" tip and says he'll take James in the conference room. On his way outside, Harry is approached by Leland demanding to know if the man they arrested is truly the man who killed Laura. Harry tells him they can't give out any details and walks out. Doc Hayward sees Leland and tells him to head home to Sarah. Leland asks if Doc Hayward is going back to the hospital, but he answers that he's headed home. After Leland gets an intense look on his face and whispers to himself, "Hospital."

In the conference room, James hands Dale Laura's latest tape and tells him the man he's looking for drives a red corvette. Dale informs James that Dr. Jacoby is in the hospital from a heart attack. Dale uses a firm voice and asks what game James is playing. Then Harry walks in with a bag of cocaine. Dale then tells James that he has been patient with him, but now he needs answers as to why there was a bag of cocaine in the gas tank of his bike.

"Is there something I can help you with?"

At One Eyed Jacks, Ben gets the Icelanders to sign the contracts for Ghost Wood Estates. He gets a call during the signing from Hank, who tells him its time to "BlackFlag" that housefly. Ben smiles and tells Hank to proceed. After Ben celebrates the closing of the deal with a cigar. Then he tells Blackie he wants to have a look at the new girl. Meanwhile Audrey waits in one of the bedrooms to meet the owner, while being primped by a homely seamstress. Then a knock wraps on the door. As it opens, Audrey is horrified to hear the sound of her father's voice. Then she sees his reflection in the mirror as he begins to walk into the room.

Bobby goes looking for Shelly at her house, but Leo is there waiting for him with an ax instead. Leo mocks him in a crazed tone. He tells Bobby that Shelly isn't home and asks, "is there something I can help you with?" When Bobby sees Leo he pretends to really be there for him, but Leo screams that he's a liar. Then Leo says Shelly is dead and pushes Bobby into the TV. He raises the ax to strike, but a shot comes through the window and hits Leo. Bobby looks out and sees Hank standing in the driveway. Leo falls onto the couch bleeding and after Hank leaves, Bobby makes his exit. As Leo lay dying, he watches Invitation to Love playing on the television. Leo stares at the screen dazed and sees that Montana gets shot by Chet. 

"She's still my wife!"

Over at the Mill's drying shed, Shelly is terrified of her impending doom. To her relief, Catherine shows up just as Leo's timer goes off and the shed goes up in a sudden blaze. Catherine frees Shelly and they run from the flames together. Later Pete shows up outside and gets news from the workers that Catherine hasn't been found yet. Pete heroically decides to try and save Catherine. He says, "she's still my wife," and then boldly runs into the shed looking for her. 

Meanwhile Leland heads to the hospital and pulls the fire alarm. Then he makes his way to Jacques' room, tapes his wrists to the side of the bed and puts a pillow over Jacques face. Jacques struggles and grunts furiously, but ultimately dies. After Leland removes the pillow and appears distraught at the sight of Jacques dead. However Leland immediately snaps out of it when the fire alarm stops blaring and quickly exits the room. 

"My Special Agent"

Dale heads toward his room at The Great Northern. While he walks he leaves a message for Diane. He tells Diane that he's pleased to hear that it's quiet on his floor. Dale also tells her that he received the ear plugs she sent and will use them as a precautionary measure in case the Icelanders return. Then he notes that he ordered room service and eagerly awaits a good night's sleep. Dale enters his room and is pleased to see a note on the floor titled, My Special Agent. Right then his telephone rings so he puts the note down and answers the phone. It's Andy calling to tell him they found Leo Johnson, but then Dale gets a knock on the door. He assumes it's room service and puts the phone down. When he answers the door, Dale is greeted by an unseen gunman who shoots him several times in the chest. As the screen goes to black, we hear the sound of Dale's body dropping to the floor with a thud.

End of show!

That wraps up Season 1 leaving a cliffhanger for pretty much every character. Mark Frost has said in interviews that he wrote it that way in an attempt to ensure a Season 2 pick up and it obviously worked. Like most of Season 1, this episode has a somewhat procedural feel to it, in addition to the usual enjoyable quirky aspects of the characters and the town. Personally I think Ben coming to see Audrey as the "new girl" is the creepiest element of the episode and really framed Ben to appear as a likely suspect for Laura's killer. However knowing who the killer is, (spoiler alert) I think Ray Wise is masterful in Jacques' death scene. The combination of tears and calculation clearly demonstrates the duality struggle within him. As for Cooper getting shot, I remember when I watched this episode originally as a kid I thought he was probably wearing a bullet proof vest. Even then, there wasn't much worry about him not coming back. Regardless, it's a terrific episode that's paced well, full of drama, humor and loads of cliffhangers!

I always found the up close shot of Jacques mouth quite disturbing, as I assume most fans do, but his collection of scenes encapsulates this episode well, watch below!