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The Scariest Moments from Twin Peaks

Just for fun here are 12 of the my favorite scariest/creepiest scenes from our favorite show, Twin Peaks. These are from the series only, FWWM requires a whole other list. 


12. The Giant Visits Cooper (Season 2)

11. Soap in a Sock (Season 1)

10. Windom Earle's Chess Piece (Season 2)

9. Leland Dances With Donna (Season 2)

8. How's Annie? (Season 2)

7. Bob Climbs Over the Couch (Season 2)

6. Sarah Palmer "Sees" Bob (Season 1)

5. Leland Dies (Season 2)

4. Cooper's Dream (Season 1)

1. Bob Kills Maddy (Season 2)

When Maddy's death scene originally aired I remember I was babysitting. I'm pretty sure it was a Saturday night and I finally got the kids to sleep. I started to watch Twin Peaks and right in the middle of Bob chasing Maddy around the living room, one of the kids woke up and came downstairs. He starting screaming when he saw Bob on the TV so I had to shut it off. I didn't want to be responsible for mentally destroying this poor kid, but it killed me not to know what happened. Three years later I bought the entire series on VHS and finally got to see the full scene. It was terrifying and hard to believe it actually made it on mainstream television. Even after watching the series in it's entirety many times over the years it still chills me.

So did I miss anything or get the order wrong?

Happy Halloween!

P.S. If for some reason the video doesn't play, just click the link next the number and it will take you to YouTube.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throwback: Best of Albert Rosenfield

"Albert's path is a strange and difficult one!"
Enjoy some clips of Albert's best moments. Click here if you can't view below!

Throwback Thursday!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The History of One Eyed Jacks

Just for fun, enjoy a brief history of One Eyed Jacks.

One Eyed Jacks is a fictional brothel and casino on the 1991 television series Twin Peaks by David Lynch and Mark Frost. It is located across the Canadian border in British Columbia.

It is owned by Ben Horne and run by Blackie O'Reilly, the madame. Like the Black Lodge, it is filled with red curtains. The girls are dressed up in outfits using playing cards. The brothel's pivotal to the plot in many ways, because it is intimately connected with the murder of Laura Palmer, who worked there. It is also used for drug running, and Ben Horne uses the place to secure a deal with some Icelandic investors.

The name is significant because "One-Eyed Jacks" is the name of a movie that was originally intended to be directed by Stanley Kubrick, who Lynch has frequently cited as an influence and a reason why he started to direct. The film One-Eyed Jacks, which was eventually directed by Marlon Brando, also features Twin Peaks actor Hank Worden in a minor role. Finally, "One-Eyed Jack" is an euphemism for "penis."

Audrey Horne infiltrates the brothel as a working girl, and nearly ends up sleeping with her father, who happens to be the owner. She avoids this by spurning him and putting a mask on her face. He only finds out later who she was. She discovers that girls are funneled into there through the perfume department of Horne's department store.

The three Renault brothers are all connected with One Eyed Jacks in some capacity. Jacques Renault works there as a croupier, and Jean tries to take it over. Jacques kept a One Eyed Jacks broken casino chip, which was bitten by Laura when she was tied up and being pecked by a myna bird.

Hank Jennings and his father-in-law also visit One Eyed Jacks, pretending to be taking a hunting trip.

The Bookhouse Boys go undercover to One Eyed Jacks, and later storm the place, which gets Agent Cooper into trouble with the DEA, when his enemies try to frame him.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Twin Peaks: All The Pieces Premiere

Together Again!

The Arrival

Dr. Jacoby

Leland Palmer

Norman Jennings

Albert Rosenfield

Mrs. Hayward

Shelly Johnson

Harold Smith

James Hurley

Sarah Palmer

Log Lady


Sherilyn Fenn Interview from 2012

Friday, October 10, 2014

Throwback - The Cast of Twin Peaks on Donahue 1990

Enjoy this fun Twin Peaks throwback as our cast members get interviewed by Phil Donahue on 5/21/1990!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

They all seemed nervous and uncomfortable with the attention!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ode to Twin Peaks - A Poem

Now it’s dark. Bob is lurking and the owls aren’t what they seem. There is one chance out between two worlds, Fire Walk With Me.

It’s a great mystery wrapped in plastic; a time for believers to do their dance. The night is pressing in on her, Fire Walk With Me.

A great mind is on the way, holding the key to revelation; Cooper. A path is formed by laying one stone at a time, Fire Walk With Me.

They lived among the shadows, fear and love open the doors, Fire Walk With Me.

Don’t take the ring, don’t make me do this. The good Dale is trapped in the lodge, Fire Walk With Me.

The arm was tattooed, but the face of God forced purification. The Sycamore trees mark the spot, Fire Walk With Me.

Trapped for 25 years. Music is always in the air and that gum you like is going to come back in style. The Black Lodge is waiting for you, Fire Walk With Me.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Cast of Twin Peaks Then & Now

Images and articles from Buzzfeed, Wikipedia and Mashable.

In the series finale of Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer told Agent Dale Cooper she'd see him again in 25 years, and now it seems she'll be making good on her promise.

Showtime announced Monday the return of David Lynch and Mark Frost's cult classic TV show Twin Peaks for a limited series of nine episodes.

So far, the show's creators are tight-lipped about who from the original cast will be back, but promise a mix of old and new faces. Here's what the stars have been up to since the show went off their air in 1991.

Kyle MacLachlan (Special Agent Dale Cooper)

Kyle MacLachlan played Special Agent Dale Cooper, the FBI agent and cherry pie enthusiast who came to Twin Peaks to investigate the death of Laura Palmer.

Since then, MacLachlan’s kept busy with several supporting stints in shows like Desperate Housewives, Sex & the City, and How I Met Your Mother. He can currently be seen as the bumbling mayor of Portland on Portlandia. A wine enthusiast, he recently teamed up with vinter Eric Dunham to create the label Pursued by Bear. He also has a website devoted to his dogs Mookie and Sam.


Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne)

Twin Peaks’ resident bad girl Audrey Horne was played by Sherilyn Fenn.

She followed up Twin Peaks by starring in Diary of a Hitman opposite Forest Whitaker and Of Mice & Men with Gary Sinise and John Malkovich. In 1995, she returned to television starring as Elizabeth Taylor in the made-for-TV biopic Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story and from 1998-2001, she tackled the role of an alcoholic ex-soap opera star struggling to get sober in Showtime’s Rude Awakening. Since then, she's mostly played bit parts on a variety of TV shows and even played two different characters on Gilmore Girls because the show’s creator was such a fan of her work. From 2009-2013, she maintained a personal blog titled Postcards from the Ledge. More recently, she's been on Ray Donovan.

Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer)

Sheryl Lee played Laura Palmer, the high school cheerleader whose murder (and double life) brought everyone's dirty secrets to light.

She reprised the role in Fire Walk With Me, a prequel that details the events leading up to her character’s death. Lee was almost cast as Mary-Alice on Desperate Housewives, which would have been her second television role playing a character who was dead for the entire series, but the role ultimately went to Brenda Strong. Other career highlights include starring in Oscar Wilde’s Salomeon Broadway opposite Sylvester Stallone and a role in the Oscar-nominated film Winter’s Bone. She is currently married to Neil Diamond’s son.

Donna Hayward (Lara Flynn Boyle)

Lara Flynn Boyle played Donna Heyward, Laura Palmer’s best friend who is determined to find her killer.

After Twin Peaks wrapped, she was too busy starring in the legal drama The Practice to reprise her role as Donna Heyward for Fire Walk With Me and was replaced by Moira Kelly. Some of her film roles include Wayne’s World, Men in Black II, and Happiness. After high-profile relationships with herTwin Peaks co-star Kyle MacLachlan, David Spade and Jack Nicholson she married a real estate investor in San Antonio, TX.

Warren Frost (Doc Hayward)

His work has mainly been in the theatre, but he has worked in films and television sporadically since 1958. He is known for roles in Twin Peaks, Matlock, The Larry Sanders Show, and Seinfeld.

Frost is the father of novelist, television screenwriter and producer Mark Frost, actress Lindsay Frost and writer Scott Frost. He is the grandfather of baseball player Lucas Giolito. Read --> Master of His Domain

Michael Ontkean (Sheriff Harry S. Truman)

Michael Ontkean played local sheriff Harry S. Truman, who bonds with Special Agent Dale Cooper as they team up to solve the murder of Laura Palmer.

He also filmed scenes for Fire Walk With Me, but his role was ultimately cut from the film. Ontkean currently lives in Hawaii, where he played a role in the Oscar-nominated film The Descendents.

Leland Palmer (Ray Wise)

Ray Wise played Leland Palmer, Laura’s father who turns out to have sinister secrets of his own.

He played the devil in the 2007-2009 series Reaper and has had recurring roles on 24, Chuck, andMad Men. On film, he starred in horror movie Jeepers Creepers II and played CBS News anchor Don Hollenbeck in Good Night, And Good Luck. In 2003, he starred in a trippy music video for indie rock band Beach House directed by comedian Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric Show, Great Job!, which Wise has appeared on. He is currently starring in Farmed and Dangerous, an original web series created by Chipotle.

Peggy Lipton (Norma Jennings)

Peggy Lipton played Norma Jennings, a former beauty queen and the owner of Double R Diner (home of a damn fine cup of coffee.)

Lipton, who rose to fame in the 1970s on The Mod Squad, has had recurring roles on the television shows Popular and Crash since Twin Peaks ended. She also had a part in the post-apocalyptic filmThe Postman. Lipton was married to producer Quincy Jones and is the mother of actress Rashida Jones.

Everett McGill (Big Ed Hurley)

Everett McGill plays James's uncle Big Ed Hurley, the local gas station owner who's trapped in a troubled marriage with wife Nadine, but deeply in love with high school sweetheart Norma Jennings.

Prior to Twin Peaks, McGill starred in Clint Eastwood's war film Heartbreak Ridge (1986), and played baddie Ed Killifer in Licence to Kill. He also starred in horror flick The People Under The Stairs.

The actor filmed scenes as Ed Hurley for Fire Walk with Me, but they were later deleted.

McGill has since appeared in Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) with Steven Seagal and, amazingly, a young Katherine Heigl (pictured above with McGill). One of his last on-screen acting roles to date, The Straight Story (1999), saw him reunite with Lynch.

Wendy Robie (Nadine Hurley)

Wendy Robie (born October 6, 1953) is an American actress known for playing eccentric, mentally disturbed characters in television and on film. She is especially known for her role as Nadine Hurley in David Lynch's Twin Peaks and as Mommy in Wes Craven's The People Under the Stairs. She also had a cameo appearance in Vampire In Brooklyn, another horror film directed by Wes Craven.

Her most recent film is the musical indie Were the World Mine.

Madchen Amick (Shelly Johnson)

Amick got her first break when director David Lynch chose her to play waitress Shelly Johnson on the TV series Twin Peaks. Amick's character endured terrible abuse at the hands of her husband, Leo, and was one of the most popular characters, ensuring her return in the feature film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. In 1992, Amick appeared in the Stephen King horror movie Sleepwalkers. She has also appeared in television movies, such as Love, Cheat and Steal (1993). A highlight of Amick's film career is the 1994 feature film Dream Lover, a thriller in which she co-starred with James Spader. Amick also appeared in the romantic comedy French Exit (1995) and the science fiction thriller Bombshell (1996).

Amick had a recurring role in season 2 of Gossip Girl as Nate Archibald's "cougar" love interest,[6] and she also appears in the second season of the Showtime series Californication. In 2008, Amick starred as Christian Slater's wife on the NBC series My Own Worst Enemy. In 2010, Amick played Danielle Marchetti on the FX series Damages. In 2011 she appeared in post-apocalyptic film Priest.

In 2013, Amick began starring in the Lifetime supernatural drama Witches of East End opposite Julia Ormond, Rachel Boston and Jenna Dewan-Tatum.[8][9] Amick's character Wendy Beauchamp was originally a guest star, but she later became a permanent character after shooting the pilot episode.

Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs)

After Twin Peaks went off the air, Ashbrook portrayed Clyde Barrow in the 1992 TV film, Bonnie & Clyde: The True Story alongside Tracey Needham. He starred in the 1995 science fiction TV pilot W.E.I.R.D. World, written and produced by the makers of the Tales from the Crypt TV show. In 1997, he won the starring role of Gary McDermott on the short-lived TV series Crisis Center.

He also starred in the films She's Out of Control (1989), Comfortably Numb (1995), The Last Place On Earth (2002) and Python II (2002). He played the recurring role of Rich Rinaldi on the TV series Dawson's Creek (2002–2003).

Ashbrook has appeared on The WB's Charmed in the 2001 episode "Just Harried", on NBC's The Pretender in the 2000 episode "Rules of Engagement", on The Outer Limits in the 1996 episode "Resurrection", and on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in the 2007 episode "Haystack".

In 2009, Ashbrook joined the cast of the series Crash for the regular part of Jimmy.

In 2010, he reunited with some of the cast of Twin Peaks on the show Psych. He starred in 2012 with Ray Wise and Derek Mears in the Steven C. Miller psycho-thriller The Aggression Scale.

Eric Da Re (Leo Johnson)

Eric Da Re plays the evil and abusive Leo Johnson - trucker by day, drug smuggler by night. 

Da Re reprises his role as Leo Johnson in Fire Walk with Me, and had a bit part in 1997's Starship Troopers. 

He also had a small part in 2002's Ted Bundy, a dramatisation of the life of the notorious serial killer.

Kimmy Robertson (Lucy Moran)

Robertson has done on-screen and voiceover work — which is fitting, since she was the voice at the other end of the line whenever Twin Peakers called the sheriff's office. She's also slated to turn up at this year's Twin Peaks Festival, an annual affair where die-hards discuss the show over pie and damn good coffee.

Grace Zabriskie (Sarah Palmer)

Zabriskie is perhaps most familiar for her television work. After a recurring role on the soap opera Santa Barbara, she played a major role on the David Lynch series Twin Peaks and its spin-off film, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me as Sarah Palmer, the eerily psychicmother of the doomed Laura Palmer. Zabriskie also appeared in Lynch's Wild at Heart — notably as the twin sister of a character played by Isabella Rossellini, an actress eleven years her junior. David Lynch later cast her as a sinister Polish neighbour in Inland Empire in 2006.


Joan Chen (Josie Packard)

Joan Chen played Josie Packard, a widow who inherited the Packard Saw Mill and Sheriff Truman's love interest.

She has co-starred in numerous films since Twin Peaks including Oliver Stone's Heaven & Earth and Ang Lee's Lust, Caution. In 1998, she made her directorial debut with the critically acclaimed film Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl. She has continued to act and direct.

Michael J. Anderson (The Man from Another Place)

Anderson worked with David Lynch again on the TV-pilot-turned-feature film Mulholland Dr. (2001). He gained further recognition and success in recent years for his work on the HBO series Carnivàle. Other credits include Charmed and Cold Case.

James Marshall (James Hurley)

James Marshall played James Hurley, Laura Palmer’s secret biker boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks.

He has been in a few films since Twin Peaks wrapped, most notably, Gladiator. In 2010, he sued pharmaceutical company Hoffmann-LaRoche, claiming that the drug Accutane caused gastrointestinal distress severe enough to require the removal of his colon. Marshall won $11 million. He is now a singer-songwriter.

Catherine E. Coulson / The Log Lady

Coulson is now primarily a theatre actor, though she did appear in season two ofPortlandia. She was married to Jack Nance (aka Pete Martell) from 1968 to 1976.

Richard Beymer / Benjamin Horne

Beymer is 74 now, and no longer does much acting. However, he recently self-published a semi-autobiographical novel, Impostor: Or Whatever Happened to Richard Beymer?

Piper Laurie (Catherine Martell)

An American actress of stage and screen known for her roles in the films The Hustler, Carrie, and Children of a Lesser God, all of which brought her Academy Award nominations. She is also known for her performance as Catherine Martell in the cult television series Twin Peaks for which she won a Golden Globe Award in 1991.

Laurie won an Emmy Award, for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Special for her role in the 1986 TV movie Promise opposite James Garner and James Woods. In addition, she received several Emmy nominations, including one for playing Magda Goebbels, wife of Joseph Goebbels, in The Bunker in 1981, opposite Anthony Hopkins as Hitler; for her role in the miniseries The Thorn Birds; two for her work in Twin Peaks as the evil Catherine Martell, and a nomination for her guest appearance on Frasier. She has been nominated for an Academy Award in three films.

Russ Tamblyn (Dr. Jacoby)

From 1990–91, Tamblyn starred as Dr. Lawrence Jacoby on the David Lynch-created series Twin Peaks, though his scenes in the 1992 film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me were cut. In 1999, he portrayed Dr. Hayden on the soap opera Days of our Lives, and in 2000, he made an appearance with his daughter Amber on another soap opera, General Hospital, as the character he portrayed ten years earlier on Twin Peaks. He also made an appearance on General Hospital in 1997 dancing with his daughter Amber during the Nurses Ball. In 2004 he appeared with Amber again, playing the "Dog Walker God" manifestation of God encountered by her in three episodes of Joan of Arcadia.

Tamblyn has also appeared in television series such as Tarzan, Fame (the 1980s spin-off of the film of the same name), Quantum Leap, Nash Bridges and in Babylon 5 (episode "A Distant Star"). Russ Tamblyn is Chuck Margaret onThe Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret.

Harry Goaz (Deputy Andy Brennan)

Harry Goaz (born December 27, 1960) is an American actor best known for his roles as Deputy Andy Brennan in the TV drama series, Twin Peaks (1990–1991), and as Sgt. Knight in the NBC TV series, Eerie Indiana (1991-2).

Goaz first met David Lynch while driving him to a memorial tribute to Roy Orbison where Lynch decided to cast him for the role of Deputy Andy Brennan in the TV series Twin Peaks. He followed up Twin Peaks with Eerie Indiana, a paranormal TV show created by Joe Dante. Goaz has also taken roles in independent films, such as Steven Soderbergh's The Underneath.

His piece of micro-fiction, "Donald's Holy Head", was published in Blacktop Passages in 2013

Michael Horse (Deputy Hawk)

His film debut came in the role of Tonto in the ill-fated 1981 film, The Legend of the Lone Ranger. Horse portrayed Deputy Hawk, a Native American policeman, in the TV series Twin Peaks (1990–91)[5] and also acted inPassenger 57 (1992),[6] House of Cards (1993), the 1990s version of the television series The Untouchables (1993),[7] and North of 60 (1995–97).[8] He also appeared in the Thanks episode "Thanksgiving" in 1999, portrayingSquanto. He appeared as Deputy Owen Blackwood in four episodes of the first season of Roswell (1999). Horse also appeared as Sheriff Tskany in The X-Files episode "Shapes" in 1994. Michael Horse portrayed American Indian Movement (AIM) activist Dennis Banks in the 1994 TNT movie Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee. Eight years later, he lent his voice to Little Creek's friend in DreamWorks Animation's Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. He recently portrayed Mike Proudfoot on Sons of Tucson.

Kenneth Welsh (Windom Earle)

Canadaian film and television actor (sometimes credited as Ken Welsh). He is known to Twin Peaks fans as the multi-faced villain Windom Earle, and has more recently played the father of Katharine Hepburn (Cate Blanchett) in Martin Scorsese's The Aviator.

In 1984 he was nominated for a Geni Award as Best Actor for his portrayal of Reno Colt in the film "Reno and the Doc", written and directed by Charles Dennis. In 1997 Welsh directed Dennis in the latter's play "SoHo Duo" at the West Bank Theatre in New York City.

Welsh was born in Edmonton, Alberta to a father who worked for the Canadian National Railway. He grew up in Alberta and studied drama at school. He later moved to Montreal and attended the National Theatre School. Following graduation, he auditioned for the Stratford Festival in Ontario and then spent the first seven years of his career on stage.


Frank Silva (Bob)

Trivia: While Silva was working on fixing up the set for the character Laura Palmer's bedroom in the pilot episode for Twin Peaks, Lynch decided that Silva should be Bob after accidentally filming him in a reflection in a mirror which this long-haired, prematurely gray man gave Lynch himself a jolt because of his sudden frightening appearance.

He died on 13 September 1995, at age 45, due to complications brought on by AIDS.

Jack Nance (Pete)

Nance died on December 30, 1996 at age 53 under mysterious circumstances. Apparently, he died of an internal head injury the morning after getting into a physical brawl at a donut shop with some rowdy patrons.

After working with Lynch on in his cult film Eraserhead (1976), Nance was cast in all of his subsequent films except The Elephant Man. Lost Highway is his last movie credit.

Don Davis (Major Briggs)

(August 4, 1942 – June 29, 2008)

Davis' role on “Peaks” may have inspired producers to cast him as military men on other sci-fi shows, including Captain William Scully (Dana’s pop) on “The X-Files” and Major General George Hammond on “Stargate SG-1.” One of his final filmed appearances was for the direct-to-DVD movie “Stargate Continuum,” which hits shelves July 29. Before turning to acting, he was a real-life U.S. Army officer. His list of credits on IMDb is huge, and demonstrates his penchant for playing a wide array of authority figures, including judges, principals, correctional officers and doctors.

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