Thursday, April 14, 2016

Recap of Episode 11


Season 2 Episode 11

Written by: Jerry Stahl, Mark Frost, Harley Peyton & Robert Engels

Directed by: Todd Holland

Original Air date: October 20, 1990

"Absolute loss"

At the police station, the show opens with an intriguing swirling effect. As the image comes into focus we see what at first almost looks like an owl's eye, but is ultimately revealed to be a ceiling tile. At the same time we hear what seems to be an exaggerated variation of Laura's voice calling out, "Daddy!" Then we see Leland is lost in a trance in the interrogation room with Doc Hayward, Cooper and Harry. Harry snaps him out of it and wants to question him about Jacques Renault. Leland waives his right to an attorney. Harry then begins questioning him about the night Jacques was killed. Leland says that because Harry arrested Jacques, he thought he was the man who killed Laura. Harry asks if Leland killed Jacques. Leland tearfully admits that he did. He describes the feeling of absolute loss, saying it's something deep down in your soul causing every cell to scream. All the men are clearly troubled by Leland's confession. After Doc Hayward walks out with Dale and says parents shouldn't bury their children. Dale snaps at him and asks, "Do you approve of murder Dr. Hayward?" Doc Hayward sternly answers no. Dale glares at him with look of annoyance, then turns and walks away.

"I flunked!"

Andy sees Doc Hayward and asks about his "sperms" test, saying that he flunked before, but wants to try again. Doc Hayward tells him to give him a sample now and he'll wait for it in his car. Andy gets nervous at the idea, but decides to take a copy of Flesh World into the bathroom to give it a try. On his way, he bumps into Lucy who is carrying a box of coffee that falls to the floor. He tries to grab the magazine before Lucy sees it, but unfortunately for Andy, Lucy sees Flesh World, looks at the rest room sign on the door and immediately realizes what he was about to do. She abruptly hands him the magazine back and then storms off in a huff to her desk.

In the lobby, Harry tells Dale that a new judge, who is like the last of the Frontiersmen, and a District Attorney are headed to Twin Peaks for Leland's trial. Harry also tells Dale that no one named Robertson ever lived next to the Palmer's house. Dale takes notes on what I presume is an early Palm Pilot. Nearby Andy bumps into another officer and his sperm sample vial rolls into the lobby where Cooper and Harry are sitting. Andy blurts out, "Oh my God, " and dives to grab for it. As Andy is on the ground trying to reach the vial from under a chair, Dale tells him to freeze. Andy panics and says that what he's doing is extremely personal. Dale looks curious and says he wants to know where Andy got the boots he's wearing. Andy tells him that he got them from Philip Gerard. Dale realizes their the same kind of boots from Leo's and he reminds Harry that the Giant told him there was a clue at Leo's house. Dale insists they have to find the one armed man. 

"A dollar earned, is a dollar stolen."

At The Great Northern, Ben walks and talks with one of his employees who tells him that MT Wentz, a mysterious traveler writer, is coming to Twin Peaks. She says no one knows who he or she is, but they always pay in cash. She thinks a favorable review would be great for the hotel. Ben likes what he hears and compliments her on a good day's work. Then he heads into his office where Jean Renault is waiting for him. Jean has Ben sit down and plays the video of Audrey tied up at One Eyed Jacks for him. Ben gets upset and calls him a bastard. Jean claims he's just the messenger. Jean says One Eyed Jacks is being run by thieves and that, "a dollar earned, is a dollar stolen." Jean thinks Ben needs him as a partner. Jean says if Ben wants Audrey back he must deliver Dale to him in return. Then Jean heads for the door saying Ben will receive further instructions. After Ben places a call to Agent Cooper. Later when Dale arrives, Ben shows him the video of Audrey tied up. Then Ben tries to smooth talk Dale into delivering money to One Eyed Jacks on his behalf.

"Give Big Ed a call."

Over at The Double R, Norma pours coffee for Toad while chatting on the phone. Nearby Hank brings Donna food for Meals on Wheels. He tells Donna she looks pretty and asks where she's headed. Donna doesn't think Hank would understand and hurries off. Then Norma tells Hank that MT Wentz is coming to town and a good review could help their business. Hank decides they need to jazz things up to make a good impression, takes money from cash register for supplies and tells Norma to add something new to the menu. Norma smiles saying she always wanted to try some regional dishes. On his way out, Hank suggests that Norma give Big Ed a call so he can suggest people come to the Double R when they stop in for gas. Norma agrees and seems pleased with Hank's enthusiasm.

"To Laura, in our hearts and memories locked!"

Donna and Harold Smith toast to Laura in his house with white wine. Harold says, "to Laura, in our hearts and memories locked!" Then he takes Laura's secret diary out and offers to read something from it for Donna. He reads a passage where Laura describes feeling awkward about being honest with Donna. Laura fears Donna wouldn't understand her and says her insides are black and dark and soaked with dreams of big, big men that hold her and take her into their control. Donna seems unnerved and wonders if they should give the diary to the police as evidence. Harold doesn't agree. He says Laura gave it to him, because people come to him to tell their stories. He then takes their stories and puts them into a sort of living novel. Harold suggests that maybe someday Donna will tell him her story. 

"Tear it!"

Josie returns to the Packard's with a ton of boxes from her shopping expedition. When she sees Pete they hug and Pete tells her that Catherine died in the mill fire. Pete says they haven't found a body yet, but he's having a service in a couple of days nonetheless. Later that night, Harry comes to see Josie and she shows him her new black lingerie. Harry says he likes it, but insists on questioning her about where she was. He wonders if she was involved in the mill fire for insurance money. Josie pretends to be upset and cries that he hurt her so. Harry feels bad and apologizes for jumping to that conclusion. Josie then seduces him on the couch and orders him to, "tear it," meaning her new lingerie. Harry passionately rips her nightgown and they start making out. Outside a thunder storm brews and we see that the mysterious Asian man is watching them from the window. 

"He hit me!"

Emory Battis drags a drugged up Audrey into Blackie's office at One Eyed Jacks. Jean Renault is waiting for her and asks if she's been mistreated. Audrey slurs that Emory hit her, but Emory denies doing anything wrong. Jean tells Audrey it was wrong of Emory to do that and assures her that won't happen again. Then he tells her that he spoke with Ben and says everything will be fine. Audrey can barely keep her eyes focused, but she sees Jean take out a gun from his jacket. Jean shoots Emory in front of her and Emory drops to the floor. Audrey realizes what's going on and bursts into tears. As she cries, Jean holds her and rocks Audrey in his arms. 

"He doesn't even own a sports coat!"

Back at the station, Dale walks in as Lucy snaps at Andy. Dale decides to take charge and tells Andy to wait outside. Then he advises Lucy to vent about whatever is bothering her. She decides to share and says she dated Andy for a year and a half, but then she started to notice that he never exercises, he never washes his car and he doesn't even own a sports coat. Lucy explains that she took some "me time" and that's when she met Dick Tremayne. Dale asks if she wants to get back together with Andy. Lucy gets upset and says she doesn't know. Then she runs off. Harry sees what happened and tells Dale he's been down this road with Lucy before and not to worry. After Dale asks Harry to arrange for a bookhouse boy to help him with a special mission. He asks Harry not to ask why. Harry agrees to set it up and tells Dale to be at the Roadhouse at 9:30. 

At the Double R, an unknown man walks in that Norma and Hank assume must be MT Wentz. They do their best to make a good impression, although the man only wants a hamburger and fries. Hank moves Toad into the kitchen to finish his meal out of sight. Hank then shows the man where the bathroom is and Norma catches Toad eating straight from the pot in the kitchen. In private, Hank steals the man's wallet and sees that he's really the District Attorney, Daryl Lodwick. Nearby in a booth, Maddy and Donna talk. Maddy tries to assure Donna that nothing is going with her and James. Donna plays coy and claims her and James can see other people. Then Donna asks for Maddy's help to get Laura's secret diary from Harold. Donna is determined to get the diary with or without Maddy's help. 

"You got the look of a man with filly troubles!"

Judge Sternwood arrives at the Sheriff's Station and is greeted by Lucy. He senses that she's troubled and asks Lucy to give him a hug. When she does he notes that life is hard. Then Harry walks in and the Judge immediately notices that Harry's got the look of a man with "filly" troubles. He advises Harry that if they don't take to a saddle you have two options, but he won't bore him with either one of them. Dale comes out to greet the Judge and Sternwood asks Harry to break the seal on the Irish he stashed for him. Then the judge asks Dale how he's finding life in Twin Peaks. Dale answers, "heaven." The judge responds that this week heaven includes: arson, multiple homicides and the attempt on the life of a federal agent. Dale says heaven is a large and interesting place. After Dick comes to see Lucy and apologizes to her for being a cad. He says he must do the right thing, which offers Lucy hope. Then he pulls out an envelope full of $650 for her to get an abortion. Lucy gets angry and tells him to never, ever speak to her again and if he says one more word she'll scream. Dick looks befuddled, but ultimately walks out. 

"In Valhalla..."

Andy brings Leland into the interrogation room to meet with Judge Sternwood, Harry and Dale. The Judge tells Leland he's sorry for his loss and he's always known Leland to be a good person. Then the Judge says, "when these frail shadows we inhabit now have quit the stage, we'll meet and raise a glass again together, in Valhalla." Leland responds, "Would that it were so." Leland also confirms that he plans on representing himself and the facilities have been adequate. He says everyone has been kind and thanks the judge before leaving the room. After Sid, an attractive female, comes in to help the judge. The Judge tells Harry and Dale they're going to hook up the Winnie so they can dine in the Timber Room at The Great Northern. Once they leave, Dale asks Harry if Sid is the Judge's wife. Harry tells him no, she's just his law clerk.

"The eagle has landed."

Ben takes note of all the Tri-County Lumber Queen Semifinal contestants at The Great Northern. They walk by him in their bathing suits, some of varying size. He lights a cigar and then notices a man looking at him by the front desk. Ben watches back for a moment with a sly expression, but then does a slow respectful bow. In response, the man slowly bows back. Ben walks away and we learn the man is named Mr. Tojamura as the front desk clerk checks him into the hotel. The clerk also notes that Mr. Tojamura paid in cash as the unknown MT Wentz is said to do. After the clerk calls Norma to tell her that, "the eagle has landed."

"He means nothing to me"

Josie introduces Pete to her cousin Jonathan at the Packard's house. Pete holds his latest taxidermy work in his hands. Josie suggests that Pete get Jonathan a cup of coffee and once alone, she tells him she needs two days to complete their business. Jonathan asks if there are any complications. Josie says Hank could be a problem so he says he'll take care of it. Then he informs Josie that Mr. Eckart is expecting them back in Hong Kong. He also asks if Harry is going to be a problem. Josie answers that, "he means nothing to me." Jonathan snaps back saying that's not what he asked her.

"Blood Brothers"

At the Roadhouse, Harry meets Cooper at the bar. Dale realizes that Harry is the bookhouse boy who is there to help him and smiles at the realization. He offers to buy Harry a beer and fill him in on the plan. Meanwhile over at the Double R, cousin Jonathan surprises Hank in his pajamas in the dark. He says nothing, but promptly kicks Hank's ass. Hank gives up and lays on the floor after a few unsuccessful attempts to fight back. Cousin Jonathan cuts both their thumbs as blood brothers just like Hank did to Josie. He tells Hank, "Next time I'll take your head off!" Then he smashes Hank in the head with his flashlight.

End of show!

At Donna's age, I probably would have thought a guy like Harold Smith was fascinating. He offers wine, wants to talk about secrets and would even write down my story...very enticing. However watching as an adult, there really is something inappropriate about him. Yet still, there is also a harmless innocence to him that I still find so oddly charming. I definitely credit that to Lenny Von Dohlen's mix of humility and kindness in his acting.

The introduction of Judge Sternwood, who adds a likable quirky element, makes a pretty substantial impact with his "Valhalla" speech. I think that might be the best scene is this episode. Strangely, I find myself curious about what the options are if a filly won't take to the saddle. I guess I'll have to use my imagination.

Then we have Mr. Tojamura and Cousin Jonathan acting all kinds of weird. Although Hank probably deserved the ass whooping he received, Cousin Jonathan sure seems cranky and is quite the peeping tom. Mr. Tojamura seemed very no nonsense as well and certainly didn't appear overly impressed with Ben Horne.

Emory Battis meets a harsh end, but likely deserved, especially if he hit Audrey. Jean Renault certainly increased the creepy factor with his quasi-sexual stare and uncomfortable hugging of poor disoriented Audrey. Michael Parks has an intense screen presence that I always enjoy.

Finally, I think the opening scene is the most surreal moment of this episode, which uses sound and visual panache to confuse and haunt us. Looking back, it's a pretty obvious indicator of who Laura's killer was. Just another in a long line of clues sprinkled through the episodes up through this one that kind of points to the truth all along. I can see how you might not notice that on a first watch of the series, but after years of viewing, it's amusing to me how blunt it really is. 

Watch below!