Friday, October 31, 2014

The Scariest Moments from Twin Peaks

Just for fun here are 12 of the my favorite scariest/creepiest scenes from our favorite show, Twin Peaks. These are from the series only, FWWM requires a whole other list. 


12. The Giant Visits Cooper (Season 2)

11. Soap in a Sock (Season 1)

10. Windom Earle's Chess Piece (Season 2)

9. Leland Dances With Donna (Season 2)

8. How's Annie? (Season 2)

7. Bob Climbs Over the Couch (Season 2)

6. Sarah Palmer "Sees" Bob (Season 1)

5. Leland Dies (Season 2)

4. Cooper's Dream (Season 1)

1. Bob Kills Maddy (Season 2)

When Maddy's death scene originally aired I remember I was babysitting. I'm pretty sure it was a Saturday night and I finally got the kids to sleep. I started to watch Twin Peaks and right in the middle of Bob chasing Maddy around the living room, one of the kids woke up and came downstairs. He starting screaming when he saw Bob on the TV so I had to shut it off. I didn't want to be responsible for mentally destroying this poor kid, but it killed me not to know what happened. Three years later I bought the entire series on VHS and finally got to see the full scene. It was terrifying and hard to believe it actually made it on mainstream television. Even after watching the series in it's entirety many times over the years it still chills me.

So did I miss anything or get the order wrong?

Happy Halloween!

P.S. If for some reason the video doesn't play, just click the link next the number and it will take you to YouTube.

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  1. Good list! I agree with almost all of them in more or less the same order, except for the Windom Earle scene I think. One moment I think should have made it to the list, but could maybe be more personal to me, is when Major Briggs reads the message, "Cooper. Cooper. Cooper". That one always brings chills down my spine!

  2. I agree that Cooper message was so scary. I recently watched the episode when Leland dies and it is terrifying when he turns to Cooper and mentions what happened in Pittsburgh... So many nightmares but I can't stop watching!

    Love your blog. I write one about Twin Peaks too!

    1. Thank you, Ishbel! I've seen your blog and its terrific! I think we'll have a lot to write about going forward. It's a great time to be a Twin Peaks fan!!!