Monday, December 28, 2015

A 2015 Twin Peaks Year End Wrap Up

Trust in Lynch & Frost
With the new year on the horizon I thought it seemed like an appropriate time to reflect on the Twin Peaks fanfair of the last year or so and give thanks for the happy place we're in right now. Many first wave fans remember the long, long road to the possibility of Twin Peaks living again. Yet it is happening again. The hype has never been more feverish and likely never will be again once all this is behind us. The ride has been a bit bumpy though. There's been some sadness, periods of stillness, at times a feeling like if we shut our eyes we'd burst into flames, a lot that couldn't be revealed, but thankfully through the grace of David Lynch and Mark Frost we're finally purified. In 2017, we're getting 18 new episodes written and directed by Lynch & Frost. With that in mind, let's review some of the best and worst moments of 2015 for TP fans.

The Lows of 2015

  • The lowest low has to be the death of our beloved Log Lady, Catherine Coulson. Not only is the character of the Log Lady at the heart of Twin Peaks, but Catherine seemed to be a lovely person (although I never met her) and was beloved by fans. Her presence will be sorely missed in 2017. RIP - we will miss you, but never forget you!
  • Another low of 2015 (spoiler alert) was the news that, Michael Ontkean aka Sheriff Truman, will not be reprising his role in 2017 and might be recasted by Robert Forster. Now this might be a red herring, because I have trouble believing that the TPTB would recast Harry S. Truman. My guess is that if Robert Forster is in new Twin Peaks, it will be as a completely new character. I really like Robert and could definitely see him fitting into the world of Twin Peaks. We'll see, I'm still holding out hope for Michael Ontkean's return, at least for a cameo. Fingers crossed!
  • When David Lynch announced Twin Peaks might not be coming back after all in March of 2015 that was also a terrible low for 2015. I think there was a collective gasp amongst the fan world. That was possibly the most disappointing news for Twin Peaks fans since its original cancellation. 
  • An unfortunate low of 2015 was the Twin Peaks social media controversy over spoiling vs. not spoiling. The fact that Lynch/Frost had to ask fans to respect their privacy during filming is a shame. However some of what was being deemed a "spoiler" didn't really give anything anyway and felt a little like much ado about nothing. Regardless, the fan world seems to have settled down for now and appears to be chugging along peacefully.

The Highs of 2015

  • Hooray! A huge high came in May of 2015, when David Lynch, Mark Frost and Showtime all confirmed that Twin Peaks is good to go for 18 new episodes, written and directed by Lynch & Frost. I think the social media outpouring definitely helped and bonded many fans. At least for me, there was a sense of victory!
  • Another high time for TP fans, although I wasn't at either (shame on me), is that the Twin Peaks US festival in July of 2015 was a great time for all and bigger than ever, as was the UK festival in Oct 2015. Based on all the videos, podcasts, pictures and status updates I saw from those who attended, it seemed like a wonderful experience. I have a feeling that the festivals over the next few years are going to be amazing!
  • Confirmation that Mark Frost's book, The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks, will be coming out in 2016 and the new episodes of Twin Peaks will debut in 2017 was a solid high for 2015. Yes we have to wait a bit longer, but at least we know when now. Let the anticipation commence!
  • We know for certain that Kyle Maclachlan is coming back and that's a must have high. Also Dana Ashbrook & James Marshall recently hinted in November of 2015 that most of the original cast will be making an appearance. (Spoiler Alert) Read here - > It's Gonna Be Good!
  • On December 18, 2015, David Lynch gave fans another amazing high for 2015 by releasing an official teaser for 2017. Watch here --- > Location Sometimes Becomes a Character I'm pretty sure that's Mr. Lynch himself at the end of that video or perhaps Gordon Cole!

My log does not judge.
Special Thanks

On a personal note, I'm very thankful for those who have been supportive of this blog. When you put yourself or your creative interests out there for others to see, you inevitably open yourself up to both positive and negative feedback. I think the negative keeps you honest and the positive keeps you going. I appreciate beyond my ability to express myself all the likes, shares, retweets, podcasts, comments, private messages and conversations about this amazing show. 
  • I'd like to give special thanks to Twin Peaks Unwrapped for inviting me to speak on their Mulholland Dr. podcast episode this year and for regularly retweeting me, featuring me in their online newspaper and in general being fun and supportive. You guys are awesome! Listen to these two if you haven't, they're doing a great job!
  • I'd also like to thank Red Room Podcast for generously featuring my articles, pictures and posts in their online newspaper. Since I started my blog, Red Room has been super kind and their podcasts are highly enjoyable, thank you and like I've said before, you rock!
  • Also thank you to Joel Bocko whose 'Journey Through Twin Peaks' video series amazed me this year. If you haven't, watch Joel's video series! 
  • Thanks to Rinaldo Zoontjes for regularly tagging me in his awesome digital art, this guy is super talented folks, check him out! 
  •  Twin Peaks Italia thank you for your continued support on Twitter and Facebook -  I always enjoy your posts! 
  • Thanks to Live From the Roadhouse for inviting me to record for their Wild at Heart podcast.
  • A little thanks for the ladies as well. I advise others to check out the Log Ladies Podcast. I believe they are the only girls only podcast going for Twin Peaks and especially great for new fans!
  • Also check out The Blue Rose UK blog, which is another female blog for Twin Peaks. Keep up the great posts!
  • In addition, I'd like to specifically thank all of you on Facebook and Twitter who have reached out to me directly, commented, shared fun videos, art, writing and your insights regarding Twin Peaks. It's really made social media fun for me in 2015.
Truthfully I am in awe of others devotion, creativity and talents when it comes to the fanfair surrounding Twin Peaks. I have learned so much from you and it's expanded my Twin Peaks experience in a wonderful way. I think 2016 will be a great time to keep the fire smoldering for TP fans. I'm looking forward to seeing all the amazing things the other fan groups will be up to this year. I have a few fun new posts that I'm cooking up for the new year and I will begin to recap Season 2. As you can imagine, I can't wait for the Evelyn episodes. ;)

Cheers everyone!

Happy New Year! 

May the wind always be at your back! 


  1. Great piece of writing! We've shared this on our page and sent it out on twitter too. :)

  2. It's funny, I think of 2014 as *the* recent Twin Peaks year between the return announcement, the blu-ray, and (on an entirely personal note) it being the year I got back into Twin Peaks in a big way, even before those events. But in retrospect, 2015 was a big year as well for good & I'll (as you have outlined here). Perhaps the biggest high you didn't mention (although it's implicit in the ones you did): Lynch/Frost back on location in Washington state!! It was such fun, and occasionally a bit stressful, to hang on every image and word trickling out from te surprisingly open set.

    Loved reading this and congrats on your own great year (& thanks for the shout-out). I know how hard it can be to keep up an online presence & flow of work; you've really established this site as a go-to place for Twin Peaks commentary. Also nice to see a shout-out to the Log Ladies podcast. They really bring something unique to the already-cluttered TP podcast landscape and it was a great relief to have them back after that long pause.

    See you in 2016!

    1. Thank you Joel, your thoughts are very appreciated!! I always enjoy your insights on Dugpa & your blog is terrific. Also thanks for mentioning Lynch & Frost filming in WA. You're so right about that being a huge high for 2015. Happy New Year! :)