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Recap of Episode 9

I'm in trouble!

Season 2 Episode 9

Written by: Harley Peyton

Directed by: David Lynch

Original Air date: October 6th, 1990

"A Mind That Wanders"

At the Great Northern, Dale and Albert have breakfast while Dale delightfully tells Albert about the theory of Dharma. Albert wants to cut to the chase about Laura's murder. Dale says he's going to show Ronette the drawing of Bob now that she's awake, although not speaking. Albert asks if anyone has seen Bob on earth. Albert also mentions that Jacques will take any last secrets he may have had to the grave and jokes about the contents found in Jacques stomach. He also says Shelly is now well enough to give them a statement about Leo potentially burning down the mill. Then Albert asks how Dale is doing since being shot. Dale thanks him and asks who shot him. Albert doesn't know yet, but snarks that "Senior Drool-cup" aka the elderly waiter at the Great Northern has "a mind that wanders." Dale then shows Albert that his ring is gone and says he's glad Albert is working with them. Albert informs Dale he didn't come back just for the call to duty, but also because of Windom Earle. Dale goes pale at the mention of that name and asks what happened. Albert says Windom, Dale's former partner, escaped from the mental hospital he was in. Nearby the mysterious Asian man watches Dale as he sips his coffee.

"Do you see creamed corn on that plate?"

Donna delivers her first Meals on Wheels to Mrs. Tremond's house. Inside the house, Donna finds an sickly elderly woman and her grandson, who is studying magic. Mrs. Tremond looks at her plate and sees creamed corn. She says she requested no creamed corn and asks if Donna sees it on the plate. When Donna looks down, the corn suddenly disappears and reappears in the grandson's hands. After Donna asks if Mrs. Tremond knew Laura well. She oddly and fearfully responds, "No." Then Mrs. Tremond advises Donna to contact Mr. Smith next door, because he and Laura were friends. The grandson then says "J'ai une ├óme solitaire" and Mrs. Tremond explains that Mr. Smith doesn't leave his house. Donna looks uncomfortable and walks out. In private, the grandson says to Mrs. Tremond that Donna seemed like a very nice girl. Meanwhile once outside, Donna decides to knock on Mr. Smith's door, but he doesn't answer. She opts to leave a note and then walks away. We see that someone peeks out at her from the blinds as she leaves. 

"Are you in the train car?"

At the hospital, Sheriff Truman and Cooper go to Ronette's room. They have an awkward, but humorous struggle with a couple of stools they want to sit on next to Ronette's bed. Once they get situated, Dale asks if Ronette can hear him. She blinks yes in response so Dale starts to show her some sketches. The first sketch is of Leo. Dale asks if he's the man who hurt her. Ronette struggles to focus her eyes, but once she does she shakes her head no. Then Dale shows her the sketch of Bob and once Ronette focuses in on the drawing, she freaks out and slaps the sketch out of Dale's hands. Ronette begins to thrash around and struggles to speak. She screams something about a train car so Dale asks her, "Are you in the train car?" Ronette nods yes and then knocks the light out.

"Ben, where are those hickory sticks?"

In Ben's office, Ben and Jerry debate which Mill ledger they should burn, while Jerry holds a smoked cheese pig in his hands. Ben states the pluses and minuses of both ledgers and says Pete needs to sign off on Josie's sale of the Mill, as Andrew Packard's will decrees. Jerry thinks it appears that both ledgers have merit and that they're one hundred percent certain that they're not sure. Ben thinks something needs to be burned, especially since Jerry won't burn his smoked cheese pig. Then Ben gets up and shows Jerry a bag of marshmallows he had stashed in his desk. Jerry gets excited and enthusiastically asks, "Ben, where are those hickory sticks?"

"Achievement is it's own reward, pride obscures it."

Over at the Double R Diner, Andy fumbles with tape by the front door as he tries to post a Wanted flyer for Bob. Major Briggs sips coffee and watches Andy confused while sitting at the counter. Then the log lady walks in and sits next to Major Briggs. Norma walks up to the Log Lady and firmly asks her not to spit her pitch gum on the wall anymore. Margaret looks
embarrassed, but then flatly responds, "I'll have a bear claw." After the Log Lady looks at Major Briggs and notes that he wears shiny objects on his chest. She asks if he's proud. The Major answers, "achievement is it's own reward, pride obscures it." Then she says her log has something to tell him and asks if he knows it. He responds that they've never been introduced. She gets irked and says she doesn't "introduce" the log. She offers to translate for her log and tells him, "deliver the message." A knowing look comes across Major Brigg's face and he says he thinks he understands what her log is referring to. 

"I thought it meant I didn't have to take a bath!"

Lucy tries to kill a fly at her desk over at the Sheriff's station, while Andy paces anxiously outside. Then he walks in with a piece of tape stuck to his head and tries to talk to her. She tries to blow him off, but Andy pushes the subject and tells her that he found out he's sterile, which he first thought meant he didn't have to take a bath. However now he knows what it really means and he wants to know how it is that she's pregnant. Lucy decides to pull the tape off his head and slams her reception window shut, thus ending their conversation. 

Meanwhile in Harry's office, Hank waits for his parole check in and stares at the buck on Harry's wall. Then Sheriff Truman and Dale walk in and Harry advises Hank to sign in and keep his nose clean. Hank arrogantly does so and walks out. Dale senses a history between Hank and Sheriff Truman. Harry tells Dale that Hank used to be one of the best Book House Boys and they grew up together. Then Lucy painstakingly transfers a call to Harry from Ben Horne. Once Harry picks up, Ben tells him that Audrey has been missing for two days. Dale looks crest fallen by the news. Later Lucy gets a strange phone call from a person who refuses to identify themselves. She seems uncomfortable by the call and hangs up the phone.

"Let's get those pickled Ice Men on the blower!"

Jerry walks into Ben's office while flying an unsigned insurance policy around. He informs Ben that the insurance agent showed Catherine the policy with Josie as the beneficiary so she refused to sign. Jerry thinks its for the best that Catherine expired in the fire. After Ben says, "Let's get those pickled Ice Men on the blower!" As they call Iceland, Leland walks in and suggests they make a strategic call to Iceland, which they are already in the process of doing. 

Once they get Inor on the phone, they learn that Leland already called to tell them about the fire at the Mill. That information causes the Icelanders to have second thoughts about the Ghost Wood Estates project. Ben and Jerry's faces fall as they realize that Leland isn't thinking clearly. Ben thinks maybe doing his tax return is a better job for him. Then Leland takes notes of a wanted flyer of Bob that Ben has on a nearby coffee table. He looks entranced and says he knows "him" meaning Bob and that the man lived next door to his grandfather's house on Pearl Lakes when he was a little boy. Leland then takes off saying he needs to tell the Sheriff about this. Upon his exit, Ben looks frustrated and seethes, "Jerry, please kill Leland." Jerry responds, "Is this real Ben or some strange and twisted dream?"

"He's in a Coma."

Doc Hayward tells Shelly about Leo's condition at the hospital as Leo lays in a coma in front of them. He tells her that they can maintain Leo's current state, but otherwise they have to wait to see if he wakes up. Shelly wonders if they'll put Leo in prison, but notes he's sort of in prison in his condition anyway. The thought upsets her and Shelly starts to cry. Doc Hayward offers to take her home. Later Bobby and Shelly park by the river and listen to blues music. Bobby tells Shelly that he pretended to be Leo's cousin and found out that they can gets disability money for Leo if he stays at home. Shelly doesn't want Leo back at home, but Bobby says Leo owes her, she just can't testify against him now. Shelly thinks it over and says it would be nice not to have to have to worry about bills. Bobby thinks it will be a whole new way of life for them. Shelly ultimately agrees to the plan and they start making out. 

"Look at those toes!"

At One Eyed Jacks, Audrey intercepts a hospitality girl carrying ice and says she'll take over. Then she goes into one of the bedrooms and finds Emory Battis tied up and blinded folded while another hospitality girl runs the vacuum. Audrey ushers the girl away and once in private, she notes that Emory's toes are painted. She turns off the vacuum, which upsets him, and teases, "look at those toes!" At first when he learns she brought the ice, Emory thinks she's his friend Frosty, but then Audrey takes off his blindfold and chokes him with a string. She orders Emory to tell her everything he knows about Laura, because she's Audrey Horne and she gets what she wants. Emory confirms that Ben owns One Eyed Jacks and that Laura worked there one weekend, but was kicked out for using cocaine. Audrey wonders if her father knew Laura was there. Emory tells her that Ben always meets the new girls. Audrey then asks if Laura knew Ben owned the place. Emory says she probably did, because Laura always got her way, just like Audrey does. 

"Cooper, Cooper, Cooper"

Dale prepares to go to bed in his hotel room and makes a recording for Diane. He says he's worried about Audrey and is thinking of her smile. Then he gets a visit from Major Briggs who asks to come in. The major says he has a message for Dale, but can't reveal the nature of his work. He does tell Dale that some of his work tasks require him to monitor messages from deep space. The Major says it's usually just space junk and gibberish, until last Thursday night. Dale notes that was the same night he was shot. He shows Dale a print out of the space junk and in the middle of the gibberish is a clear sentence that says, "the owls are not what they seem." Dale looks alarmed and asks why Major Briggs is showing him this. The Major shows that a few lines down it says, "Cooper, Cooper, Cooper." Dale looks shocked and whispers, "oh my god!"

"Just you and I "

Donna, James and Maddy hang out in Donna's living room and play around with singing a song. James plays the guitar and sings while the girls do the chorus together. While they're all practicing a song called, "Just you and I", both girls try to steal glances with James, but he seems to notice Maddy more. Maddy gives him a seductive look, which Donna notices. The sight makes Donna feel insecure and she runs out of the living room. James chances after her and Donna starts kissing him desperately. Then she gets a phone call from Harold Smith. Donna takes the call while James listens and she makes arrangements to meet with Mr. Smith. Meanwhile Maddy sits alone in the living room and has a terrifying vision of Bob slowly walking into the living room, crawling over the couch and climbing directly toward her wearing a sick grin. Maddy screams in horror. James and Donna run in to check on her, but when they arrive Bob is nowhere to be found.

"This is no time for school girl games!"

Back in Dale's hotel room, he sleeps and dreams of Bob. He catalogs in his dream what he knows so far about Bob. Dale dreams of Sarah calling out for Laura and the image of Bob's face as it turns to an owl. Then he sees Bob walking toward him while smiling feverishly. Unbeknownst to Dale, The Giant is in his room and waves his hand over Dale while he sleeps. It almost seems like he's directing Dale's dream. Then Dale is woken up by a phone call from Audrey. Audrey is crying and asks why he's not with her. Dale tells her to come home immediately, because this is no time for school girl games. Audrey tells him she got into some trouble, but she's going to come home now. Her call is abruptly cut off by Blackie and Emory Battis. Blackie coyly says, "Trouble Miss Horne? You don't know what trouble is, not by a long shot!"

End of show!

This is another terrific episode directed by David Lynch, which makes it extra special to me. Also Harley Peyton's terrific snappy dialogue ranks high in this one, because, as always, there is a ton of unforgettable one liners throughout. In the first scene of the episode we get our very first mention of Windom Earle as well. I noticed that Andy seems to get progressively more dumb, yet lovable in this episode. His trouble with the tape is very Lynchian and humorous, but I think does make Andy seem a bit ridiculous too. 

Major Briggs message for Cooper raises a lot of interesting questions about the origins of Twin Peaks' mysteries, although (spoiler alert) we learn in a future episode that those messages were actually from the deep woods in Twin Peaks and not outer space. It did give me a little X-Files'ish thrill though! I think that scene is one of many good examples of how The X-Files was influenced by Twin Peaks.

Did we ever learn who called Lucy at the station mysteriously?

Also poor Maddy continues to be psychically tormented by Bob, watch below! 

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