Saturday, October 15, 2016

An Interview with Twin Peaks Unwrapped

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        Ben Durant and Bryon Kozaczka from the Twin Peaks Unwrapped Podcast were gracious enough to answer 13 questions for me about their "blossoming" friendship, their terrific podcast and their favorite elements from Twin Peaks. These guys work hard to put out a show every week and as someone who has listened to them from the beginning, I've enjoyed seeing their Twin Peaks podcast evolution. They've had me on their show as a guest and they've been very supportive of this blog, which I really appreciate. I've also noticed that they are supportive of the Twin Peaks fan community in general, which made me want to know more about how they put their podcast together. 

       Since Ben and Bryon took the time to make a recording of their answers for me and after listening to it, I knew it should be heard as is. Plus there was no way I could write this out and keep the charm of their conversation in tact. With that in mind, I dared to venture into new territory and decided to make a photo collage type video of their interview. I apologize in advance if it appears crude or simplistic. This was my first attempt at video editing. However, it turned out to be a very fun project for me to tackle. I hope you enjoy it!

Watch Below!

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