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Recap of Episode 17

A Dugpa or perhaps The Watcher in the Woods?

Season 2 Episode 17

Written by: Tricia Brock

Directed by: Tina Rathborne

Original Air Date: December 8th, 1990

Three Days Later

At the Palmer's house, Sarah refuses to take a sedative from Doc Hayward prior to Leland's funeral. She says she needs to be there for both Leland and Laura. Sarah sadly notes, "today I bury my husband, next to my only child." Dale Cooper sits with her and says that there are things dark and heinous in this world; things that are too horrible to tell your children about. He explains that Leland fell victim as a child to one of those things. Sarah concurs and thinks of her vision of Bob and his disgusting hair. Dale assures her that Bob is gone. Sarah replies, "so is everything I loved." Dale tries to comfort her by explaining that in Leland's last moments he was sorry and saw Laura. Dale believes that Laura forgave him and Leland died at peace. His words seem to soothe Sarah. Dale then says he'd be honored to drive her to the funeral. Sarah smiles, but then realizes she's missing an earring. She says, "Leland always found the other earring."

After the funeral, a reception is held at the Palmer's house with loads of food. Nadine stands against the wall and looks into her black patent leather shoes. She sees her own reflection. Nearby Hank piles a bunch of food on a plate and brings it to Sarah as she sits with Audrey and Eileen Hayward. Seeing Sarah is overwhelmed by the plate, Audrey takes it from her and Eileen notes that in times of trouble people come together. Meanwhile Donna walks up to Big Ed and talks about James. She wonders if two people in love could have caused all this trouble, thus James' need to leave town. Big Ed assures her that James will come back.

"Would you care to join me for an incredibly pleasant evening of night fishing?"

Major Briggs walks into the house and is greeted by Dr. Jacoby, who says the restorative powers of Honolua Bay helped him recover from his injuries. Harry and Dale stand close by. Major Briggs asks Dale what's next for him. Dale says he's got some vacation time saved up so Major Briggs asks, "would you care to join me for an incredibly pleasant evening of night fishing?" Dales replies, "aces!" Nearby Mayor Milford and his brother, Dougie, begin to argue. Meanwhile Nadine asks Big Ed in front of Donna if he can see her underwear in the reflection of her shoes. She wonders if boys are looking up her dress. Donna immediately looks down in surprise. Big Ed assures Nadine he can't see a thing. Over on the couch, Sarah shares with Audrey and Eileen a moment between Laura and Donna that they shared as children when they promised to be best friends forever. Sarah says she needs to remember all those moments. Right then, Dougie and Mayor Milford begin to fight so Ed and Harry have to pull them apart. 

"Harry, I'm really gonna miss this place."

Doc Hayward and Pete explain to Dale that the brothers Milford have had a long standing feud that might have started with a woman. However they say no one knows for sure. Then Pete explains that Dougie Milford runs the newspaper and he's engaged to be married to a "babe" who is still in her teens. Doc Hayward then recalls as Harry helps him remember the year, that in 1962, Dwayne ran for Mayor unopposed and Dougie Milford wrote an editorial against him in the paper. They all share a laugh at the memory. Dale listens with a smile and then says, "Harry, I'm really gonna miss this place." 

"Friendship is the foundation of any lasting relationship."

At the Great Northern, Dale packs his suitcase in his room when he gets a visit from Audrey. She asks when he's leaving. Dale says he's going fishing first and leaving after that. She looks sullen and remarks, "So this is it? You save my life then break my heart?" Dale once again explains his personal policy about getting involved with someone who was part of a case he's worked on. Audrey realizes that Dale must have been hurt very badly by someone. Dale corrects her and says someone got hurt by him. He explains that the woman he lost and loved died in his arms years ago, after a case he'd been working on with his old partner, Windom Earle. Dales explains that Windom went insane thereafter. Audrey is understanding and quotes Dale by saying, "friendship is the foundation of any lasting relationship." Then she tells him that one day she'll be grown up and on her own and he better watch out. Before leaving, Audrey tells Dale the only problem with him is that he's perfect.

At Leo and Shelly's house, Shelly watches as Bobby tries on Leo's business suit in preparation for his meeting with Ben Horne. She encourages him by saying he looks great. However Shelly looks sullen as she leans against Leo's wheelchair. Then she asks Bobby to take her out later. She wants to get all dressed up. Bobby replies that someone needs to watch Leo. He then says once his deal with Ben goes through they will be on easy street and he'll take her anywhere she wants to go. Bobby walks out and leaves Shelly looking depressed. 

"I ran out of tuna fish."

At the Sheriff's station, Harry finds Catherine waiting for him in his office. He's surprised to see her alive and asks where she's been the last two weeks. Catherine is dressed in hiking attire and tells Harry that she believes an angel saved her life. She explains to Harry how she ended up at the drying shed the night of the mill fire. Catherine claims that after she found herself alone in the woods and afraid. Harry listens intently as Catherine recounts being flooded with memories of her childhood. She says she ended up at her summer home in Pearl Lakes after walking for miles in the night. Catherine explains that she waited with a loaded gun by her side for whoever wanted to kill her to finish the job, while eating a can of tuna fish. Harry asks what made her come back. Catherine replies, "I ran out of tuna fish."

"Morals and manly behavior."

Dick Tremayne walks in the station as Lucy is standing on a ladder trying to change a light bulb. She asks what he's doing there so Dick climbs the ladder with her. Andy overhears and listens to their conversation. Hawk sees Dick and shakes his head before walking up to Andy. Dick drones on about how he's liking the idea of parenthood the more he thinks about it. He ignores Lucy as she struggles with the light bulb. Hawk encourages Andy to jump in so Andy walks over just as Dick is oddly trying to kiss or sniff (I'm not sure which, you decide) Lucy's stomach. Andy makes an announcement as he also climbs up the ladder to meet Lucy's face. Andy calmly declares that they should all be friends, because he remembers his mother always said she couldn't have fussing and fighting around her when she had a bun in the oven. Lucy is obviously charmed by Andy's rational approach. Then Andy puts his hand out for Dick to shake. After Andy returns to Hawk, who thinks Andy is crazy. Andy says he knows Lucy and she likes morals and manly behavior, but then he gets insecure and asks Hawk, "Do you think I went too far?"

"I'm honored beyond my ability to express myself." 

Dale walks into Harry's office to say goodbye before he goes to meet Major Briggs. Harry hands Dale a crumpled brown paper bag. Dale takes it and pulls out a hooked Green Butt Skunk. Harry explains that when steer fish are heading up stream all they can think about is sex, but a Green Butt Skunk breaks their concentration. Harry says he tied it himself, like his father taught him and his father's father taught him before that. Dale clearly loves it. Then Harry gives Dale an official bookhouse patch and says everyone agreed that Dale is one of them now. Dale is moved and humbly responds, "Harry, I'm honored beyond my ability to express myself." Harry puts his hand out and says if Dale ever needs them, the bookhouse boys will be there. After Dale walks into the lobby and begins to say his goodbyes to Hawk, Andy and Lucy, however he's interrupted by Special Agent Roger Hardy, a fellow agent of Dale's, and a Canadian Officer named Preston King. They two inform Dale that he's now suspended from the FBI. After Dale, Harry, Agent Hardy and Preston King convene in Harry's office. Dale knows what's happening and explains to Harry that rescuing Audrey from One Eyed Jacks was technically unlawful of him in the eyes of the FBI.

"School numbs my buns, how about you?"

Bobby waits impatiently outside of Ben's office to get a meeting, but he's rejected by Ben's receptionist. Audrey sees him and asks what he's doing there. Bobby asks why she's not in school to which Audrey replies, "School numbs my buns, how about you?" Bobby tells Audrey that he's trying to get a meeting with her father. Audrey knows he's up to something, but helps him out nonetheless and gets him in to see Ben. However Ben quickly has Bobby tossed out by his body guards. After Audrey stops the guards from kicking Bobby out of the hotel. Bobby asks how he can help her in return. Audrey suggests ice cream so Bobby asks, "Cup or cone?" Audrey replies, "Cone. I like to lick." 

Back at the station, Agent Hardy and Preston King question Dale about Jean Renault's disappearance. Officer King informs Dale that he was working on a sting operation at Jacks and claims Dale's inference allowed Jean to escape. Agent Hardy says Dale has to prove that he wasn't involved in the drug operation there and says the DEA is now looking into the situation. Then he forces Dale to turn in his badge and gun. After Agent Hardy excuses Dale so he can question Harry. However Harry doesn't want to cooperate. Harry says they need a subpoena to question him and tells them to, "stuff it!" Harry says Dale is the finest law man he's ever known and then advises them to see themselves out. 


At the high school, Doc Hayward and Big Ed talk to an astonished Assistant Principal about allowing Nadine to be enrolled back in high school. Later Nadine tries out for Cheer leading and does some amazing tumbling for the coaches. Then she screams, "corkscrew!" and literally tosses one of the jocks into the air. He screams and then lands on a nearby volleyball net. Meanwhile over at Shelly's place, Shelly ignores the telephone while brushing Leo's teeth. She assumes it's Bobby. When she finally answers, Shelly gives Bobby the cold shoulder. Then Shelly tells Bobby she wants a life more than money and she thinks they should put Leo in a home. While she's on the phone, Leo moves his wheelchair on his own.

"I'm Your Man!"

Norma removes her fancy table clothes at the diner while her mother watches. Norma is down in the dumps because she received a bad review from MT Wentz. Vivian ends up admitting to Norma that she is MT Wentz and says the diner is just not a good restaurant. Norma is upset and kicks her mother out of the diner and out of her life. After Vivian walks away, Norma breaks into tears. Meanwhile up at One Eyed Jacks, Ernie and Hank play with some of the girls as they walk into Blackie's old office. When the girls leave, Ernie tells Hank he doesn't want to steal Vivian's money and the men start to wrestle. Then Jean Renault walks in smoking a cigarette. Hank introduces Ernie to Jean and says Ernie is a wizard with numbers. Jean is happy to hear that, because he says One Eyed Jacks is having some cash flow issues. Ernie begins to sell himself and says he's definitely the man for the job. After Preston King walks in with a briefcase full of drugs. Jean insists that Ernie go do some gambling with Hank so Hank and Ernie leave. Once alone with Officer King, Jean tells him that he wants to put the last nail in Cooper's coffin. Preston explains that he's going to plant drugs in Cooper's car. Jean says he wants Cooper, "crucified." 

"Have you ever heard of the White Lodge?"

Harry is woken up at his house by strange noises outside. Then he sees a shadow pass across his window so he grabs his gun. When Harry opens the door, Josie is there and falls into his arms crying. They fall to the floor together and begin to passionately kiss. Meanwhile, Dale and Major Briggs talk in the woods while roasting marshmallows by their campfire. Cooper says he's been thinking a lot about Bob. Major Briggs says he has been thinking about it too. The Major thinks it's some men's fate to face great darkness. He thinks if they do so with fear, it leaves those men vulnerable. The Major also thinks Dale has been blessed with special gifts and asks if he's ever heard of the White Lodge. Dale says no. Right then, we see something is moving in the woods toward them. Dale excuses himself to "urinate in the open air" and says he wants to hear about the White Lodge when he returns. As Dale urinates against a tree, an owl hoots from a branch above him. Then a bright white light engulfs the area. Major Briggs looks up and sees a mysterious hooded figure amongst the trees. He screams for Cooper. Dale rushes to help him, but by the time he gets back Major Briggs is gone and the white light turns off like someone flipped a switch.

End of show!

It has been awhile since I watched this episode. Doing so with the intention of recapping for the blog, I was anticipating all the lighter, sillier moments. I didn't expect to feel sad. When we think of the Palmer family it's often Laura's pain and Leland's demise that is the focus. However Sarah was a victim too. She was the only one left standing and was mostly in the dark about the true nature of her household. Thinking of her loss and ultimate loneliness makes her first scene in this episode particularly heartbreaking to me. Also since this is the last we will see of Sarah Palmer for quite awhile, it also feels like a goodbye, like the end of something great. 

It should be noted that Agent Roger Hardy, who is played by Clarence Williams III, was also Peggy Lipton's costar in the 60's television show the Mod Squad. Unfortunately I can't say I like his character too much, nor do I care for Preston King. It was good to see Jean Renault return though. I always enjoy Michael Parks and any scenes with Ernie Niles is a fun bonus for me. 

Nadine's corkscrew scene is as humorous as it is ridiculous, as was her wondering about boys looking at her underwear in the reflection of her shoes. However after all these years of watching, I also find those scenes very endearing and of course I always laugh at them with love. It was also very nice to see Dr. Jacoby return as well as Bobby and Shelly, who hadn't been in much of the prior few episodes. 

It would seem that this episode was perhaps a big influence on Mark Frost when coming up with ideas for The Secret History of Twin Peaks. (Spoiler Alert) For those who have read the book, the final scene of this episode almost makes me wonder if the hooded figure might just be Major Briggs himself in some time loop. I might be geeking out a bit too much there, but I find that thought intriguing. Also who knew after years of watching that now hearing Doc Hayward and Dr. Jacoby discuss Dougie Milford running the town newspaper would end up feeling extra important? 

I think the most touching/sweet scene of the episode is when Harry gives Dale the Green Butt Skunk and bookhouse boy patch. I've always loved their friendship. Watch below!

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