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Twin Peaks Returns: Thoughts on Part 9

A Pictorial Recap

"Fuck you, Gordon."

Gordon learns that, "Cooper flew the coop," on the airplane, and he asks Diane to join him in Buckhorn, SD. Of course she says fuck you and wants to go home, but a bit nicer than in her previous scene. 

"I'll take a rain check."

Mr. C sends a mysterious text and orders Hutch to kill Warden Murphy. Then calls Mr. Todd and urges him to get something done for him. Chantel and Mr. C also share a strange kiss, to which Mr. C says he'll take a rain check for more. 

The Three Stooges

Bushnell says Dougie had a car accident that made him suffer some lingering effects at the Las Vegas police station. After we learn from the giggling detectives that Dougie didn't exist before 1997.

Red Shoes

Cooper seemed to connect to the American flag and in particular, the girl wearing red shoes. He also takes note of the electrical socket. Is this a call back to Audrey's red shoes from the original pilot episode? Or could it be the color red in general that attracts him? After all the Black Lodge has red curtains and Dougie's front door is red.

"We have your whole palm."

Ike the Spike gets arrested for his attack on Cooper/Dougie by the three detectives. They tell him they have his finger prints, and his whole palm. 

The Red Chair

This scene seemed to offer an example of relationship compromise between Andy and Lucy. Lucy wants the beige chair, Andy wants the red one. However since Andy decided to let Lucy have the beige chair, she decided to buy the red one to surprise Andy instead. Lucy's eyes seemed extra wide to me in every scene. Is she just dazed or truly confused?

"Where is he?"

Johnny plays with Silvia Horne and inexplicably smashes into a picture of the falls on the wall, thus knocking himself unconscious. Could Johnny's condition be the reason Audrey returns to town?

"Your father never lost faith in you."

Betty says Major Briggs knew one day Bobby, Hawk and Sheriff Truman would come to talk to her. She gives them a curious device left for Bobby by his father, which she stored in a secret compartment in her living room chair. Bobby is once again emotional, especially when Betty tells him that his father never lost faith in him. The furniture in the house looked a lot like the furniture in the gray room to me. Could there be a connection between Major Briggs, The Gray Room and ??????? aka The Giant?

"It's a fucking morgue!"

After lashing out about being told not to smoke, Diane checks her phone. She's the recipient of Mr. C's text message, which says, "Around the dinner table, the conversation is lively." Is she working with him or being threatened by him?

Albert says Major Briggs should be 72 years old. Gordon notes that Cooper knew Briggs twenty-five years ago. Albert and Constance seem to hit it off via their sense of humors.

"I am not your foot."

Jerry battles his own foot in the woods. I hope there is more to this than meets the eye. Is Jerry just high, or is something else happening to him?

"It was our make believe world."

Bobby knows how to open Major Briggs device, and says that Jack Rabbits Palace was his and the Major's make believe world when he was a child. The men decide they need to go there in two days time, which is listed as 10/01. 


One drag sure impressed Gordon after the longest and most awkward staring scene ever. Tammy seemed unimpressed with his choice to smoke. Are her and Gordon more than just co-workers? 

The Search for the Zone

Tammy questions Bill Hastings about his blog, The Search for the Zone, and his encounter with Major Briggs. Matthew Lillard cries like a champ, great acting on his part, and wishes he and Ruth Davenport had gone scuba diving. Bill signs and dates the Major's picture 9/20. He also describes watching the Major ascend in a manner that seemed very similiar to how the Giant created Laura's ball in Part 8. 

"It's a mesmerizing tone."

Beverly seemed almost euphoric at the mysterious tone. Ben describes it as, "other worldly," although they are not able to locate the source of the sound. They decide not to act on their obvious attraction, and Beverly tells Ben he's a good man.

An Itchy Rash

Sky Ferreira itches her horrid rash at The Roadhouse, and makes us all a bit uncomfortable to the sound of Hudson Mohawke's song, Human. This scene was a little hard to wrap my head around, and made me wonder if all the Roadhouse scenes are actually taking place on the same night. 10/01 perhaps? Just a thought on my part.

Au Revoir Simone finishes the episode with another song of theirs called, "A Violent Yet Flammable World," and the credits role.

This episode in some ways seemed odd, but like the building blocks of any foundation, I imagine it will fit into place as we continue with the story. Part 9 picked up with the same feel as Part 7, but continued with Mr. C's story from Part 8. It had more of a comedic feel to it, but there was also some vital plots points worth noting. It was delighting to hear music from the Deer Meadow scenes in Fire Walk With Me in this episode. Bobby shined in his father's light, and gave us the biggest nugget of information. I'm also very intrigued with Beverly and Ben, and their mesmerizing tones. It appears that there could be some mysterious timelines in the episodes we've seen so far, which begs the question, are things really what they seem?

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Twin Peaks Returns (Part 8): A Message to the World

July 16, 1945, White Sands, New Mexico, 5:39 (MWT)

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...FLASH! Insert a bit of Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima, and slowly zoom in. The atmosphere isn't natural, nor is it comforting. It's a black and white landscape, like the Lodges themselves, and full of ominousness. A mushroom cloud emerges. This is reality mixed with fiction. This is the most iconic and deadly imagery of all true life horror. The worst of our fears; atomic destruction; nuclear fallout; the end of all things. As we enter the explosion, with its colors popping off like fireworks, angry bursts of atoms fracturing physics, poisoning the earth, and raging with wild fire, it begins to become apparent; this isn't just about Twin Peaks, this is a message to the world. Gordon Cole would say, "Fix your hearts or die!" And perhaps we will die, because man has doomed himself.

A Creation Story

Part 8 seems to be a visual presentation, and a brilliant one at that, of how Bob originated. I think of it as Eraserhead meets Lost Highway, meets a Salvador Dali painting, and all for what might be a metaphoric example of the destruction of mankind. It feels like a short film that plays out in four segments. The first segment shows us Ray and Mr. C, and introduces The Woodsman. It cuts to "The" Nine Inch Nails playing, She's Gone Away, at the Roadhouse. 

Then we go back to 1945 during the testing of the first Atom bomb (Watch here -> The Atomic Bomb), also referenced in The Secret History of Twin Peaks, and discover how Bob was born, more or less. From there we enter yet another segment, or another world, where ??????? aka The Giant seems to send Laura Palmer to the world as The Chosen One. Finally, we flashback to 1956 where a flying frog-like creature hatches in the desert. The Woodsman returns, and brutally puts a town to sleep, while the flying creature inhabits the mouth of curious young girl.

Meet The Woodsman

Whether Bob is still with Mr. C or not isn't clear, but I'd guess he's not. What I found most intriguing was the dance/ritual these ghostly men perform on Mr. C. How do they fit into the larger context of this story? I kept thinking, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust." It feels like a creation story. Maybe not a strictly Christian one, but one that encompasses theories from all religions, tribes, theologians, and science. Thus attracting a broad spectrum of possibilities and interpretations. 

The lyrics to the song, She's Gone Away, struck me as funny. Is it about Laura? The young girl, or something completely different? Maybe nothing at all. You decide, read below.

You dig in places till your fingers bleed
Spread the infection, where you spill your seed
I can't remember what she came here for
I can't remember much of anything anymore

She's gone, she's gone, she's gone away
She's gone, she's gone, she's gone away


A little mouth opened up inside
Yeah, I was watching on the day she died
We keep licking while the skin turns black
Cut along the length, but you can't get the feeling back

She's gone, she's gone, she's gone away
She's gone, she's gone, she's gone away
She's gone, she's gone, she's gone away
She's gone, she's gone, she's gone away


Are you still here?

The Bomb - 1945

Probably one of the coolest, and most intense scenes I've ever seen. I'm a David Lynch fan, but I'm not saying that just because of that reason. The bomb is a pivotal moment both thematically and visually, and that's what makes it so powerful. To convey the awesome and destructive power happening inside the explosion, using color and sound alone, is certainly a feat of genius. A thread has been torn, and it seems to be a thread between worlds. 

The Convenience Store

In the aftermath of the bomb, it appears a group of men, known to us as The Woodsman or Charcoal Men, perished in a nearby Convenience store. In front of the Convenience store is a gas station. Could this be why Bob was said to have smelled like scorched engine oil? Exactly how do they connect to Bob? 

Mother Nature/Alien/Inter-Dimensional Being?

The explosion seems to have opened a doorway/portal to another world, or perhaps unleashed the fury of Mother Nature. This feminine creature is credited as the "Experiment." Some thoughts on Mother Nature, also commonly referred to as Mother Earth, likely originated from Greek Mythology as The Goddess Gaia, which means earth. She is said to have created herself out of chaos, and from her all life was born. She is considered a keeper of balance, health, and the laws of nature. It is also said if you violate the balance of nature, she is vengeful. What could violate nature more than a nuclear bomb?

Born of Fire

As a result, Bob is sent to earth in a bubble along with several other eggs. Perhaps they can be viewed as punishment for the bomb; disease sent from the Gods of the universe. It does appear that Bob's presence on the earth was born in fire. Maybe anyone who works with Bob, also walks with fire? 

???????/The Giant

Is the Giant the guardian of the universe? Father time? God? Does it even matter what his identity truly is? Perhaps thinking of him as an overseer of balance and goodness is enough. No matter who he is, he is clearly charged with the responsibility to right evil or imbalances. Where is he though? The White Lodge? A multi-dimensional power station? All these questions in my head make me wonder if that's not an ironic nod to him being credited with seven question marks for his character's name. Seven is an interesting choice of numbers. Lucky 7 Insurance comes to mind, but also in the Bible the number 7 is the foundation of God's word.

Laura is the one.

In response, a good soul, Laura Palmer, is sent to combat Bob's treachery. There appeared to be a symmetry between the good witch from The Wizard of Oz and Laura's face appearing in ???????'s golden ball. Senorita Dido's reaction was quite emotional and beautiful, in my opinion. The choice of music in this scene was powerful and effective. The quirky contraptions used to send Laura's ball to earth was visually stunning. In the first Log Lady Intro for the pilot episode of Twin Peaks, watch here, she says that Laura is the "One." She also says the story encompasses the "all" and that it's beyond the "fire." I can't say I have a clear explanation for how or if that's important, but it's intriguing. 

If Laura is the one leading to the many, in a story that encompasses the all, who would that make her? Is Laura a Jesus-like spirit? Or, in a broader sense, maybe she's simply a savior. I'm not a religious person truthfully. I'm more Agnostic in my views, but I spent some time in Catholic school and to me, there is no denying the religious undertones in new Twin Peaks. But fear not to those who cringe a little at that idea, and to those who cherish their faith I mean no disrespect in saying that. I think it's important to separate our personal beliefs from the arts and entertainment we enjoy. As I mentioned earlier, I think this particular story of creation (maybe) also includes a bit of all possible life after death explanations, including those of a scientific nature. Maybe the message is one of unity, which includes embracing the possibility of all ideas, be them ideas of faith or ideas of science. 


"This the water, and this is the well. Drink full, and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes, and dark within." The sound of electricity was all around him. He descended when the egg hatched in the desert. 11 years after the bomb, which is a Biblical number often used to represent chaos. It feels like we might get more of this story, or maybe that this part will click in our minds more as we come to learn what's next. No matter the relevance of The Woodsman, his presence indicates something sinister, which leads me to think the creature who enters the girl's mouth could be evil. 

Leland says in Episode 16, of the original series, that Bob came to him when he was a little boy in a dream, and that he opened himself up to him, so Bob came inside him. Watch here ---> Into the Light. Thinking of that sort of made me wonder about the girl's experience. The Woodsman put the town to sleep, so if she was dreaming when she opened her mouth for the creature, is it possible that Bob or a Bob-like spirit entered her the same way as Leland? Anyone who's ever worried about bugs crawling into their mouths while they sleep, probably had nightmares from this scene.

At first I assumed it was Laura crawling into young Sarah Palmer's mouth, but now I'm not sure. I'm also not sure that the young girl is Sarah, but I do think her picking up that penny is why it went into her mouth. I think there is clue to her identity when she tells the boy she just "knew" he lived behind the school. Seemed liked she might have the gift of second sight. So who do we know with that kind of power? Sarah Palmer and The Log Lady, or she could be someone completely different. I saw on the internet that someone remembered the mention of an ancient frog clan in the book Access Guide to the Town. I happen to have a copy of that book and snapped the above photo. 

Final Thoughts

I think on a larger scale, Part 8 is sending a message about the fate of the world. There are connections to Twin Peaks, some of Lynch's films, and a lot of potential paranormal directions the story can take from here, but underneath there seems to be a lesson of sorts. I love all the references to the official books: The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, The Autobiography of Dale Cooper, My Life, My Tapes, Twin Peaks: Access Guide to the Town, and The Secret History of Twin Peaks in the new series so far.

I love the idea of putting a mystery together that in one sense revisits original Twin Peaks, reinvents new Twin Peaks, pays tribute to the collective body of Lynch's work, Frost's work, and that also uses real world truths to develop the story. I feel like Lynch and Frost want to leave their mark with these 18 hours, and I respect that. All great storytellers want that. They want to tell you a terrific story, while they're also sending you an important message. How you interpret and perceive that message is up to you.

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Twin Peaks Returns: Thoughts on Parts 1 to 7

How amazing is it to get new hours of Twin Peaks after 27 years of waiting? Personally, I'm still trying to sort that out in my head. I was a little worried that somehow the new episodes would change my love for the old series, but that concern was rapidly squashed, and my love of the show was fully enhanced by The Return. Five stars all around; new Twin Peaks or Twin Peaks: The Return is wonderful! My overall take so far is that this is a homage to David Lynch's entire body of work, as well as Mark Frost's novel, The Secret History of Twin Peaks. It doesn't seem to be just a return to Twin Peaks, but a tribute, even a possible swan song to fans of Lynch's films and the series. If this is to be his last piece of work, it certainly seems to embody a healthy mix of all things Lynchian. 

Considering that Cooper has psychic abilities and powerful dreams in the original series, I think it's a fair assessment that The Return would also feature more of this logic. Of course who knows how or even if dreams will factor in, but thus far I'm getting an intuitive sense that Cooper must take a journey of the soul, in a sense, before he will return as the man we remember him to be. Whether that journey is through a dream or simply a spiritual/meditative state of his subconscious, only time will tell. Perhaps it's neither of these ideas. I don't know anymore than anyone else. All I have to go on is my own thoughts and impressions. However, I do think some of what we've seen in the first 7 parts is segmented. I see it as a puzzle. I feel like all the pieces won't fit until we get to the end, and some probably never will. But isn't that what we wanted; unfiltered David Lynch? So let's take a look at what's happened so far.

Part 1

"You are far away."

The Giant tells Dale Cooper to listen to the sounds, and that the time is now, 430, Richard and Linda, two birds, one stone. Cooper says he understands then disappears. 

Dr. Jacoby is collecting shovels in the woods and painting them gold. 

Jerry is now a pot farmer, and Ben is showing R.E.S.P.E.C.T to his new assistant, Beverly (Ashley Judd). 

Lucy, formally Moran now Brennan, reveals that there are two Sheriff Truman's, one who is fishing and the other who is sick.

Mr. C reveals a variety of interesting revelations when he goes to pick up Ray and Darya at the cabin. Not only does he remind me of the villain from The Wraith, see --> here, but he takes crap from no one. Buella needs to put something better at her front door, even in a world full of truck drivers. 

"Thanks Tracy."

Who knew bringing coffee to a guy you like could cause so much trouble? Who is the billionaire funding this project? Is Tracy a spy? It sort of feels that way. The Bonsai tree on the table next to them could be a clue, not to mention how she tries to peek at the access code, and the guard is mysteriously missing on her second visit. Could Tracy have seduced Sam for the purpose of gathering intel, but for whom? Is it possible that whoever sent her there, if someone did, knew that a romantic encounter might unleash something from the box? This was definitely a very frightening scene, and very reminiscent of the horror genre. Every horror movie ever made has pretty much proven that as soon as someone gets naked and/or has sex, that someone is going to die. Nonetheless, done Lynch/Frost style, it also turned out to be the stuff of a surrealistic nightmare. 

"There's that smell!"

In Buckhorn, South Dakota Ruth Davenport loses her head, Chip ain't got no phone, and Armstrong, the dog, smells something awry. In Ruth's bed, her head is found with a hole in one eye and the body of a pleasantly plump male lies under the covers beneath her. Later Bill Hastings, the local principal, has his fingerprints discovered at the crime scene. He's arrested, questioned and booked. When his car is searched a piece of what looks like flesh is discovered in the trunk. This entire sequence played like a scene from Mulholland Drive to me. 

"This is a message from the log."

Deputy Chief Hawk receives a call from The Log Lady. She tells him something is missing regarding Special Agent Dale Cooper. She says that the way Hawk will find it has to do with his heritage, and that, "this is a message from the log." Later Hawk retrieves some old files on Dale Cooper and the Laura Palmer case. Andy and Lucy are confused and say their son, Wally, was born after Agent Cooper went missing. 

The most emotional part of watching parts 1 and 2 for me was seeing Catherine Coulson aka Margaret Lanterman The Log Lady make her calls to Hawk. To me, she was clearly very ill, and probably close to death. I felt like she was holding back tears, as well as being sick, and perhaps struggling with her lines. More than that, I felt she was almost saying goodbye to Twin Peaks, but mostly to her life. That sort of killed me inside. Death is so frightening, but how gracious of her to take the time to film for David one last time. And us fans are so lucky to see her again. It's simply not fair that she died. RIP Catherine Coulson. You are beloved eternally. 

Part 2

"It was a dream."

Bill gets a visit from Phyllis in his jail cell. He tells her that he's innocent, but did have a dream that he was in Ruth's apartment. She basically tells him to fuck off, and she knows about his affair. He snaps back that he knows about her and George, and maybe somebody else. Mr. C perhaps? After Phyllis tells George, Bill's lawyer, to meet her at her place later. Bill's in shock, manically repeats the phrase, "oh my god, " and then we see a bug eyed smoke smeared apparition (The Charcoal Man) a few cells down from him who evaporates and transcends into thin air. Later Phyllis goes home and gets shot dead with George's gun by Mr. C, after he tells her she did good by following human nature. 

"Tell her she has the job."

In Las Vegas, Mr. Todd tells his assistant, Roger, to tell "her" she has the job and hands him a wad of cash. Roger looks concerned, and asks why Mr. Todd he lets, "him" make him do these things. Mr. Todd tells Roger to be glad he doesn't have someone like "him" in his life.

"That might be a good time for you to learn how to mind your own business."

Mr. C sits with Ray, Jack and Darya in a diner booth. Ray presses for details about the information Mr. C needs. Mr. C sharply corrects him, by saying he doesn't need anything, he only wants things. Ray assures him he'll get the information he wants from Hastings' secretary. 

"The stars turn, and a time present itself."

Hawk ventures into the woods and gets another call from the Log Lady. She tells him, "the stars turn, and a time presents itself." Margaret advises Hawk to watch carefully, and asks him to stop by for coffee, pie and to let her know what happens. After Hawk finds the circle of sycamore trees and sees flashes of the red curtains. This scene felt like old school Twin Peaks to me: flashlights in the woods, classic music, and finally the circle of sycamore trees.

"I am Laura Palmer."

In The Black Lodge, one armed Mike asks Dale if it's future or past. Then he tells him that someone is here and Laura Palmer walks over. She tells him that he can go out now, and asks if he recognizes her. Dale asks if she's Laura Palmer. At first she tells him she feels like she knows her, but sometimes her arms bend back. Then she tells him she is Laura Palmer. Dale reminds her that Laura is dead. She says. "I am dead, yet I live." Laura removes her face to reveal white light behind it. Dale asks when he can go. Laura gets up, walks over to him and kisses him. Then she whispers something to him. Whatever she says shocks Dale, and after Laura is violently pulled up, up and away. as she screams. 

"The evolution of the arm." 

Mike then appears again and asks if it's future or past. He ushers Dale into the next room where they encounter the evolution of the arm, which is a sycamore tree with a head that reminds me of the Eraserhead baby. The Arm asks Dale if he remembers his doppelganger. Dale flashes to the Season 2 finale when his doppelganger chased him through the lodge. The Arm says his doppelganger must come back in before Dale can go out. 

"Jack is dead."

Mr. C picks up a car from Jack and somehow kills him by squeezing and rubbing Jack's cheeks with his fingers. Later he goes to a motel and finds Darya there talking on the phone. She claims to have been on the phone with Jack. Mr. C sits with her on the bed and says he killed Jack. Then he plays a recording of Darya's conversation with Ray discussing killing Mr. C. Darya fights for her life so he beats up her a bit. 

He questions Darya about Ray getting arrested, and asks who and why someone wants him dead. Darya claims she did it for half a million and Ray knows more than her. Mr. C tells her he's supposed to go back to the Black Lodge tomorrow, but he has a plan for that. He asks if Ray ever mentioned coordinates or Hasting's secretary. Darya doesn't know. Then he shows her an Ace playing card with a strange face on it. He says this is what he wants. Darya struggles to escape so he shoots her dead. 

"You're still nowhere."

After he places a call to someone he thinks is Phillip Jeffries and assumes is nowhere. However then Mr. C suspects the person on the other end is someone else. The voice says they know he met with Major Briggs, and he's going back, "in" tomorrow. This person also says they will get to be with Bob again. Mr. C goes to another room down the hall, and speaks with his associate, Chantal (Jennifer Jason Leigh). He says he wants her and her husband, Hutch, to be in a certain area in a few days. He then tells her to come to him, feels her vagina and notes that she's, "nice and wet." This gets my vote for most awkward dialogue so far.


The Arm tells Dale in the lodge, "253, time and time again." Then he repeats Bob's name and tells Dale to go now. Dale starts making his way through the lodge. He comes across Leland, who seems upset and tells him to, "find Laura." In another room, Mike thinks something is wrong. The Arm thinks it's his doppelganger. Dale tries to get out and sees Mr. C driving as he looks through the red curtains. However the Arm's scary doppelganger chases him away and screams, "non-exist-ent!" 

"James is still cool; he's always been cool."

Sarah Palmer sits on her couch smoking, drinking and watching a nature show of lions killing. Then we skip over to the Roadhouse where the Chromatics are singing their song, Shadow. Shelly sits with a group of ladies taking shots. James walks in with a younger guy wearing one green glove. Shelly tells her friends that her daughter, Becky, is dating the wrong guy. James stares at one of Shelly's friends that he's interested in. Shelly reveals that James was in a motorcycle accident and is quiet now, but she says he's always been cool. Then we see a male patron (Balthazar Getty) check Shelly out and make a mock gun shooting in her direction. Shelly smiles. The music plays and the credits role. 

Part 3

"My mother's coming."

After being made nonexistent, Dale travels through space to a nether realm that is perhaps another world or even his subconscious. He looks out over a vast ocean and purple sky before taking a deep breath. Then he ventures into a window and enters a room with an Asian woman who is blind. Dale asks where they are. She tries to speak to him, but can't. Then something starts banging on the door. Dale sees a large socket on the wall with the number 15 on it. The woman warns him not to go near that socket. She then takes him up a latter and onto the top of a what appeared to be a power station somewhere in space. She then turns off a switch and is flung off into space.

After Dale sees Major Briggs head float by and say, "blue rose." When he returns inside, there is another woman there who tells him her mother's coming and when it he gets there, he'll already be there. A different socket sits on the wall now with the number 3 on it. At 2:53 a light goes on near the socket, Dale allows himself to be sucked into it and loses his shoes on the way.

Meanwhile Mr. C drives down the highway and starts feeling sick. Electricity sizzles from his car's lighter. He crashes violently, and after throws up a sickening amount of creamed corn until he passes out.

In Las Vegas, Dougie Jones finishes an encounter with, Jade. He's wearing the Owl Cave ring and his left arm is numb. Dougie starts to get sick and vomits a similiar bunch of gunk as Mr. C. Then red curtains appear and Dougie disappears. Dougie reappears in The Black Lodge. Mike tells him he was manufactured for a purpose that's been fulfilled. Dougie begins to shrink until he explodes into black smoke and transforms into a golden marble. Mike puts the Owl Cave ring back on the Formica table and pops the marble into his pocket. Dale then comes through the socket where Dougie Jones just came from.

"It's not about the bunnies."

Back in Twin Peaks, Hawk sits with Lucy and Andy in the conference room. They look over some old evidence while trying to decipher what's missing. Lucy awkwardly reveals that years ago she ate the chocolate bunnies from evidence, due to her having gas.

"Mr. Jackpots."

Jade gives a very confused Cooper $5 dollars and drops him at the Silver Mustang Casino. Upon entering, he sees a man win at a slot machine who says, "helllloooo," when he wins. Dale proceeds to see images of the Black Lodge over the winning machines. He plays each one, and repeats the same, "helllloooo," everytime.

"What the hell?"

Agent Tammy Preston shows Albert and Gordon the mutilated bodies of Tracy and Sam at the FBI headquarters in Philadelphia. Then they get a call about Cooper. Gordon learns Cooper is in a prison in South Dakota and tells Albert and Tammy they need to go there.

Cut to Roadhouse where The Cactus Blossoms perform, "Mississippi."

Part 4

"Call for help."

Mr. Jackpots wins 30 mega jackpots at the Silver Mustang Casino. The Casino manager is hesitant to turn over his winnings and sends Cooper home in a limo. An owl flies over when he's dropped back at home. Janey-E (Naomi Watts), turns out to be Dougie's wife, and isn't pleased that he's been gone. She dresses a lot like her character from Mulholland Dr., in my opinion. 

"Fix their hearts or die!"

Gordon goes to visit Denise Bryson, who is now the FBI's Chief of Staff. Denise questions Gordon about his relationship with Tammy Preston.

Sheriff Frank Truman has an odd encounter with Lucy about cell phones. Why is Lucy so confused by cell phones? There must be something to that.

"Man, brings back some memories."

Bobby sees Laura's picture in the conference room and breaks into tears. I absolutely loved Bobby crying when he saw Laura's picture. Bobby says Cooper was the last person to see Briggs before he supposedly died in a fire. A call back to The Secret History of Twin Peaks?

"Wally Brando."

Wally's in town to pay respect to his ill godfather, Harry S. Truman. We learn that the road is his Dharma. 

"You were tricked."

Mike calls to Cooper from the Black Lodge and tells him he was tricked, and now either he or Mr. C must die. Janey-E calls him Mr. Dreamweaver (a clue?). Cooper learns that pancakes taste good, and responds to hot coffee with one word..."hiiii!" In the background, an owl cookie jar watches. Sonny Jim gets a kick out of Cooper's confusion.

Meanwhile, we learn that prints off the male John Doe found in Ruth's bed have been blocked by the military. 

"Car sick!"

Tammy Preston has quite a walk. Albert gets upset with Gordon on the ride when Gordon fails to understand him. At the prison in South Dakota, cocaine, a gun, and a dog leg are found in Mr. C's trunk. Then he gives a weird thumbs up and speaks oddly to Gordon. He claims to have been working uncover with Phillip Jeffries for all these years. He also strangely repeats himself. After Tammy says people coming in contact with Coop are getting physically ill. 

"It doesn't get any bluer."

Gordon asks Tammy to wait in the restaurant. Then he talks privately to Albert. They agree something is wrong. Gordon struggles with his ear piece. Albert says, "Blue Rose," Gordon says it doesn't get any bluer." Gordon thinks they need a certain female to take a look at Cooper. 

Cut to the Roadhouse where Au Revoir Simone is playing their song, "Lark." Listen --> here.

Part 5

Some Las Vegas thugs, who are after Dougie, call an unknown female. She fears placing a mysterious call on her old blackberry, but when she does we see it calls to a curious black box.

The comical detective finds Dougie's wedding ring in the headless body's stomach

"You're still with me, that's good."

Mr. C looks in the mirror in his jail cell and sees Bob's face transpose over his. Mr. C says, "you're still with me, that's good."

"Get up and get your ass outta here!"

Mike Nelson harshly rejects newbie, Steven, for his terrible resume and sends him packing.

"You're impossible!"

Frank Truman talks to Harry on the phone about his condition when he gets a visit from his wife, Doris. She rages at him for a variety of things. He calmly rebukes her so she yells, "you're impossible," then storms out. 

"You're acting weird as shit!"

Cooper tears up looking at Sonny Jim in the car before going to work. To me, Sonny blinks oddly, some are saying backward. His wife tells him he's acting weird as shit and orders Dougie to get into the car. She drops Dougie off, and after he takes a liking to a statue outside of his office building. 

"Damn good Joe!"

Dougie also takes a real liking to coffee in the elevator. Then he calls Tom Sizemore a liar during a meeting after a green light flashes on his face. When his manager mentions Agent and case files, Dougie seems to register something. Then a female coworker has to help him into the bathroom to pee. After he takes renewed interest in the statue outside again.

At the Silver Mustang Casino, the manager gets beaten up and fired for losing $425 K to Cooper. A group of cocktail waitresses stand near speechless. Robert Knepper and James Belushi put a new guy in charge and tell to him to let them know if Cooper ever comes to the Casino again.

At 119's house, the little boy watches from the window. Thugs keep watch on Dougie's car. The boy goes across the street to investigate what was put under Dougie's car. Then another group of thugs/car jackers pull up. They push the boy aside and blow themselves up when they try to start Dougie's car. 

"Clean room, reasonably priced."

Jade finds Dougie's room key from the Great Northern and pops it in the mailbox to be returned. 

At the Double R, Norma watches Shelly and her daughter, Becky, have an exchange. Becky asks for money after bringing a slimmer Toad some bread. (That's not the Toad I remember) Then Norma and Shelly watch as Becky gets in the car with Steven. Norma tells Shelly if she doesn't help Becky now it will be a lot harder to help her later. 

"I love how you love me."

Becky shows Steven $72 dollars she got from Shelly in his car. He offers her some synthetic drugs and promises to be better. Becky gets a trippy high in the car to the song, I love how you love me.

Meanwhile Andy and Hawk look through old cases files for what's missing at the station. Andy notes he can't find any Indians. Hawk looks at him oddly and says he hasn't found any either.

"Gold Shit-Digging Shovel."

Dr. Jacoby, now Dr. Amps, begins his politically charged podcast. Nadine listens. Jerry Horne also listens with a joint in the woods. Dr. Amps then does a commercial for his gold shit digging shovels, saying it's time for people to dig out of the shit.

At the Pentagon, Colonel Davis (a nod to Don Davis?) is told that they've gotten the 16th hit on Major Briggs fingerprints in 25 years in South Dakota. 

"Little smoking babies."

Trouble by Snake Eyes (David Lynch's son's band), listen --> here, plays at the Roadhouse. We meet Richard Horne who's got Deputy Chad on the take, and likes to get rough with young women. 

Agent Preston looks at an old photo of Cooper and compares it to a picture of Mr. C. Then she compares their fingerprints, which seem strangely different.

"The Cow jumped over the moon."

At the prison, Mr. C gets his one phone call, but uses it to play games with the Warden and the electronics.

In Buenos Aires, the black box beeps and evaporates down to a tiny speck. Meanwhile Dougie/Cooper stares at the statue outside his office while holding his case files. 

Part 6 

"Jade gives two rides."

Coop struggles with his right arm by the statue outside of work. The security guard takes him home. He has a moment with Sonny Jim before his wife yells at him. She shows him a threatening envelop sent to the house showing Dougie with Jade. Janey-E get jealous, almost a bit like Betty did over Rita in Mulholland Dr. Then the loan sharks call and she makes arrangements to meet them the next day. (Have you noticed all the street names in Dougie's world have a connection to Glastonbury Grove?)

"Wake up, don't die!"

Mike calls to Coop from the Black Lodge and warns him to wake up and don't die. After Cooper looks through Dougie's case files and a green light appears on key components of the files. He draws doodles on these areas where the light shines.


Albert heads to a bar and locates Diane (Laura Dern).


Richard Horne takes a sample of some of Balthazar Getty's synthetic drugs at a garage in Twin Peaks. Then he calls Richard "kid" and warns him that he will saw his head open and eat his brain if Richard fucks him over. After he performs a bizarre magic trick with a coin. Richard leaves in a rage and goes racing through town in his truck. 

"I've been smoking for seventy-five years, every fucking day."

Carl Rodd shares a ride into town with fellow Fat Trout Trailer Park neighbor, Mickey. He tells him he's been smoking for seventy five years, every fucking day. After Carl enjoys watching a mother and son play in the park. 

At the Double R Diner, Heidi giggles while serving pie to, Miriam, a local teacher. Shelly says next time they should treat Miriam to pie. Outside, Richard races down the street. He hits and runs down the little boy at the same intersection where Mike screamed at Laura in FWWM. Carl sees a golden light ascend from the screaming mother as she cries over her dead child. Carl goes to comfort her. Nearby electricity pole number 6 flickers.

Mr. Todd sits at his desk and sees a red square come over his computer. He looks upset and takes an envelope out from his safe. 


The police collect Dougie's burnt up car. They get his license plate off the roof of the house with the little boy with the druggie mother inside. She yells 119. (Is it really 911?)

In a motel, a little man receives an envelop (same as the one from Mr. Todd's office), and inside are two pictures, one of Dougie and one of the woman we saw using an old Blackberry from Part 5. The song Old School beatz plays. After he goes and kills the woman, and a witness who sees him. He's mostly upset about bending his ice pick during the violence. 

"Dougie, thank you!"

Dougie arrives at work with his coffee and case files. He plays games on the elevator, similiar to Eraserhead. He's called into the manager's office. His boss looks over the cases files, sees Dougie's drawings, and determines that Dougie alerted him to a major problem. Then he thanks Dougie. 

"Tough Dame."

Janey-E meets with some thugs who Dougie owes money to. She refuses to pay them more than $25 K. They find her sassy and refer to her as a, "tough dame."

Richard drives to a field and wipes the boy's blood off his truck. The sound his truck makes is the same as the sound the Giant plays to Coop in Part 1.

Hawk drops a coin in the bathroom at the station. He notices an Indian symbol on the stall door and decides to pry it open. Inside he discovers some pages hidden inside the door. 

"Their son committed suicide."

Frank gets a visit from his angry wife, Doris, at the station. Chad makes fun of her. The female officer nearby says she wasn't always like that. She tells him that their son committed suicide. Chat just makes fun of the situation. 

Finally at the Roadhouse, the song Tarifa is performed by Sharon Van Etten. Listen below.

Part 7

"I think I'm high!"

Jerry looks confused in the woods. He calls Ben. After a long pause, he tells Ben he doesn't know where he is, someone stole his car and he thinks he's high.

"The good Dale is in the lodge and he can't leave."

Frank and Hawk review the missing pages of Laura's secret diary at the station. Hawk thinks Leland must have hid the pages years ago, and Laura must be talking about Annie Blackburn. Hawk is concerned that bad Cooper came out of the lodge instead of good Cooper. He tells Frank that Doc Hayward and Harry were the only ones to see Dale before he left town. Hawk also says there is one page missing. Frank decides to call Harry about it, but when he learns how sick Harry is he decides not to say anything. 

Andy questions a local man about his truck (same truck Richard used to kill the boy). The man is nervous, tells Andy he'll meet him later and insists Andy leave. Andy agrees to meet him by a logging road at 4:30, but the man never shows up.

"Do you know what Skype is, Doc?"

Frank places a Skype call to Doc Hayward and learns that Dale seemed strange before he left town. Doc also says he last saw Dale in the hospital where Audrey was in a coma from the bank explosion.

"There's a body?"

Lieutenant Knox comes to Buckhorn, SD looking to see Major Briggs prints. She's surprised to learn that they have a headless body of a man in his late forties to go along with the prints. She calls her superior, Colonel Davis, to tell him about it. He says Major Briggs should be in his seventies. Right then a blackened faced man, (looked like The Charcoal Man from the prison where Bill Hastings was) appears and the sound of electricity can be heard. 

"Fuck you, Gordon!"

Gordon whistles in his office when Albert walks in saying Diane told him to fuck off. Gordon asks Albert to go with him to try again with Diane. Albert insists he says please. Then they head off to Diane's apartment. She's resistant to speak with them. She tells both Albert and Gordon to fuck off. Gordon gives her the run down of what's going on with Cooper. Diane agrees to go with them. Later on a plane, (and there's a theory about that plane, see ---> here)Tammy shows Albert and Gordon, Cooper's fingerprints, Albert thinks they've been reversed. Gordon shows Tammy Mr. C's phrase, "it's, very, very good to see you again old friend," on her fingers. He notes the ring finger is the spiritual finger.

"Are you upset with me, Diane?"

Diane speaks with Mr. C. He says he knew it was going to be her. She asks when he saw her last. He asks if she's upset with him. He tells her the last time they saw each other was at her house. (Lost Highway) They agree they'll never forget that night. (Rape?) She's upset and asks who he is. He says he doesn't know what she means. She insists that he look at her. When he does, Diane gets spooked.

After Diane tells Gordon that's not the Cooper she knows. She cries and alludes to the fact that he might not have a soul. Gordon asks about the night she referenced with Mr. C. Diane tells him they'll have at talk about it sometime. Meanwhile Mr. C asks the guard to tell Warden Murphy that he needs to speak with him about a strawberry. The Warden agrees to see him. Mr. C tells Warden Murphy that he wants to escape with Ray or he'll reveal the information he knows about Mr. Strawberry.


Tom Sizemore wonders why Dougie won't talk to him at work. Janey-E impatiently waits outside. Police arrive to question Dougie about his car. Janey-E tells them that the car was stolen. The police reveal that the car exploded and killed several car jackers.

"Squeeze his hand off."

On the way out, Spike/Ike/Little man comes running at Dougie with a gun. Dougie instinctively acts on his Cooper instincts by pushing Janey-E out of the way. He proceeds to chop Spike in the neck and they wrestle with the gun. While on the ground the doppelganger arm pops up from the ground and yells for Cooper to "squeeze his hand off." Cooper karate chops Spike in the neck again and gets his gun, along with a piece of flesh. 

"Goodnight Ben."

Ben and Beverly try to locate the source of an odd humming sound in his office, but unsuccessfully. The scene has an intimate nature. She then shows him the key that arrived for room 315. Ben takes a look at it, realizes the key is very old, and then remembers it was the key to Cooper's room. He mentions Laura Palmer and tells Beverly it's a long story. Beverly seems eager to stay with him, but Ben tells her to go home. After she leaves the camera focuses on a lamp in Ben's office. The humming sound seems to grow louder.

Beverly then goes home to her sick husband who questions her about why she's late. She snaps at him not to fuck with her, because she needs her job to help them survive. 

"Straight A Whores."

At the Roadhouse, a long scene of Jacques (or his brother) plays at the bar. The place is empty and a worker is sweeping. Music plays in the background. Finally Jacques gets a call about two underage girls he lined up for a job. He insists on getting his payment regardless of their age, and refers to the girls as "straight A whores."

At the prison, Ray and Mr. C are released. They drive off as Warden Murphy watches.

The shows ends at the Double R diner with the song Sleepwalk playing. A man hurries in and asks if anyone has seen Billie. No one responds so he runs off. Shelly is behind the counter and Heidi is serving the customers. Norma sits at a booth doing paperwork. Then it appears that everything switches and the place is filled with different customers as the credits role.

The first seven parts of new Twin Peaks has really intrigued me. It's impossible to know how everything will connect at this point, but it does appear that something is off in the town of Twin Peaks. There is also a possibility of alternate time lines. Major Briggs seems to be a time traveler, perhaps that's how he can still be in his late forties. There are whispers of part 8 being an important episode. Are you ready for tonight?