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Recap of Episode 5

My log does not judge!

Season 1 Episode 5

Written by: Mark Frost

Directed by: Lesli Linka Glatter

Original Air date: May 10, 1990

"See you later, Audrey!"

At the Great Northern, Dale is awoken by the Icelanders' singing at 4 am. He rants to Diane about how he hates when you lose the ability to control your environment. Then he asks Diane to air mail his ear plugs, which he didn't think he'd need. Later Dale heads to the dining room for coffee and the waitress explains that the Icelanders arrived at 3 am that morning. Audrey joins him for a brief chat. He tells her that he's a little on edge. Audrey says she wants to help him with his case and that she got a job. Dale stops her and explains he's in a hurry. He remarks that she should be in school, because Wednesday's were typically a school day when he was her age. Audrey says she can't believe he was ever her age. Dale responds that he's got the pictures to prove it and asks how old she is. Audrey answers eighteen with a sly smile. Dale gives her a curious look and says, "see you later Audrey." Then Dale walks away as Audrey gazes at him. On his way out, Dale passes Jerry Horne carousing with a blonde Icelander. Jerry hilariously yells, "Sons of Odin!"

"Rotisserie Heaven!"

In Ben's office, Jerry bursts in and drops a large bag on Ben's desk. Jerry explains that he's been partying with the Icelanders' and they're insane for the Ghost Wood Estates project. Ben says all the guests are complaining about the noise and asks if they're on nitrous oxide. Jerry also informs Ben that he's in love with a Icelandic girl named Heppa. Then he shows Ben what's in his bag. It's a leg of lamb given to him by Heppa as a gift. Jerry calls the leg of lamb rotisserie heaven. Ben tells him to calm down because they have a meeting with Twin Peaks best and brightest in honor of the Icelanders. Jerry asks if its' being held in a phone booth. Ben thinks that after the gala, the Icelanders might enjoy a trip to One Eye Jacks. Right then Leland walks in and asks if he can help with closing the deal. Ben tells him to rest, which makes Leland start to cry. At the same time the Icelanders start singing again and Ben rolls his eyes. Jerry quickly closes Ben's office doors and Ben suggests to Leland that he take Sarah out of town. Leland sobs that he's afraid to.

"No Georgia Peach!"

Dale meets up with Harry and several other officer's at Jacques's apartment. Harry gives Dale some background on Jacques as Dale makes a beeline for donuts and coffee. Harry explains that Jacques is a Canadian national who worked for the lumber field until he put on weight and ended up bartending at the Roadhouse. Harry also says that there's no sign of Bernard Renault. Dale explains that he's tired, because he didn't sleep well due to a large group of insane men staying on his floor. Nearby Doc Hayward gets off the phone and tells Cooper and Truman that it's been confirmed that Jacques blood was on Leo's shirt, which Dale already predicted. Then Andy brings Dale cup of coffee. Dale takes a hearty sip and then asks Harry for a leg up. Dale ends up pulling a copy of Flesh World out from a loose ceiling tile. Dale flips through the magazine and they find a letter written to Ronette inside. Dale eagerly opens the letter and they find a picture of a bearded man wearing a silk nightgown. Harry takes a look and remarks that the guy is no Georgia peach. Then Dale brings Harry's attention to a picture of Leo Johnson's truck in the magazine.

"You hump!"

Shelly and Bobby flirt over breakfast at Leo's house. Shelly says Leo hates her cooking, but Bobby loves it and says Leo missed the boat with her. Shelly asks what Bobby would do if Leo walked in right now. Bobby has her sit on his lap. Then he pulls out Shelly's gun and pretends that he would threaten to kill Leo if he walked in. Bobby calls Leo a "hump" and threatens to kill him if he touches Shelly again. Shelly eats it up. Then they're startled when they hear a car door shut outside. They take a quick look and see it's Andy. Bobby tells Shelly to tell Andy what they practiced and quickly hides. Shelly opens the door for Andy and Andy asks when Leo will be home. Shelly says she doesn't know and then mentions that Leo was arguing with Jacques about Laura and they drove off together. After Andy leaves and Shelly runs into Bobby's arms. He tells her she did great and they make out. Right then Leo calls and asks Shelly if anyone is looking for him. Shelly tells him no and advises Leo to come home as she eyes her gun.

Over at Big Ed's Gas Farm, Norma stops by for some gas and to talk with Ed. She explains that Hank got his parole and will be coming home. Norma says Hank seemed so hopeful that she didn't want to tell him about her relationship with Ed. Ed understands and tells Norma that Nadine isn't well. They agree they can't tell Hank and Nadine about their relationship right now, but Norma says it's not fair that they can't take what they want. Norma seems disappointed and tells Ed she loves him, but says he shouldn't call her for awhile. Then Norma walks away as Ed stares at her with a somber expression.

"Yes, Miss Horne."

Audrey has meeting with Emory Battis in his office at Horne's Department store. She asks if he's found a job for her yet. Emory says yes and was thinking of putting her in the wrapping department. Audrey gets a look of displeasure on her face, shakes her head and says, "no, no, no, no, no." Then she stands up and asks if she can speak frankly. Emory tells her to please do so. Audrey sits on his desk and tells Emory that she had her heart set on working at the perfume counter. Emory looks worried and says it's one of their more sensitive areas and he doesn't think it's a good idea. Audrey grabs his tie and calmly orders him to tell her father that she's working in the wrapping department, but to actually put her in the perfume department. Audrey says if Emory doesn't do this she will rip her dress and tell Ben that he made a pass at her. Emory realizes he needs to play along and tells her yes. Audrey asks, "Yes what?" Emory submissively answers, "yes, Miss Horne!"

"Wandering like a restless spirit."

Donna goes to the park and meets up with James at the Gazebo. James is upset and tells Donna that his father ran off when he was a kid. Then he explains that his mother was a writer, but also has a drinking problem. James tells Donna that his mother spends her time shacking up in cheap motels with booze and strange men. James gets emotional and tears up. Then he explains that he felt like he had to share this with Donna so they wouldn't have any secrets between them. James says they need to figure out what happened to Laura or it will stay with them for the rest of their lives. He says he feels like Laura is out there wandering like a restless spirit. Donna agrees and expresses that she feels it too.

Back at Jacques apartment, the officers pass around a plate of donuts. Dale takes a bite of his donut and notices a picture of a cabin with red drapes on the inside of Jacques' kitchen cabinet. Then Harry and Hawk walk in with letters from Jacques' PO box. They realize that there were letters to both Ronette and Laura sent to the same PO box. Then Dale examines a picture from Flesh World. He notes a picture of a young woman's body with red drapes behind her and concludes that it's Laura Palmer. Dale says the red drapes are like the ones from his dream. They see a receipt for heating oil on Jacques counter and Dale asks Harry why Jacques would need so much. Harry answers, "To heat a log cabin." Dale smiles and says they should pack a lunch, because their going for a walk in woods.

"I'll have a cherry coke"

Over at the Double R Diner, Maddy meets up with James and Donna. She thanks them for inviting her and says the mood at the Palmer's house isn't good. James steps away to get Maddy a cherry coke. Donna starts to explain to Maddy her plan to find out who killed Laura. Donna says she thinks Laura was in terrible trouble before she died. Donna fears that no one will ever find out the truth if they don't. Then James returns with Maddy's cherry coke and Donna says she knows Laura had a secret hiding place in her house. Maddy says the day before Laura died she had a terrible feeling that Laura was in trouble. Maddy explains that she didn't know Laura that well, yet she always felt close to her. She agrees to help them and they all walk out together. Meanwhile unbeknownst to them, Hank listens to their conversation in the booth behind them.


Norma and Shelly walk into the diner with beehive hairdos and their makeup done after their day of beauty. As they walk past Hank's booth, he puts his hand out to greet Norma. When Norma sees him she uncomfortably responds, "Hello...Hank." Shelly gives them a moment alone. Hank jokes that Leo's wife doesn't have much meat on her. Then he tells Norma he intends to work his way back into her heart and asks where he can start. Norma firmly tells him he can start by washing dishes. Shelly watches them from the kitchen as Invitation to Love plays on the TV. Shelly glances at the TV and sees Chet takes a punch from Montana and then Montana laughs heartily as Chet falls to the floor.

"Did she laugh at you?"

The Briggs family attend therapy at Dr. Jacoby's office. Garland and Betty list off all of Bobby's off putting behavior of late. Dr. Jacoby asks if Bobby is unhappy and if he's using drugs. Bobby says no, but his parents quickly remind him that alcohol is a drug. Bobby dismisses their comment by saying, "Everybody drinks." Bobby also brings up Garland killing people during war times. Dr. Jacoby asks to speak with Bobby in private and tells Garland and Betty he'll need time alone with them too, but Bobby should go first. They agree and step out of the room. Once alone, Dr. Jacoby looks at Bobby with inquisitive disdain and tells him to cut the crap. Jacoby says he wants to talk about Laura and asks if Laura laughed at him when they first made love and made Bobby cry. Bobby is quickly humbled and gets quiet. Then Jacoby asks if Bobby was sad when Laura died. Bobby answers that Laura wanted to die. Bobby tells him that Laura told him she wanted to die and said that she was rotten inside. Bobby goes on to tell him that Laura claimed every time she tried to do good things something awful came up inside her and pulled her back into darkness. Jacoby asks if Laura was harboring an awful secret that made her want to corrupt people and make them do terrible things. Bobby starts to cry and answers yes. Jacoby concludes that Laura wanted to corrupt people, because thats how she felt about herself. Jacoby thinks that's what Laura did to Bobby. Bobby sobs and confesses that Laura wanted so much and made him sell drugs so she could have them. 

"Shut your eyes and you'll burst into flames!"

Harry, Doc Hayward, Hawk and Cooper take a walk in the woods looking for Jacques cabin. However the first cabin they come upon is actually the Log Lady's cabin. They approach with their guns drawn, but Margaret surprises them with her log on the porch. She orders them to come in for tea and insists they hurry, because her log does not judge. Dale is about to turn down her offer of tea and cookies, but Hawk stops him and asks what kind of cookies she has. She answers sugar and says that the owls won't see them inside. Doc Hayward says that a cup of tea would be nice and the men make their way to sit down at her table. Margaret randomly spouts, "Shut your eyes and you'll burst into flames!" Harry thanks her for that comment. 

Then Dale goes for a cookie, but she slaps his hand and tells him to wait for the tea, because the fish aren't running. After Margaret informs them that they're two days late. She explains that her log saw something. Margaret pours their tea and explains that her husband was a logging man who met the devil. She intently stares at Dale and says fire is the devil hiding like a coward in the smoke. Doc Hayward asks if it happened the day after the wedding and Hawk asks, "the wood holds many spirits, doesn't it Margaret?" She then takes her log out and tells Dale he can ask the log now. Harry nods at Dale to oblige her so Dale asks the log what it saw the night Laura was killed. Margaret interprets for her log and says that her log heard laughing with two men and two girls. She says the owls were near and the dark was pressing in on her. Then later Margaret says another man passed by and after there were terrible screams. Finally she says on the ridge the owls went silent.

After the guys continue their walk and conclude the men Margaret told them about were likely Leo and Jacques and the girls were Laura and Ronette. They approach another cabin, which has music playing. They wonder who the third man might have been. They cautiously approach the cabin, but Doc Hayward is exhausted and stays behind. Into the night plays loudly as Harry, Hawk and Cooper enter. Dale remarks that there is always music in the air and shuts off the record player. Harry pulls a cover off a cage and finds Waldo the bird inside. Hawk finds a camera with film inside while Dale finds bloody twine on the floor. Harry inspects a Coo Coo Clock and when it strikes a chip from One Eyed Jacks pops out. Dale picks it up and sees there is a piece missing from the chip, just like the fragment found in Laura's stomach. 

"Catherine Martel & Spouse"

At the Great Northern, Josie smokes a cigarette in Ben's office with the lights off. Nearby in the dining room, Catherine and Pete arrive for Ben's event. Catherine announces herself to the hostess as Catherine Martel and Pete simply as spouse. They walk inside and Pete advises Catherine to take it easy on the sauce. She grabs two glasses of champagne and says after a couple of belts even he might look good to her. Nearby Major Briggs talks with an Icelander and Jerry flirts with Heppa. Jerry tells Heppa good things could happen if they dipped into each other's gene pool. Then Leland walks in and looks at the crowd oddly. By the fireplace, Ben jokes with the Icelanders and asks what you get when you cross a Norwegian with a Swede, then answers a socialist who wants to be king. Catherine listens in disgust and decides to walk over. She awkwardly pours champagne on Ben's shoe in front of everyone. Ben takes her aside and tells her to meet him in his office in two minutes. Audrey overhears so she goes into her secret space in the wall and listens in. She sees Ben and Catherine and hears Catherine ask him about a poker chip she found in his pants. Ben says Jerry gave it to him and he's thankful she returned it to him. Catherine slaps him in the face three times, but then they end up making out. Catherine says she's ready to burn the mill, but Ben says they need to wait, because he retained the services of a professional aka Leo Johnson. Audrey laughs to herself at hearing Ben discuss his devious plan.

"We are all Icelanders"

Back in the dining room, Pete talks to one of the Icelanders while drinking a giant mug of milk and asks if their entire country is above the timber line. Then Jerry takes the stage. He remarks that, "We are all Icelanders," over the microphone as he welcomes them to Twin Peaks. Then out of nowhere big band music starts playing and Leland begins compulsively dancing/moaning. Ben and Catherine walk back in the room and upon seeing Leland on the dance floor, Ben insists Catherine step in to cover. She starts dancing with Leland and imitates him as Leland cries and waves his hands in the air. Catherine's performance convinces the other party goers it's a new dance and everyone takes to the floor and begins to copy Leland's dance. Audrey cries at the scene as she looks on. Meanwhile we see Josie smoking in the dark again in Ben's office. (Where was she when Ben & Catherine were in there?) Later Ben goes back into his office and turns the lights on. He asks Josie if anyone saw her. She says no and shows him the ledger she pulled from Catherine's desk. Ben tells her they can proceed tomorrow night.

Over at the Palmer's house, Maddy sneaks downstairs in her pajamas and calls Donna. She tells Donna that she found a tape in the bed post of Laura's bed after remembering that Laura used to hide cigarettes there when they were kids. She tells Donna to meet her tomorrow and to bring a tape recorder. Then Sarah yells in the background so Maddy hurries off the phone. After the camera pans to a picture of Laura as the homecoming queen.

"Get me a beer!"

Leo comes homes while Shelly smokes a cigarette in the kitchen. Hank greets him outside by his trunk and punches Leo. Hank scolds him for being greedy in their drug business and warns Leo that if it happens again he'll kill Shelly. After Leo storms inside with blood on his face. Shelly gets concerned when she sees him and rushes to help him. Leo yells at her to get him a beer and then pushes Shelly to the ground. Shelly panics and draws her gun. She orders him to back off, but Leo calls her a stupid little slut and doesn't think she has the guts to pull the trigger. Shelly proves him wrong and fires. Leo takes a bullet, screams and then runs out of the house.

Back at the Great Northern, Dale arrives at the hotel and heads to his room. On the way the Icelanders start singing again which frustrates him. Dale throws his hands up in the air in annoyance. When Dale gets to his room, he sees the door is ajar. He immediately pulls out his gun in concern and slowly walks inside. Dale sees a shadowy figure on the bed and orders the person to reach over and turn on the light. When the person does so, Dale sees that it's Audrey waiting naked for him in his bed. Dale appears shocked to see her and Audrey pleads with him not to make her leave. 

End of show!

This episode was bittersweet to watch and recap, because this is the first recap I've done since Catherine Coulson, our beloved Log Lady, sadly died. Her presence in this episode was not only comedic, but pivotal to the storyline and I think proves what a truly likable and intriguing character the Log Lady really was. Catherine really will be missed. I found Hawk's comment about all the spirits in her log quite interesting. Some speculate that the Log Lady's husband is the lumberjack in the convenience store scene from Fire Walk With Me. Margaret says her husband met the devil. Does she mean Bob or a spirit like Bob? The mind reels. 

Other aspects of this episode I enjoyed were Jerry's hilarious scenes with Heppa. Not to mention Catherine, who shines in every scene. Pete and his milk always crack me up too. Jack Nance is another actor who will be sorely missed in the new episodes. I should also mention that Bobby's therapy scene with Dr. Jacoby is probably my favorite Bobby moment. It's one of his more human moments and it rings true to a lot of how Laura describes her relationship with Bobby in The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer and to scenes in FWWM. Audrey crying as everyone unintentionally mocks Leland's pain on the dance floor is a great scene as well. Plus after hearing Ben nefarious plans, you can understand why she'd run to Cooper's room looking for comfort. 

James talking about his mother's problems falls a bit flat, in my opinion, as does Josie's brief smoking scene. However overall it's another strong episode. I like that we dig into Laura's life a bit more, in addition to giving a look at all the character's drama. Mark Frost's hand is evident in the procedural layout of this episode, which personally I like. Maybe not as much as I like David's style, but Mark's clarity keeps the viewer entertained along with further developing the mystery. All in all, real good stuff!

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RIP Catherine Coulson!

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