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Recap of Episode 6

Laura...Laura...hurting me!

Season 1 Episode 6

Written by: Harley Peyton

Directed by: Caleb Deschanel

Original Air Date: May 17, 1990

"Tell me all your troubles."

At the Great Northern, Agent Cooper explains to Audrey all the reasons why he can't make love to her. He tells her she's beautiful and desirable, but he knows she really needs a friend and he took an oath to uphold his values when he joined the FBI. Dale offers to get them two malts and french fries so they can talk about all her troubles instead. At first Audrey is a little sad, but then she accept his offer of friendship. Audrey says she can't tell him all her secrets and asks if Dale has any. He flatly answers no. Audrey makes note that Laura had a lot of secrets. Dale says it's his job to find those secrets out.

"I don't like birds!"

Over at the Sheriff station Andy tries to talk to Lucy, but she coldly blows him off again and refers to him as officer Brennan. Andy slinks away feeling rejected when Lucy takes a call. It turns out to be her doctor who gives Lucy some upsetting news, which we don't get to hear. Then Dale walks in and joins Harry and Doc Hayward in the conference while they're trying to get Waldo the bird to start talking. Doc explains that Waldo is weak, but his urge to mimic should return with his good health. He asks if Dale would like to feed Waldo, but Dale says he doesn't like birds. However Dale thinks Waldo could be a witness for them once he starts talking again. After Hawk brings Dale and Harry a forensics report from the stuff they found in Jacques' cabin. They find a picture of Waldo sitting on a blonde haired person's shoulder, which Dale concludes is Laura Palmer. Then Dale places a voice activated recorder near Waldo's cage and hopes they get something as soon as Waldo is ready to talk. After Dale suggests that The Book House boys do some undercover investigative work at One Eyed Jacks.

"I shot him, Bobby!"

Leo spies on his house from a safe distance with binoculars and his rifle. He spots Bobby going to visit Shelly and realizes he's who Shelly has been fooling around with. Leo readies his gun to kill Bobby and waits for Bobby to exit the house. Meanwhile inside, Shelly tearfully recounts to Bobby how she shot Leo the night before. Shelly is terrified that Leo is going to come back to kill her, but Bobby promises that he will protect her. He says he'll take care of Leo, James and everyone. Then they kiss. Outside Leo hears Lucy talking about Waldo on the police scanner in his truck. He decides to forgo his plan to kill Bobby and takes off.

"Maybe he gets a call from Laura."

Maddy, Donna and James listen to the tape that Maddy found in Laura's bed post at the Hayward's house. They hear a sexy recording that Laura made for Dr. Jacoby where she talks about how much she knows Dr. Jacoby likes her "naked" secrets. Laura also wonders why its so easy to make men like her. Donna looks disturbed by Laura's words. Then Laura starts to say that if it were harder to make men like her things might be different for her, but James gets upset and turns the recording off. Maddy finds an empty cassette case dated the night Laura died. They start to wonder if Dr. Jacoby might have killed Laura. James thinks they need to get Jacoby out of his office and search it for clues. They girls ask how they could pull that off so James says Jacoby should receive a call from Laura. He rewinds the tape back to Laura saying, "What's up Doc?"

" Call Black Rose."

Over at Horne's department store, Audrey tries to help a customer with some "fruity" smelling perfume. However at the same time she notices Emory Battis asking Jenny, Audrey's coworker, to meet her in his office. Audrey cops a sarcastic attitude with the customer to drive her away. Then she tells Jenny she's going to the bathroom. Instead Audrey goes over by Emory's office and tells a stock boy there's a bad accident outside to get him out of the way. Then she coolly walks into Emory's office, lights a cigarette and hides in his closet. Emory and Jenny come in and Audrey watches while smoking in the closet as Emory gives Jenny a unicorn charm as a gift. Emory tells Jenny she was well liked at One Eyed Jacks and offers her a chance to work as a "hospitality" girl. When Jenny asks what that is, Emory explains that hospitality girls attend to rich VIP men in need of company. Jenny says it sounds cool as long as the guys are rich so he gives her a business card and tells her contact Black Rose. After they head off to get Jenny an evening dress. Once alone, Audrey steps out of the closet and looks through Emory's black book. She sees that Ronette Pulaski's number is in there. After Audrey pockets the unicorn Jenny left on Emory's desk and walks out. Later Audrey finagles the number for Black Rose from Jenny and puts in a call. 

"Every day, once a day, give yourself a present."

At the Double R, Hank tells Shelly about his humbling experiences in jail and then inquires about Big Ed. Shelly steps away to pick up an order and when no one is looking, Hanks swipes a customer's lighter off the counter. Then Harry and Dale walk into the diner and Harry is quick to remind Hank to keep his nose clean. After Shelly offers them coffee. Dale happily accepts, but Harry says they're short on time. Dale advises him that every day, once a day, he should give himself an unplanned present so they sit down and enjoy some black coffee.

"Rejected, that's what he said!"

Nadine sadly watches Invitation to Love on the couch at her house. On the television Nadine sees Chet shoot Montana while she eats Bonbons. She speaks to the TV and says, "You show em' Chet!" Then Ed comes home and Nadine vents to him about all the things she wanted to do with her drape runner money. She says she even looked at a motorboat. Ed tries to encourage her and says they just have to find a patent attorney who understands drape runners. Nadine remains discouraged and says, "Rejected, that's what he said and no one else is going to say anything different!" Ed gets a look of concern across his face. Then he hugs Nadine and tells her not to dare give up.

"Ooohh, Harryyy!"

At the Packard's house, Pete shows Harry his freshly mounted fish from Tim & Tom's taxidermy. Pete thinks it doesn't look as big as it did when he caught it, but Harry tells him it's a fine looking trophy. Pete jokes that size isn't everything. Then Josie comes out and kisses Harry, however Harry is in a serious mood. He asks what she was doing at the Timber Falls motel two days ago. Josie tries to avoid the subject, but Harry insists that she can tell him anything. Josie groans, "Ooohh, Harryyy," feigning fear, but ends up telling him she followed Catherine and Ben and took pictures of them. Josie shows Harry the pictures and says this is the proof he wanted. Then she tells him that she heard Catherine talking on the phone about a fire at the Mill. Josie gets emotional and swears she's not going to let this happen. Harry hugs her and says he won't let it happen either. 

"I love her and she's in trouble!"

Dale meets Sheriff Truman and Big Ed in his tuxedo at The Great Northern. Ed is dressed and ready so Dale shows them he's got $10k and says he always likes to bring back an extra 10% when gambling with the bureau's money. After Ed steps away to give Harry a moment alone with Dale. In private, Harry tells Dale he's worried about Josie and explains that Josie just found out about Catherine and Ben's affair. He also says that Josie thinks they're planning on burning down the mill and going to get rid of her too. Dale asks how much Harry knows about Josie and says getting to the truth is his job. Harry responds that all he knows is that he loves Josie and she's in trouble. Dale says that's enough for him and agrees to look into it with him. Then they talk about the upcoming operation at One Eyed Jacks. Harry says he got the Cadillac Dale wanted and Dale explains he's going undercover with Ed as oral surgeons from the Tri-counties. Meanwhile Audrey misses Dale as he leaves the hotel so she leaves an urgent message for him at the front desk. Later Audrey packs a bag and heads out of the hotel after slipping something under Dale's door. On her way out, she looks curiously as an Asian man checks into his hotel room.

Catherine gets a visit at the Packard's house from an insurance agent who is anxious to get her signature on her new life insurance policy. Catherine is confused and clearly doesn't know what he's talking about, but she plays it cool. The agent says that Mrs. Packard and Ben didn't give him the impression that anything was irregular, but he wanted to make sure just in case. Catherine looks at the papers and sees that Josie is the beneficiary. She tells the agent that she needs to review some changes with her attorney and will get the signed documents to him tomorrow. The agent tells her he can help her with anything she might need. Catherine asks if he's an ambitious man to which he answers, "One likes to think so." After he sees himself out. Then Catherine goes looking in her desk for her ledger and sees that its missing. 

"Poor Waldo!"

Over at the station, Hawk helps Dale and Ed with the wires they're going to wear to One Eyed Jacks. Ed looks at the wig he's supposed to put on and wonders if it will fit his big head. Meanwhile the voice activated recorder goes off in the conference room as Waldo starts to talk. Then a shot rings out and we see Leo hop in his truck in the parking lot and drive off. When Dale, Hawk, Harry and Big Ed go to investigate they see that someone shot and killed Waldo, spilling his blood and feather's all over conference room table and on Lucy's donut spread. Then Andy and Lucy walk in and Andy cries, "Poor Waldo!" Dale listens to his recorder and they all hear Waldo saying, "Laura, Laura, don't go there, hurting me, hurting me, stop it, stop it. Leo no, Leo no!"

Later at One Eyed Jacks, Dale and Ed arrive and get introduced to Blackie. She shakes their hands and Dale tells them their names are Barney and Fred. Blackie asks Ed what his line is and he impulsively says, "I own a gas station," Then Dale shoots him a knowing smile. Remembering he's undercover, Ed quickly covers and manages to impress Blackie. Then Ed goes to play Craps as Dale goes to play Black Jack. A while later, Jacques Renault comes to deal at Dale's table. Nearby Audrey goes to see Blackie in her office as a would be "hospitality" girl named, Hester Prynne. Blackie calls her bluff and says she read the Scarlet Letter in high school. She asks Audrey to give her a reason why she shouldn't kick her out. Audrey decides to take a cherry from Blackie's drink and ties the stem into a knot with her tongue. Blackie likes what she sees and offers Audrey a job.

"The trees Ben, they worship them!"

In Ben's office at the Great Northern, Jerry and Ben entertain the Icelander's with singing and beer as Ben eats ice cream. Ben suggests they all meet up downstairs and takes a moment alone with Jerry. In private, Jerry says Ben should have seen the Icelander's during the tour of the Ghost Wood Estates site. Jerry remarks, "the trees Ben, they worship them!" Ben brings him into focus and asks when the Icelander's are going to sign. Jerry says they want more fun. He explains they want a signing party at One Eyed Jack's. Ben asks who told them about Jacks. Jerry sheepishly takes credit so Ben tells Jerry to get the Icelander's back on the van. Then Ben calls Josie to ask if Catherine is at the mill yet. Josie promises him she will get Catherine there. Then we see that Josie is hanging with Hank at the Packard's house.

"Meet me at Sparkwood and 21!"

At the Palmer's house, Maddy sneaks out as Leland sits in the dark in the living room. He appears trance-like, but looks her way as Maddy walks out the door. Later She meets up with Donna, who fixes her up to look like Laura. Then they meet up with James near the gazebo at the park. When James sees Maddy looking like Laura he's clearly moved. Meanwhile Dr. Jacoby is catching up on Invitation to Love in his office when he gets a call from Maddy pretending to be Laura. She tells him to go to his door, because there is something waiting for him. Dr. Jacoby is suspicious, but grabs his gun and heads to his door anyway. He finds a video tape there. When he plays the tape he sees Maddy, dressed as Laura, holding a copy of today's newspaper. Dr. Jacoby gets back on the phone and Maddy tells him to meet her at Sparkwood and 21 in ten minutes. After Jacoby reviews the video again and realizes "Laura" is really at the gazebo and not Sparkwood and 21. Meanwhile Bobby spies on James, Donna and Maddy by the gazebo. Nearby a heavy breathing unseen person spies on Bobby spying on Maddy, James and Laura. Bobby then follows James and Donna to Jacoby's office and puts cocaine in James' gas tank. Back at the park, the unseen person watches Maddy as she stands alone near the gazebo.

End of show!

This episode is definitely one of my favorite's from season 1. Lots of plot movement, mystery building and laughter mixed together to make for a fully enjoyable viewing experience. Of course I hate that Waldo got shot, but at least he spoke some final words before his demise. The look Audrey gives the Asian man as she heads out of the Great Northern, accompanied by the foreboding music, always stuck me as odd. Otherwise episode 6 is pretty fantastic. It's interesting that Dale said he doesn't have any secrets to Audrey, because we come to learn later in the series that he does in fact have a secret or two. All in all, this is a damn fine episode!

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