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Recap of Episode 13

I saw so much!

Season 2 Episode 13

Written by: Harley Peyton & Robert Engels

Directed by: Lesli Linka Glatter

Original Air Date: November 3, 1990

"You lie and you betray and then you laugh about it!"

At Harold's house, he scolds Donna and Maddy for invading his privacy. Somberly, he tells Donna that he thought she was different and she made him feel like he could return to the world. Harold tells her that he invested his heart and soul in her, but she ended up being just like all the others who lie, betray and laugh about it. Then he tries to grab for Laura's diary and right then James bursts in and grabs the girls. They all run out, but leave the diary behind despite Donna making one last attempt to grab for it. Outside Donna and James fall to the ground and Donna asks James to hold her. Maddy looks on appearing out of place. Poor Harold is left behind in his house and manically starts misting his orchids before letting out a loud woeful cry. Later Maddy drives home and in private, James and Donna talk about what happened. James says if they could put their hearts together forever, they would be safe no matter what. Donna likes what she hears, they agree to be together and then James feverishly makes out with Donna's neck.

"Can you see me Daddy?"

An owl watches outside the Bookhouse as Dale, an unknown bookhouse boy and Hawk bring Audrey inside. Dale puts her on a bed, checks her vitals and notices needles marks on Audrey's arms. Audrey speaks in a drugged voice asking, "Can you see me Daddy? Can you catch me?"then cries, "Hand on my throat. It hurts me. Black hole. I can't breathe. Help me. Please help me! I'm sinking!" Dale shakes her and tells her that he's with her. Audrey then wakes up, sees Dale and gasps in relief saying that she prayed he would come. Then he holds her as she cries. Later Dale goes to see Harry at the station and tells him that heroin nearly killed Audrey. Harry shows Dale a picture of Jean Renault and tells him that he saw Jean watching a video of Dale at One Eyed Jacks. Dale realizes that Jean was really after him and used Audrey to do it. Dale gets upset and says this isn't the first time someone he cared about got hurt in the name of him doing what he has to do. Harry tells Dale he's the best law man he has ever known, but sometimes he thinks too much. 

"Goodnight, Mr. Horne."

Dale goes to The Great Northern to return Ben's money to him and coldly recounts what happened to Audrey at One Eyed Jacks. Ben pretends to be surprised when Dale tells him that Blackie was involved in Audrey's kidnapping and that Blackie was subsequently murdered by Jean Renault. Ben acts like he doesn't know either of them and is eager to count his money. Then Dale says Audrey is recovering from a drug overdose. That news seems to resonate some emotion in Ben and he sighs, "Oh my god!" Ben asks if he can see her. Dale tells him Audrey is resting comfortably and he will call him in the morning. Ben then impulsively hugs Dale and thanks him for bringing Audrey back to him. Dale is obviously uncomfortable with the hug and quickly says, "Goodnight, Mr. Horne." Then he walks out while Ben grabs his money and heads off in the other direction. 

At Shelly and Leo's house, Bobby tries to push Leo around in his new wheelchair with a bit of struggle. Shelly and the insurance agent watch from the living room as the agent commends Shelly and Bobby for taking care of Leo at home. Shelly refers to Bobby as "cousin Bobby" and says they will be there for Leo full time. Then the agent gives Shelly her check, which she's excited to open. However when she does, Shelly looks crestfallen and asks if there's been a mistake. Bobby comes over to look and barks, "$700? We're supposed to get $5000 a month!" The agent admits its sad and nervously explains that once taxes, equipment fees and maintenance costs all take their cut off the top that's all thats left. Then the agent quickly walks out. After Shelly gets upset and says she quit her job for this and Bobby better think of something. Bobby yells that he is thinking, but both of them are quickly silenced by Leo making an unexpected groan.

"Really Weird Stuff!"

Donna tells Harry about Laura's secret diary and Harold Smith in the sheriff's interrogation room. Harry says they already have Laura's diary and gets frustrated wondering if Donna and James are up to something. He sharply reminds her of what happened to Dr. Jacoby the last time they played games. Donna swears that James isn't involved and it's not a game. Harry softens and says he'll have someone go check on Harold as soon as he can, but he can't promise anything. Right then Gordon Cole walks past loudly saying he's looking for, "a Sheriff Harry S. Truman." Harry says he found him. Gordon then comes inside and introduces himself. 

He and Harry step outside where Gordon tells Harry to speak up, because his hearing is gone and it's a long story. He also mentions that his earplugs are cranked up to the max. Gordon then tells Harry that Albert won't be coming back, but he has the report on Albert's findings. Gordon goes on to say that fibers found outside of Cooper's room when he was shot were from a vicuna coat. (that is a nod to the film Sunset Boulevard, as is the name Gordon Cole) Harry repeats, "coat was vicuna." Confused, Gordon responds by saying that sounds good, but he already ate. Gordon also tells Harry that Albert found the contents of the One Armed man's syringe and it's, "really weird stuff." Also Gordon says there were papers found near the train car from a diary. Then the One Armed man is brought in by one of the deputy's. Gordon yells, "there's the One Armer now!" Harry suggests that everyone move into his office.

At the Bookhouse, Ben comes to see Audrey and they have an awkward exchange. Ben wonders about the things that Audrey must of have seen and claims he was worried sick about her. Dale looks on irked by Ben's fake concern. Audrey responds, "I saw so much!" Ben whispers that they'll work it out together. Audrey coldly nods, "Yes Daddy, you and I!" Then Audrey asks if Agent Cooper can take her home. At first Ben answers yes, but then he suggests they all go together. Audrey is clearly frustrated by Ben's interference.

"Let's go park by the lake and neck!"

Nadine comes home with a ton of enthusiasm and a bunch of packages in her arms. She can't believe that no one looked at her funny when she used the charge cards. She asks when her parents are coming back from Europe. Ed answers, "pretty soon." Then Nadine says she wants them to pretend like they're married and the place is theirs to fool around in. She excitedly punches Ed in the gut and then tosses him on the couch. Ed goes stiff in disbelief. Nadine then jumps on him saying she wants to park by the lake and neck, but then realizes they can just stay home and do that.

"They'll bury us side by side!"

At the Packard's, Josie lays on the couch half dressed while cousin Jonathan buckles his pants up. She asks him to please leave, but he laughs and tosses her a one way ticket back to Hong Kong. Josie tells him she hasn't received her insurance money yet and she's waited for five years to receive it. Jonathan tells her that Mr. Eckert is waiting for her. Josie gets insistent saying he can't make her leave and they have an arrangement. Cousin Jonathan grabs her and threatens to kill Harry if she doesn't meet him at midnight. He says that's their new arrangement. 

Later Josie goes to see Ben in his office and demands her money. Ben tries to smooth talk her and begins kissing her neck, but Josie snaps that she won't leave without her money. She warns Ben not to play games with her. Ben shows her a key to his hotel safe claiming that inside is enough dirt to bury her. In response, Josie shows him a key to a safe deposit box in another city with information that could lock him away for three lifetimes. Josie laughs, "They'll bury us side by side!" She then pulls away and insists on cash. Ben takes the check from Tojamura and signs it over to Josie. She hands him the signed papers for the mill, takes the check and walks out. On her way out Ben says, "well played!"

"Is this goodbye?"

James meets Maddy by the lake and offers her an apology for what happened between them. Maddy thinks he looked at her and saw Laura, but notes that she liked it. Maddy tells him that growing up her and Laura were so close it was scary and it was as if they're brains were connected. Maddy also tells him she liked getting the chance to be Laura and she liked the way James looked at her. However she thinks he belongs with Donna. James thinks love shines a bright light on people when they're in it, but people can't be that way forever. Maddy responds, "sure you can." James smiles and says he wants to make the way his heart feels last forever. After Maddy lets him know she's going home tomorrow. James asks if this is a goodbye. Maddy answers, "I guess it is." Then she kisses him on the cheek, says goodbye and walks away. 

Back at Leo's, Shelly and Bobby get drunk while throwing a welcome home party for Leo. Bobby colorfully recounts all of Leo's various misdeeds while Shelly eggs him on playfully. Leo groans while sitting at the kitchen table with a kazoo in his mouth and sunglasses on. Bobby then takes Shelly and they start making out on the kitchen table in front of Leo. However when Shelly looks over at Leo it appears that Leo looks back. Shelly panics and screams. She jumps off the table and tells Bobby, "this is too creepy!" Bobby agrees and apologizes to Leo. He takes the kazoo and sunglasses off him and promises Leo they will make him happy. Then Bobby gives Leo his welcome home cake, which Leo promptly falls into face first. Bobby pulls Leo by his ponytail to get his face out of the cake and says its a good thing they didn't light the candles. Then he and Shelly both start laughing. 

"You remind me today of small Mexican Chihuahua!"

Dale comes into the Sheriff's station while Gordon Cole sits in his peripheral view. He immediately stops short without turning his head, points his finger toward Gordon and snaps his fingers. Then Gordon loudly smiles, "Agent Dale Cooper!" He gets up and the two men gladly shake hands. Gordon then tells Dale that, "you remind me today of a small Mexican Chihuahua," and asks to speak with Dale in private. They go into Harry's office, but Gordon speaks so loudly Harry and Hawk can hear everything they say from outside the door. Gordon talks about a previous time when Cooper had trouble in Pittsburgh and says he wanted to check on him. Cooper assures Gordon that his mind, body and spirit are up to the task at hand. Then Harry comes in and let's them know they can hear everything. Gordon tells Dale to invite Harry in. Gordon then shows Dale a chess move that came in the mail for him. Dale realizes it is an opening move from Windom Earle. Gordon notes they'll have to keep an extra close eye on Dale now.

Ben brings Leland into his office at The Great Northern saying that with Jerry on the road he needs Leland back. Ben claims he can appreciate what Leland's been through. However Ben wants to know if Leland is truly okay now. Leland tells him to test him out so Ben starts telling him about some issues he's having with the Icelanders and the arrival of Tojamura. While he's talking, Leland gets distracted by a stuffed white fox on the table behind Ben's couch and plucks a piece of hair from the fox right in front of Ben. Ben watches in confusion as Leland tucks the hair into his jacket pocket. However Leland then offers some good suggestions on how to deal with the Icelanders and says they can resurvey the land and if need be, they sink them into a black hole via escrow for six months. Ben is impressed and the men go in for an awkward hug. 

"Josie, I love you!"

Harry goes to see Josie and finds her leaving with cousin Jonathan, who she introduces to Harry as her assistant, Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee takes her bags to the car. Once alone, Harry asks where Josie is going. She tells him she sold the mill and she's going home. Harry can't believe it and kisses her. Josie is touched, but says she has to go. Mr. Lee walks back in, but Harry tells him to leave them alone so he walks back out. After Harry tells Josie not to go and says he loves her. Josie cries and asks him not to think badly of her. She starts walking to the door so Harry tells her he loves her again. Josie stops briefly, but ultimately walks out. Harry watches her with a destroyed expression on his face.

"I find adherence to fantasy troubling and unreasonable."

Ben and Mr. Tojamura have dinner at The Great Northern. Mr. Tojamura asks why Ben has a check for five million dollars and he has nothing. Ben says he doesn't know enough about him yet. Mr. Tojamura threatens to withdraw. Ben insists that's not necessary and tries to charm his way out of the conversation. He brings up what happened at the mill fire and all the problems it created. Mr. Tojamura says he knows about fire since his family was at Nagasaki. Ben looks shocked, but says he's sorry. Right then we hear Leland begin singing, "Getting to know you," in the dining room. Ben rolls his eyes and goes to try and get Leland off stage. However Leland ends up dragging Ben into the number uncomfortably and the two men briefly sing together. From the bar, Mr. Tojamura watches while Pete sits next to him. Pete asks if Tojamura likes musicals to which Mr. Tojamura quickly answers, "no!" Pete presses by asking, "Not even Fiddler on the Roof?" Tojamura answers that he finds adherence to fantasy troubling and unreasonable. Pete looks confused and realizes Tojamura isn't from Twin Peaks. He offers to buy him a sake. Mr. Tojamura says no thank you so Pete offers him a nice cold milk instead. 

"He is Bob, eager for fun!"

At the station, Dale, Hawk, Harry and Gordon sit with the One Armed man and Dale insists they deny him his medicine. Dale shows Philip a picture of Bob and asks why he lied about knowing Bob. Phillip says it wasn't him. Harry thinks they should give him the medicine, but Gordon says if they do they'll never see the other side. Philip begins to groan and thrash a bit, but then snaps out of it and calmly says, "there is no need for medicine." He then tells them he's truly an 'inhabiting spirit' named Mike. He explains that Philip is host to him. Dale says he spoke to him in his dream about Bob. Mike says Bob is his familiar. Dale asks where Bob comes from. Mike says that can not be revealed. Dale asks what Bob wants. Mike answers in a deep breathy tone, "he is Bob, eager for fun, he wears a smile, everybody run." 

Mike then explains how parasites attach to a life form and feed. He says Bob needs a human life form and he feeds on fear and the pleasures. Mike also explains that they used to be partners. He begins to say, "through the darkness of future past the magician longs to see, one chance out between two worlds, Fire Walk With Me." Dale chimes in remembering the phrase from his dream. Mike looks up with pleasure and explains that he saw the face of god and was purified so he cut his tattooed arm off. However he says he stays close to Philip inhabiting him from time to time so he can stop Bob. He also says Dale's sketch of Bob is Bob's true face, but only the gifted and the damned can see it. Dale asks if Bob is near them now. Mike says for nearly 40 years in a large house, surrounded by trees with different rooms, each alike, occupied by different souls night after night. Dale gets a knowing look on his face and spouts, "The Great Northern hotel!" Cue the dramatic music and we cut to a shot of the hotel.

End of show!

So many elements build up in this episode that are not only intriguing, but also a lot of fun. I found myself laughing several times during the episode, particularly with every Gordon Cole scene. David Lynch is so charming in his comedic performance as Gordon; is there anything this man can't do? Also Shelly and Bobby's party for Leo is quite entertaining. I don't know how they kept straight faces when Leo's face hit the cake. I also think Pete offering Tojamura a cold glass of milk is just hilarious. James gets the award for corniest dialogue in this episode, despite James Marshall's sweetness in his performance.

On a serious note, I love how it appears that Leland is just acting bizarre in the office scene with Ben, but in reality his taking of the fox hair is a shrewd set up by Bob, who is cleverly framing Ben right in front of his face. Also the scene with Mike at the end is quite good and adds lots of fun to the mystery of Bob. I'm not convinced Mike is telling Dale the whole truth though, nor am I convinced he's truly on Dale's side, but Al Strobel is terrific in his over the top delivery of this incredible dialogue. Watch below!

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