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Recap of Episode 15

Maddy Ferguson

Season 2 Episode 15

Written by: Scott Frost

Directed by: Caleb Deschanel

Original Air date: November 17th, 1990

"Don't forget to sign us up for Glenn Miller night."

At the Palmer's house, Leland putts a large amount of golf balls in the living room. Then James and Donna knock on the door looking to say goodbye to Maddy. Leland tells them that he dropped Maddy off at the bus stop 20 minutes ago and Maddy was disappointed that they didn't come by last night. Donna and James giggle at the abundance of golf balls in the living room when Leland excuses himself to check on Sarah. Their laughter seems to stir him when he walks back downstairs. After he suggests that Donna and James write to Maddy. When they leave, Leland looks in the mirror and we see Bob looking back at him. Sarah calls from upstairs telling him to sign them up for Glenn Miller night at the country club. Then we see Leland take his golf club bag from the closet and Maddy's dead body is inside. He then takes her body out to his convertible and drives off.

"Lord, what's become of us?"

Over at the Sheriff's station, Ben uses his handkerchief to clean the bars of his jail cell. Then Jerry comes to see him and they end up sharing a brotherly hug. Jerry tells Ben he's going to handle his case personally and asks if Ben killed Laura. Ben scoffs at the question and says he was with Catherine the night Laura died. Jerry says that's unfortunate since Catherine is missing in action. Then Jerry claims he's depressed. He takes a good look at the jail cell's bunk beds. Jerry reminds Ben of a time when they were children and Louise Dombrowski, presumably their babysitter, but that's not clear, danced with a flashlight on the hook rug while they watched from their bunk beds. We get a flash of her dance and the brother's Horne in awe of her as children. Both men smile at the memory and Jerry ponders, "Lord, what's become of us?"

"God, how you must hate us white people!"

Lucy arrives at the station with her sister, Gwen, and Gwen's baby. Gwen talks incessantly as they run into Hawk. Gwen notes he must be, "that native person," that Lucy told her about. She asks if his name is eagle eye, but he quickly says Hawk. Then Gwen comments, "god, how you must hate us white people," because of what white people have done to his people. Hawk corrects her by saying some of his best friends are white people. 

"Will you be alright Leland?"

Harry and Dale walk through the hallway at The Great Northern as Dale makes a recording about the one armed man to Diane. Dale notes to Diane that the one armed man may have been a shaman in another time or place, but in their world he's a shoe salesman and lives among the shadows. As they round the corner they see Leland dancing in the lobby with a golf club while performing in front of a bunch of hotel guests. Dale thinks it would be best if Leland heard about Ben's arrest from Harry. Leland acts surprised when Harry tells him the news by saying he thought Jacques Renault was the killer. Dale asks if Leland will be alright and seems to find something off about him. Leland says the law will handle it and walks around the corner for some privacy. At first it appears he's crying, but then we see that he's actually laughing. Dale goes to check on him and tells Leland to let him know if he remembers anything unusual about Ben's behavior. Then Dale walks back to Harry who asks if everything's okay. Dale answers, "I'm not sure." After they leave, Leland dances again.

"Get yourself a better lawyer."

Doc Hayward prepares to take blood from Ben Horne in the Sheriff's interrogation room and then pricks Ben's finger. Ben yells out in pain, which seems to amuse Doc Hayward. Then Jerry demands that Dale and Harry either release Ben or charge him. Dale quickly shuts him up when he recounts Jerry's poor legal history by noting that Jerry graduated last in his class, only passed the bar on his third attempt and had his license revoked in the states of Illinois, Florida, Alaska and Massachusetts. Jerry defends himself by saying he's not on trial. Then Dale puts Laura's secret diary on the table and asks if Ben knows what it is. Ben looks at Jerry and replies, "a book." Dale tells him to take a closer look so Ben guesses a diary after putting on his glasses. Dale then reads a passage from the diary that Laura wrote saying one day she was going to tell the world about Ben Horne. Dale says a wild young girl like Laura might have caused things in Ben's life to get out of control. Ben gets upset and yells that Dale can't talk to him like that. Harry orders Ben to calm down. Then Jerry asks to speak with Ben alone. In private, Jerry advises Ben as his attorney, friend and brother to, "get yourself a better lawyer."

At Shelly's house, Bobby listens to a recording of Leo's conversation with Ben about starting the Mill fire. Then he makes a copy of the recording to send to Ben with a note saying they need to talk. Shelly calls for him from the other room and then comes walking into the kitchen annoyed with Leo's oatmeal all over her. She sees Bobby's envelope and asks what it is. Bobby says it's his meal ticket to moving into an executive suite. Shelly likes what she hears. Bobby tells her he's going to give her anything she wants. Shelly says she wants a full time nanny. Bobby suggests a french maid instead. Shelly giggles and they start making out. 

"$1000 Houston by 3 points"

At the Double R Diner, Norma is surprised to get a visit from her mother, Vivian. Her mother greets her, but then stops to take a quick taste of Toad's masked potatoes. She likes the taste and says Hank did a good job cooking. Then a man walks in and Vivian introduces him to Norma as her new husband, Ernie Niles, who is a financial analyst. Ernie says it's nice to see their family's good looks haven't isolated themselves to one generation. Norma looks displeased with his comment. Then Ernie steps away to take a phone call on a huge prehistoric cell phone. Her mother compliments Norma's figure and the diner. Norma looks serious and asks how long she's saying in town. Her mother answers a few days and asks what's wrong. Norma says there is a food critic coming to town and she's short on help.

Then Ernie comes back over saying he's got to get to the hotel and sets his newspaper on the counter. After Ernie and Vivian leave, Norma picks up the paper and sees that Ernie wrote $1000 Houston by 3 points on it. Later Hank returns to the diner and receives a cold reception from Norma. She yells at him for taking off for 48 hours. Vivian overhears and listens in from the kitchen. She hears Norma tell Hank not to sweet talk her, but then he does just that and ends up smoothing things over with her. Vivian then walks over and invites Hank and Norma out to diner later that night. Hank ultimately accepts despite Norma's attempts to avoid the situation.

"He's close."

One armed Mike abruptly wakes up in a hotel room at The Great Northern and groans, "he's close." He asks the nurse in his room to get him a glass of water. She leaves to get it for him and the police guard who was sitting outside walks into the room. Mike hits him on the head and knocks him out. He looks upset, says he's sorry to the guard and then escapes out the window.

Pete goes to see Harry in his office as Harry is bird watching a woodpecker from his window. Pete takes a look and says, "outstanding." Then Pete tells Harry that Josie is gone and simply left him a note. Harry says he knows about it and Pete doesn't have to explain. Pete gets choked up and says, "I loved her!" Harry says he loved her too and he stood by as she walked out with an Asian man. They end up comparing notes and realize that Mr. Lee/Cousin Jonathan are one in the same. Pete says he has a bad feeling and Harry conquers. Then Cooper walks in upset and tells Harry about the one armed man's escape. Harry and Dale leave to investigate. 

"She set me up!"

Out in the Sheriff's lobby, Andy walks in and sees Lucy holding Gwen's baby. He jumps to the wrong conclusion and passes out. Meanwhile Pete goes down to see Ben in his jail cell and taunts him with a tape recording for him made by Catherine. Pete laughs as Ben listens with intent as Catherine plays coy about being with Ben the night Laura Palmer died. Catherine tells him she will be his alibi if he sells the Mill and Ghost Wood Estates back to her. Pete loves it and laughs hardily. Ben seethes saying, "she set me up!" After Pete leaves Ben has a temper tantrum and tears apart his cell while screaming, "I'll get you, you bitch!"

"Do you play golf Agent Cooper?"

Leland/Bob drives haphazardly down the road and sings as Harry and Dale come upon him from the opposite direction. Leland almost hits them so they pull him over. When Harry and Dale walk up to the car Leland laughs the incident off, apologizes and says his mind wandered thinking of Ben. Then Leland says he remembered that the night Laura died he overheard Ben on the phone in his office talking about a,"dairy." Dale questions if Ben might have meant diary. Leland says that could be it. Harry gets a call on the radio from Lucy so Leland takes a moment alone with Dale to ask if he likes golf. Dale says he likes it's precision. Leland says he wants to show Dale his golf clubs and walks back around to the trunk. As Leland is taking a club out of the bag where Maddy's dead body is, Harry calls to Dale that they have to leave. Dale says he'll look at the clubs another time and takes off with Harry. After Leland gets back in his car, adjusts his rearview mirror and sees Bob smiling back at him.

"Just what the world needs, another sperm gun running around loose."

Hawk brings the one armed man to the Sheriff's station as Lucy, her sister Gwen and Andy are talking in the lobby. Gwen is telling Andy and Lucy a story about passing out in the grocery store and waking up to find herself covered in crushed fruit. Lucy holds an ice bag to Andy's head as Gwen continues to tell them about her first thoughts at seeing her son for the first time. Gwen says he was laid out on her chest and she thought to herself, "Just what the world needs, another sperm gun running around loose." Andy tries to whisper to Lucy about his sperm count problems, but Gwen continually interrupts with wisecracks. Both Andy and Lucy tell her to shut up so Gwen gets offended and walks off. Once alone, Andy tells Lucy that his sperm got better so he must be the father of her baby. Lucy's face falls knowing that might not be true.

"You two bit lumberjack!"

Meanwhile the one armed man sniffs Ben in the interogation room for hints of Bob. Dale, Harry and Jerry watch. Jerry tells Dale to have the one armed man stop looking at him like he's a dog biscuit. Mike groans, "Bob has been very close." Jerry says he doesn't know any Bob and demands that Harry either charge Ben or let him go. Harry decides to take control, officially charges Ben and orders Philip Gerard to be taken back to his hotel room. Ben mocks Jerry saying, "good move Jerr!" Then Ben calls Harry a, "two bit lumberjack!" Jerry holds him back and Dale asks to speak with Harry alone. In private, Dale says he doesn't think Ben killed Laura. Harry gets frustrated. He tells Dale that he's tired of all the hocus pocus and the dreams. Harry says he's got hard evidence against Ben and it's his responsibility to lock him up. Dale humbly backs off and walks away. 

"Savings and Loan."

Norma, Vivian, Hank and Ernie have dinner together at The Great Northern. The women excuse themselves to go to the ladies room. Once alone, Ernie asks Hank if he's going to tell Vivian he was in prison. It turns out Hank and Ernie served time together and Ernie was released 6 months before Hank. Ernie claims he's trying to only tell the truth these days and not gambling anymore. However he says that he's handling Vivian's investments and he wants a clean slate. Hank teases him about supposedly stealing from a church in the past, but Ernie snaps that it was a, "savings and loan," and swears he never stole from a church. When Norma and her mother return, Hank proposes a toast to Ernie and Vivian on their marriage and future. Then Hank crudely guzzles the last of his beer as Norma glares at him wide eyed.

"All I ever really wanted was for him to love me."

Dale talks to Diane in his hotel room saying he feels he's very close to solving the case, but the last few steps are always the darkest and most difficult. Then Audrey knocks on the door and asks if she can come in and talk. She notices Dale's bullet scar as he puts his shirt on. Then Audrey wants to know if Dale thinks Ben killed Laura. Dale says that's for a court to decide. Audrey asks if Ben was arrested, because of the information she gave Dale. He answers only in part. Audrey looks sad and softly says, "all I ever really wanted was for him to love me." Dale replies that he thinks Ben does love her. She thinks he's ashamed of her. Then she promises Dale that she never let anyone touch her at One Eyed Jacks, but he stops her and says he knows that already. Right then he gets an important phone call and after hanging up, he orders Audrey to go to her room and lock the door. After Dale meets up with Harry and a team of officers at a spot in the woods. Another dead body has been discovered wrapped in plastic and when the body is unwrapped, Harry and Dale see it's Maddy Ferguson. 

End of show!

Episode 15 offers a bit of lighter fare amongst some of the heaviest episodes of the series and I really like it. There's lots of funny dialogue. particularly with Lucy's sister, Gwen. Not too mention as a big Ernie Niles fan, I always love his introduction to the show. Toad's face when Vivian tastes his mashed potatoes is pretty priceless too. Of course I should mention how great Pete's laughter is when he plays Catherine's tape for Ben.

On a more serious note, the scene of Leland/Bob laughing after learning Ben was arrested is one of Ray Wise's best moments. I also love all the shots of Leland seeing Bob's reflection in the mirror. Dale and Harry's relationship is tested a bit. Dale clearly realized that he's missing something with his insight that Ben is not the true killer. I feel like this episode is where Ben truly gets his comeuppance though and his fall offers the viewer a lot of levity. Jerry Horne has some great moments. One of my personal favorites being when he advises Ben to get a better lawyer. However I think one of the most charming scenes is definitely when Ben and Jerry remember Louise Dombrowski's hook rug dance. 

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