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Recap of Episode 22

Season 2 Episode 22

Written by: Harley Peyton & Robert Engels

Directed by: Diane Keaton

Original Air Date: February 9th, 1991

"I just want it over with."

We open to slow pan of a giant chess board. Then Evelyn appears sitting on her staircase. She's dressed in all black. Malcolm stands by the doorway talking to some local police officers about James. She's clearly disenchanted with the lies he's telling, but plays along. Once the officers leave, Malcolm puts his hands on her throat and warns her to be careful. Evelyn says she just wants this over with. Meanwhile at Wallie's Hideout, Donna pulls James into the corner. A group of random sailors sit at the bar. The bartender is pushy about offering Donna a drink. Then James says he's being set up, and he thinks he should talk to Evelyn. Donna doesn't know if it's a good idea, but James is convinced that Evelyn will listen to him. Donna asks why in a solemn voice, almost as if she knows something transpired between them. Then she goes to call big Ed, but pretends to be on the phone with her friend, Annette, when a police officer walks in. 

"Get a life, punk!"

At the Sheriff's station, Dale and Harry question Bobby and Shelly about Leo's awakening. Bobby tells them that he and Shelly have been together for a long time. Dale looks at a chess board nearby and asks Bobby where he was the night the mill burned. Dale wonders if Bobby shot Leo that night. Bobby cops an attitude. Harry tells him to "button it!" Bobby then says it was Hank who shot Leo. Harry promises Shelly they will protect her. Bobby mockingly says he feels so much safer now. Then they go to leave and bump into Albert on their way out. Albert takes a good look at Bobby and snarks, "Get a life, punk!" 

Albert enters the conference room with his briefcase and a smile. Albert and Harry embrace for a bear hug. After Albert exchanges a hardy handshake with Dale. Then he tells Dale and Harry that he's back in town because of Windom Earle. Albert shows them a map of places where Windom has been sending pieces of wedding clothing to different police stations around the country. Dale looks at the pictures of the items and realizes their Carolyn's. Albert then explains how Windom manipulated the dead vagrant's fingers on the chess board in the Harry's office. Dale tells him good work, but then he looks out the window in deep thought. Albert walks over to him and notes that Windom's making his move. He also compliments Cooper's wardrobe change from his FBI suit to a flannel shirt. Albert thinks it would be fashion suicide for most people, but says it works on Cooper.

"Leo the Lion, Roar!"

In Windom Earle's cabin, he wears a dirty onesie and plays the flute. Then he wakes Leo up and begins to read Leo's rap sheet. Leo tries to walk away, but Windom slams his flute into Leo's legs. He gets the better of Leo and yells, "Leo the lion, roar." Then Windom puts an electric collar around Leo's neck. Leo tries to get up so Windom shocks him with an evil smile. After Windom feeds Leo some gruel.

"I turned all my Christmas' into a week full of Monday's."

Norma and Big Ed have pillow talk in his bedroom about all the years they lost. Norma talks about keeping the diner open all the time so she didn't have to have another life. Ed says he turned all his Christmas' into a week full of Monday's. They kiss and discuss starting a new future together. Then Nadine comes crashing in with her 2nd place wrestling trophy. She awkwardly hops into bed with them and apologizes to Norma for beating Hank up. Norma is clearly uncomfortable, but thanks her. Then Nadine goes to leave. Before walking out she says that she's okay with them being together, because she's very serious about Mike.

At the Packard's house, Dale and Harry question Josie about Cousin Jonathan/Mr. Lee's death. Harry pleads with her to tell the truth. Josie hesitates to communicate, but grabs Harry's hand under the table. Dale decides to get some more coffee. While doing so, Pete comes in with story and a ton of dry cleaning. Dale takes the dry cleaning so Pete can answer the phone. Once alone, Dale takes a sample of Josie's vicuna coat and gloves. Meanwhile Thomas Eckhardt calls Josie and taunts her. Catherine listens on the other end with a sly smile.

"Implement the 'Appomattox' scenario."

Ben continues his descent into the Civil War in his office at The Great Northern. Dr. Jacoby, Johnny Horne and Audrey stand nearby. Jerry debates with Audrey about leaving Ben in his current condition. Audrey firmly reminds him that she'll get everything if Ben is incapacitated. Jerry then changes his position and says they should help Ben after all. Audrey asks Dr. Jacoby to bring Ben back to the real world. Dr. Jacoby says it's time to implement the, "Appomattox," scenario. Bobby then walks in wearing his Civil War uniform. He joins Ben in a choppy rendition of Dixieland with Johnny Horne and some of the other hotel workers.

Later, Audrey, Jerry, Dr. Jacoby and Bobby reenact, with a fair amount of hilarity, the end of the Civil War on Ben's behalf, but with a twist. They declare the South the victor. Upon signing over the 'Article' which supposedly makes the victory official, Ben passes out. When he wakes up, he tells them he had the strangest dream, but says now he feels terrific. Ben asks what they're doing in costume. They all laugh and rejoice in response.

"You don't get it, do you? I'm talking about our lives."

Donna finds Evelyn drunk at Wallie's Hideout. She asks why Evelyn is doing this to James, especially when he's such a good person. Evelyn responds, "he was good at two things: the car and me." Donna oddly replies, "you don't get it, do you? I'm talking about our lives." Then Evelyn gives Donna a dose of her negative realism about life. Malcolm walks in so Evelyn stumbles off. He grabs Donna's neck and threatens to kill James if he sees her again. Malcolm then walks out as Donna cries for them not to do this to James.

"Our Sheriff's got a serious problem with his girlfriend."

Back at the station, Albert and Dale look at some slides while discussing Josie. Albert has compared the fibers found outside of Dale's room when he was shot to Josie's vicuna coat. Albert thinks she's guilty. He also says that the police in Seattle are looking for a beautiful Asian woman in connection to Jonathan's death. Albert notes that Harry has a serious problem with his girlfriend. Dale doesn't want him to say anything until they're certain. After Dale goes into Harry's office. Harry tells him the name of the dead body was Powell. Dale says that's Carolyn's maiden name. Dale is worried. He explains that every time Windom takes a piece from the chess board someone will die. Dale says he's never beaten Windom at chess. Harry tells him not to worry, because they have an expert Chess player right in town.


At the Double R, Pete checkmates, Toad, Dale, Harry and Doc Hayward while they all laugh. Dale is impressed. Pete says he owes his skill to the great Jose Raul Capablanca. Then Dale says he needs Pete's help to play a stalemate game.

Nearby Shelly goes into the kitchen to speak with Norma. Shelly wants to come back to work. Norma takes her back gladly and they hug. After Harry speaks with Norma and tells her Hank's going to jail for a long time. Norma is pleased to hear it.

Thomas Eckhardt comes to dinner at the Packard's and nearly gives Josie a heart attack. Catherine makes Josie serve them while she and Thomas exchange terse banter over Andrew's supposed demise. Thomas claims he killed Andrew for love. Josie comes to pour them wine and Catherine remarks on Josie's lovely hands. Thomas takes Josie hand and kisses it. Josie pulls away in disgust. He seems rebuffed. Then he negotiates with Catherine over Josie's fate. Josie listens nervously, and then serves them a pig's head for dinner.

"Don't hurt him!"

Evelyn makes smoke rings at her house while stewing on the couch. James suddenly opens the door and asks, "why'd you do it?" He gets in her face and pushes her down on the coach. Evelyn admits that she doesn't have a hidden heart of gold, and says she did it all for the money. However she also claims that at times she really wanted James for the good and honest way that he tastes. James says he likes the way she tastes too. Malcolm then appears and knocks James out. He manhandles Evelyn and recounts a made up story for her to offer the police when they kill James. Later Donna bursts in screaming for them not to hurt James. Malcolm grabs Donna by the hair. Donna pleads with Evelyn to help James. Evelyn musters her courage and ends up shooting Malcolm. Donna screams as a "Bob-like" echoing is heard in the background. Evelyn falls to the ground with Malcolm's body, and manically babbles about the story she will give to the police.

"It's your move!"

In Windom's cabin, he tries on a disguise and monitors Leo as he tries to write a letter. Windom doesn't like Leo's handwriting and zaps him a couple of times. After he soothes Leo by giving him a treat. Windom then shows Leo a picture of Audrey, Shelly and Donna. He says, "pretty words for pretty girls." Then he makes Leo lick an envelope for him. Leo seems resistant and whines, "no!"

Later Dale goes to the hotel and unknowingly passes Windom in disguise on the elevator. Windom then leaves a message for Audrey at the front desk. Meanwhile Dale goes into his room and sees Carolyn's death mask laying on his bed. He's clearly troubled by the sight. When he picks up the mask, a recording of Windom's voice goes off. Windom remarks that Carolyn was beautiful, and claims he still loves her. Then he firmly tells Dale, "it's your move!"

End of show!

For some reason I've always marked this episode as the worst in my mind, but watching it now, I find myself liking it a little more. There is no way around Evelyn's awful dialogue. Nor can James' acting be called good, but I don't think this is the worst episode of the series any longer. I like the Windom Earle's scenes a lot. I also love the chess scene with Pete, Toad, Harry, Dale and Doc Hayward. Give me Toad and I'll give you a smile. 

Here's what's bad about episode 22:

The random sailors at Wallie's hideout, hammy policeman talking with Malcolm, Evelyn, James, and Donna all struggling with the poor dialogue, Thomas Eckhardt (despite sharing some good banter with Catherine), and Bob-like roaring sounds as Malcolm dies. 

Here's what's good about episode 22:

Ben makes it back to reality, the Evelyn/James subplot finally ends, Shelly goes back to work at the diner, Norma, Ed and Nadine have a great moment together, we learn who shot Dale Cooper, Windom and Leo are a lot of fun to watch, and Albert makes some great comments about Dale's flannel shirt. 

Watch below!

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