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Recap of Episode 23

Season 2 Episode 23

Written by: Tricia Brock

Directed by: Lesli Linka Glatter

Original Air Date: February 16th, 1991

"She was the love of my life."

Dale listens to Windom's tape recording in Harry's office. On the tape, Windom insists that Dale print his next move in the newspaper. After they finish listening, Harry says he's not letting Dale out of his sight. Dale thinks they better call Pete so Harry tells Lucy to get Pete on the phone. Carolyn's death mask sits on Harry desk, which Dale stares at mournfully. Harry senses his distraction and notes that Carolyn was very beautiful. Dale softly replies, "she was the love of my life, Harry."

"Poor Josie."

At the Packard's, Pete tells Lucy over the phone he'll come right down to the station. After he hangs up, Pete serves Catherine and Andrew breakfast. He makes a funny face out of Andrew's food, which Andrew loves. Catherine looks on annoyed. Once Pete leaves, Andrew tells Catherine he hoped time would ease her inner rage. Catherine just wants to know about his plans for Ghost Wood Estates. Andrew tells her he's meeting with the investors later. Then Josie walks in. When she sees Andrew she promptly passes out in shock. Andrew and Catherine laugh hardily as Catherine comments, "poor Josie."

"Get em' outta here!"

Hawk brings Hank, who's on crutches, into Harry's office. Harry is ready to throw the book at him so Hank offers to be witness for him. Harry firmly replies, "no deal." Then Hank makes a comment about Harry sleeping with the prime suspect in Andrew Packard's murder. Harry looks offended. Hawk then kicks Hank's crutch out from under him forcing Hank to fall into Harry's desk. Harry yells, "get em' outta here!" Meanwhile Albert tells Cooper in the conference room that Josie is the one who shot him. Cooper says he doesn't take it personally.

"I look forward to your stint in housekeeping!"

At The Great Northern, Audrey approaches the concierge, Randy, saying she's doing a stint in every department while learning the business. Randy isn't pleased and snarks that he looks forward to her stint in housekeeping. Then he walks away annoyed. Audrey is off put and fumbles with her binder and name tag. Some twangy guitar music begins to play in the background as a man approaches her. At first Audrey is abrupt with him, but then softens when she looks at him. She asks how she can help him. He says he needs assistance transporting equipment from his jet. Audrey jokes and calls him Mr. Rockefeller. The man smiles and then recalls Audrey playing Heidi in a play when she a little girl at the hotel. She seems flattered and remembers she was ten years old at that time. However when she looks back up, he's already walking away. After Audrey receives a note asking her to go to the Roadhouse at 9:30, along with a torn piece of paper with a poem on it.

"We're breaking up."

Nadine comes home in a somber state and tells Ed that she's in love with Mike. She claims they had a magical night together on their wrestling trip. Ed asks what this means. Nadine says they have to call a spade and spade. She says, "we're breaking up." Then she hugs him and apologizes. Ed looks befuddled, but pleased.

"I think I'm going mad!"

At the Packard's, Dale tries to get Josie to talk to him. Catherine eavesdrops on their conversation. Josie won't speak so Dale tells her this is the end of the line. He asks her to think of Harry, and tells her to meet him at the police station later. When she's alone again, Catherine walks in and torments Josie by saying Thomas wants to see her later that night as well. Josie is panicked. She says she's going mad and asks Catherine to help her. Catherine says Josie has to face Thomas. Then she discretely shows her a gun hidden in the bookshelf. Josie grabs the gun and clutches it to her chest.

"Incredible Roasted."

In Ben's office, Ben asks Bobby to join him for a meeting with Audrey and Jerry. Ben eats some celery and says today is important. Then John Justice Wheeler, the same man Audrey had an encounter with earlier, walks in. Ben is happy to see him and introduces him to everyone. Ben refers to Bobby as his Executive Assistant, Bob Briggs, and then everyone sits down. Ben begins to speak with them about the hard times they've fallen on. He shows them a picture of the Little Pine Weasel. Jerry is quick to say that they're, "incredible roasted." Ben explains that the Little Pine Weasel is nearly extinct and he wants to cleverly stop the Ghost Wood project to save the weasel.  

"I'd rather be his whore than your wife."

Windom Earle drops off a note for Shelly at the diner. Right then, Norma gets a call from her sister, Annie, who is coming to Twin Peaks from a convent. Norma says when Annie was little it always seemed like she was from another place and time. Then Shelly finds her note, which also asks for her to come to the Roadhouse at 9:30. Norma thinks its sounds intriguing, but dangerous. Then Ed walks in and comes behind the counter. He grabs Norma and asks Norma to marry him. He says it's their turn to be happy and kisses her. Shelly walks away with a cute smile to give them privacy.

Later Norma goes to see Hank in jail and asks him for divorce. Hank tries to sweet talk Norma, and asks for her help to get out of jail. However Norma refuses. Hank gets upset and threatens her. Then he calls Norma, Ed's whore. Norma responds, "I'd rather be his whore than your wife."

"Let's bust this bitch!"

Leo carves wooden sticks outside of Windom's cabin. Windom sings and then talks to Leo about how nature is cruel. We see him pull out an arrowhead and place it on top of the wooden stick. Meanwhile at the station, Pete stalemates Windom's game for Dale. Harry then calls it into the paper just in time. Albert walks in looking to talk to Cooper so Cooper steps outside with him. Albert says Josie is guilty and he's ready to, "bust this bitch!" Cooper is hesitant to make a move on her. Harry then walks out and watches them with concern.

"We won't speak again."

Andrew brings champagne to Josie's room for one last time at the Packard's. They briefly wax nostalgic about their past. He tells her that the police are closing in on her and the only solution is for her to see Thomas. Andrew says Thomas can get her out of the country, because he doesn't know he's alive. Andrew walks out saying they won't speak again. Later Catherine is reading a book with Pete sitting next to her when someone knocks on the door. She refuses to get up so Pete halts what he's doing and answers the door. Harry is there looking for Josie. Catherine and Pete tell him that Josie is meeting with Thomas at the hotel.

James meets Donna for a picnic in the woods. He tells her that he's going to be a witness in Evelyn's trial. James notices that Donna is wearing the ring he gave her. She says she knows about Evelyn, but she doesn't want him to worry about her. At first Donna asks for him to come home with her, but then she realizes that James needs to go have great adventures. James says he loves her and promises to come back one day.

"I'm Alliivvee!"

Andrew surprises Thomas Eckhardt in the elevators at The Great Northern. He tells him that, "I'm alliivvee," with an exaggerated groan. Andrew says Josie is the one who warned him of Thomas' plan years ago, thus allowing him to live. Thomas seems upset, but insists that Josie belongs to him. Andrew says he should be careful if Josie is coming back to him.

"What does that have to do with the price of eggs?"

In The Great Northern dining room, Ben tells John Justice Wheeler that he needs his expertise to be a better person. Audrey sits with them and nearly chokes when Ben refers to needing John to scribe his goodness on Ben's 'virgin' pages. John explains to Audrey what he does for a living, which is buying bankrupt companies. Ben jumps in to say that when John is done with a project the air is cleaner. Then Ben is called away, due to the chef trying to stab Jerry. Once alone, Audrey questions John's motives. He thinks she doesn't like him. Audrey says the Horne's might be in trouble, but can stand on their own. They end up having a brief, but intimate conversation where he tells her that it's glorious out in the world, and Audrey tells him she's only 18. John asks what that has to do with the price of eggs. 

Donna bumps into Shelly at the Roadhouse and they compare their torn notes. Audrey shows up, shows her torn note, and they all put the letter pieces together. Then we see Windom Earle is watching them from the end of the bar, dressed in a trucker disguise, as they read the poem he sent them.

"Put it down!"

Dale practices fly fishing in his room when Catherine calls him to say Josie is at the hotel with Thomas. Dale takes his gun and goes to Eckhardt's room. He hears yelling from outside the door, then he hears a gunshot so Dale bursts in. He sees Thomas and Josie in bed together. Thomas stumbles out of bed with blood on him and falls to the floor. After Josie pulls a gun on Cooper and tells him that she only shot him because he came to town. Harry bursts in with his gun pointed and screams for Josie to, "put it down!" Josie appears to loose her breath. starts to shake, and then falls dead on the bed. Harry runs to her, checks her pulse and realizes she's gone. Right then Dale sees Bob start to crawl over the bed and yell to him, "What happened to Josie?" Then the little man from another place appears and begins dancing on the bed. Dale snaps back to reality and sees Harry crying while holding Josie. At the end, we see Josie's face is somehow transposed in the wooden knob on the nightstand. She seems to be trapped in the wood and screams out in pain.

End of show!

I love that Ed and Norma seem to finally get to a happy place in this episode, at least for now. I also enjoy the fun banter between Pete and Andrew, and seeing Ben eat celery always makes me laugh. This episode marks the end for Hank, James, Thomas Eckhardt and Josie, and it also marks the beginning of John Justice Wheeler. There is nothing quite like Billy Zane's portrayal of J.J.W., is there? 

It's interesting that Norma says Annie always seemed like she came from another time and place, don't you think 'The Secret History of Twin Peaks' fans? Another bit of dialogue that might have influenced the very clever Mr. Frost.

It's always nice to see Bob, even if his appearance doesn't make much sense. Josie's death is a bit inexplicable, as is her transformation into a wooden knob, but it did make me feel upset for Harry. Their relationship has been a slippery slop to say the least. Watch below!

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