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Recap of Episode 25

Season 2 Episode 25

Written by: Harley Peyton & Robert Engels

Directed by: Duwayne Dunham

Original Air date: April 4th, 1991


At the Book House, Harry gets a surprise awakening from Jones. She slips into bed with him and starts to seduce him while he's passed out. She dabs some of Josie's perfume across his lips and hers. In Harry's drunken haze he thinks it's Josie, and starts to imagine her in Jones' place. Then Jones pulls wire from her bracelet and tries to strangle Harry. He wakes up and immediately begins fighting for his life. He manages to knock her out. When he gets a good look, he seems surprised to see a woman.

"If you're gonna bring a hammer, you better bring nails."

Audrey brings John Justice Wheeler room service at the hotel. She's happy and bubbly with him. John says his uncle used to tell him, "if you're gonna bring a hammer, you better bring nails." Audrey asks what he means. He says the next time she comes to his room she better be ready to finish whatever she started. Audrey replies, "what if I'm ready now?" John tells her to be herself as he goes to kiss her. Audrey backs away and heads for the door. John says he stands corrected, because she's a beautiful and intelligent woman. Then he asks her to go to dinner with him later. Audrey answers yes and tells him if he brings a hammer, he better bring some nails.

"That should do it!"

Harry talks to Dale at the station about Jones' attack on him. He wonders why Eckhardt would want him dead. Dale responds, "sexual jealousy." It makes sense to Harry, despite feeling extremely hung over. Dale pats him on the shoulder and says it's good to have him back. Then Dale tells Harry the "sure-fire" cure for a hang over. Dale explains, "You take a glass of nearly frozen, unstrained tomato juice, you plop a couple of oysters in there, you drink it down, breathe in deeply. Next, you take a mound, and I mean a mound, of sweetbreads, saute them with some chestnuts and some Canadian bacon. Finally, biscuits, big biscuits, smothered in gravy. Now, here’s where it gets tricky, you’re gonna need some anchovies." The details make Harry nauseous so he runs into the bathroom. Dales watches him with a smile and notes, "that should do it."

"The word linkage reminds me of sausage!"

Doc Hayward studies a miniature Bonsai tree in Harry's office. Dale holds up a glass full of, "bicarbonate of soda," which he says is the ultimate digestive aid. Harry walks in so Dale hands him the soda. Then Harry sees that the Bonsai tree is from Josie. Doc Hayward gives him the gift Windom left for Donna. Then Gordon Cole loudly enters the room with a dossier on Windom Earle. Meanwhile we see that the Bonsai tree is actually a gift from Windom, who is using it to listen to their conversation. He tells Leo that it's, "galling" that Dale refuses to play fair. Gordon then tells Dale, Harry and Doc Hayward that Earle was taking Haloperidol, the same drug as the one armed man, and Earle had been working on Project Blue Book. Dale seems concerned and says those are some curious linkages. Gordon remarks that the word linkage reminds him of sausage, but he always preferred patties to sausage links. He suggests they get some breakfast.

Then Gordon screams, "Bonsai!" into the Bonsai plant, which hurts Windom's ears. Gordon also tells Dale to put back on his FBI suit and hands him a new gun. Gordon assures him they will pursue, capture and incarcerate Windom Earle. Back in Windom's cabin, Windom plays cards with Leo where Shelly, Audrey and Donna's pictures are on the Queen's and Dale's face is on the king. However Windom needs one more woman for the face of the Queen of Hearts. He says the winner of Miss Twin Peaks will get to die while Cooper watches. 

"I want to hold you."

Donna follows her mother to see Ben Horne at The Great Northern. Nearby Mike and Nadine check out of the hotel saying what a great night they had. After Donna asks Audrey if she knows of any reason why her mother is visiting her father. Audrey asks if she's here now. Donna say they're in Ben's office. Audrey smiles slyly. Meanwhile Eileen and Ben talk in his office. She wants to destroy his letters from the past. Ben says he's been wrong all these years and he wants to make up for it. Ben caresses her face and says she should have been the best thing that ever happened to him. He gropes her saying he wants to hold her and go back to that night. Then we see Donna and Audrey are listening through the wall. They hear Eileen tell Ben he has to stay away from "her", which makes Donna determined to find out what they're talking about.

"Holy smokes, who is that?"

Harry, Gordon and Dale walk into the Double R while Gordon recounts his own distasteful cure for a hang over. Listening to it makes Harry nauseous again so he heads to the bathroom. Dale and Gordon take a seat at a booth. Gordon says he's in the mood for a steak so rare they could sell it at Tiffany's. Gordon notices Shelly at the counter and yells to Dale, "holy smokes, who is that?" Dale loudly replies, "Shelly Johnson!" Shelly hears them and looks confused. Dale waves to hear. Gordon says Shelly reminds him of the statue Venus de Milo, and she's the kind of girl that makes you wish you spoke a little French.

"Would you like some pie?"

Gordon decides to go talk to Shelly. He says seeing her beauty makes him feel like his stomach is full of a team of bumble bees. Shelly laughs, but asks him not to shout. Gordon is awestruck and claims he can hear her perfectly. He pulls out his hearing aid and says for some reason he can hear her and it's a miracle. The Log Lady is sitting nearby and asks what's wrong with miracles. Gordon immediately screams, "what's that?" The Log Lady responds sharply, "this pie is a miracle." He looks to Shelly so Shelly tells him she's talking about the pie. Gordon is amazed that he can hear her again. She asks if he wants pie with his coffee. Delighted, Gordon replies, "massive, massive quantities, and a glass of water sweetheart, my socks are on fire."

"A chickadee on a Dodge Dart."

Back at the booth, Dale and Harry debate whether they see a chickadee on a Dodge Dart or not. Annie comes over and agrees with Dale that it's a chickadee on a Dodge Dart. Then she goes on to innocently flirt with Dale. Harry watches them with a smile. Then Cooper tries to tell Annie a joke, but she has to step away. In private, Harry asks how long Dale's been in love with her. Dale smiles and asks how he can tell. Harry answers because he tried to tell her a joke. Annie comes back and asks Dale to finish his joke, which she laughs intently about. Over at the counter, Gordon has cherry pie stains on his lips and tells Shelly he's going to write an epic poem about the pie. Then Annie notices a doodle Dale drew on his napkin. She says it looks like the symbol at Owl Cave. Harry takes a look and agrees. Dale tells him that he combined Major Briggs and The Log Lady's markings into one. Dale insists that he has to see Owl Cave.

Donna reads a postcard from James at her house. He says he'll be back with millions of stories. Then Doc Hayward approaches her and agrees that James will be back. Donna asks why her mom would be visiting Ben Horne. Doc insists it has to do with the save the planet "thing", but Donna doesn't seem convinced. Then flowers arrive for Eileen without a card.

"You look very much like a Queen."

At the library, Windom Earle approaches Audrey disguised as a pipe smoking professor named Mr. Perkins. He claims poetry is his expertise. Audrey says she got a poem in the mail, but doesn't know what it is. Windom asks her to read it to him. Audrey plays along. While she reads he stares at her oddly. Then he says watching her recite the verse of Shelley makes her look very much like a Queen. Audrey is off put and walks away.

"I'm not even remotely interested."

At the diner, Annie looks at a flyer for the Miss Twin Peaks contest. Shelly asks if she's going to enter, but Annie says she can think of better things to do than parade around on stage in a bathing suit and heels. They briefly talk about life inside the convent vs. life outside the convent. Annie says the weirdest thing about being out is being near men. Then she asks about Dale Cooper. Shelly smiles and asks if she's interested. She thinks Annie's got an opportunity with him. Annie denies having an attraction by saying, "I'm not even remotely interested." Shelly clearly doesn't believe her.

At the station, Andy practices rope climbing in front of Lucy's desk. Hawk puts something down in the lobby, looks at Andy and walks away. Lucy thanks Andy for helping out during the, "weasel riot," which she says Dick failed to do. Lucy asks where he's going with all his gear. Andy replies, "spelunking." She asks him to promise her that he'll be careful, which he does before dropping to the floor.

Dale enters Harry's office with his climbing gear on and asks if he's ready. Harry tells him that Pete just called in their next chess move for Windom Earle, and he stills feels hung over. Dale thinks a descent into a cave will help. He also says Gordon isn't coming, because Shelly is taking him to get his ears checked. Dale says it's the, "old tuning fork test."

"Daddy, I'm your man!"

In Ben's office, Ben watches Johnny playing Indian outside from his window. Then he talks to Audrey, who is sitting on the couch. Ben says he thinks Audrey is the, "best man," to be his right hand man. Ben also tells her that he knows he's been a bad father and he wants to make up for the mistakes he's made. He asks Audrey to help him achieve that. Audrey shakes his hand and says, "Daddy, I'm your man!" Ben is pleased and surprises Audrey with an impulsive trip to Seattle to help the business. John Justice Wheeler comes in and learns that Ben is sending Audrey out of town, which means their date is off. After, Ben and John talk. Ben eats a carrot and tells John he feels great, but he doesn't know how to be a good man. John advises him to always tell the hardest truth first. Then John tells Ben he's falling in love with Audrey. Ben smiles and offers him a carrot.

"A place both wonderful and strange."

Andy, Dale, Harry, and Hawk enter Owl Cave. Andy falls making his descent, but says he's fine. They all use their flashlights to look at the wall and find the symbol matching Dale's drawing. Dale thinks this must be the answer. An owl watches, starts making a call and then impulsively flies over their heads. Andy takes a swing at it, but misses and get his ax stuck in the wall. It somehow releases a piece of the rock. Behind it is a petroglyph with an owl symbol on the front of a rod. Dale is fascinated. He thinks fate and coincidence play largely in their lives. Then he tells Harry he has no idea where this will lead them, but he has a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange. After we see the owl fly out of the cave opening.

"Some people think I'm strange."

Annie goes to the bar at The Great Northern, unsure of what to order. The bartender says the ladies like rum so she says she'll try that. Dale walks in and sees her. He decides to approach her and they have a nice conversation about how everything is new for Annie since being free of the convent. She smiles while telling him about all the things that excite her about the world. He notices her wrist scar again and Annie sees him. She tells him she failed before and is afraid it might happen again. Dale says he might be able to help. Annie tells him she's stubborn and that some people think she's strange. Dale can relate so she accepts his offer. Meanwhile, Windom Earle heads to Owl Cave and sees the petroglyph that Andy released from the wall. He spots an inverted drawing on the ceiling of the owl symbol and decides to turn the owl petroglyph in the wall upside down. Upon doing so, it causes the cave wall to shake as dust starts to come down.

End of show!

This episode, in my opinion, is a vast improvement over the last few. Gordon Cole's return is so much fun, and I thoroughly enjoy the owl cave expedition. Not to mention, it's great to see Dale back in his suit.

J.J.W. certainly knows how to prey on younger women, doesn't he? He says all the right complimentary things to swoon Audrey, and even wearing that hideous sweater, he still got Audrey to agree to go to dinner with him. In the earlier days of this blog I had written a satirical holiday post about the ugliest sweaters in Twin Peaks. Take a look ---> Ugly Sweater Party

I love Dale's "sure-fire" hangover cure too, his pleased smile says it all.

Could Windom's turning of the cave petroglyph have somehow messed up the cosmic order of things? It seems interesting to me that Dale would say that fate and coincidence play largely in their lives and then at the end, Windom inverts a rod in Owl Cave. Is Twin Peaks in the upside down world Stranger Things fans? Just a thought. Could Owl Cave have reset time in some way? 

Watch the owl cave scene below!

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