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Recap of Episode 24

"Get outta here...go!"

Season 2 Episode 24

Written by: Barry Pullman

Directed by: James Foley

Original Air date: March 28th, 1991

"It's a pretty simple town."

At the bookhouse, Harry drinks and pines for Josie while having memories of some of their moments together. Hawk brings him breakfast from Norma. Harry says maybe he'll eat later. Then he asks what's happening at the station. Hawk answers that Windom's chess game is the big concern. Harry says they can handle it because, "it's a pretty simple town. Or at least it used to be." 

Annie Blackburn, Norma's sister, walks into the Double R. Norma hugs her and introduces her to Shelly. After they briefly chat about their mother. Annie says they can talk about her or they can feel good about things. She also tells Norma that it's weird being out of the convent, and she doesn't want any charity. Norma promises to work her until she drops. Nearby, Major Briggs eats a piece of pie at the counter. When Shelly leaves him his check he describes the pie as, "compelling." Shelly gives him a bewildered look before walking away. After, the Log Lady approaches him. She notices the marking on his neck and touches it with her fingers. She seems concerned and sits down next to him with her log.

"We better whistle on our way past the graveyard." 

Hawk and Cooper talk in Harry's office. Hawk says he hates paperwork and is fine with Cooper taking the lead in Harry's absence. They discuss Josie's autopsy report. Cooper tells Hawk she was only 65 pounds when she died. Hawk asks how that's possible. Cooper thinks it might have something to do with what he saw right after she died. Hawk looks worried and notes,"maybe we better just whistle on our way past the graveyard." Then he asks about Windom Earle. Cooper replies that the trail is still cold.

In Windom's cabin, Leo fetches Windom's slippers and smoking pipe while Windom notes that country life is tonic. Leo then brings him the newspaper. Windom checks on Dale's latest chess move. He realizes that Cooper is playing a stalemate game, and angrily deduces that Cooper is getting outside help. Windom impulsively hits Leo in the arm with his flute a couple of times before calming himself. Then he seethes that many people will regret this. 

"What's a Pinkle?"

At The Great Northern, Audrey and Dick Tremayne prepare for the Little Pine Weasel banquet. Dick asks some of the women if they want to smoke. One busty blonde tells him she likes to keep her lungs clear. Dick glazes at her chest while saying something about the great god of fitness. After Audrey suggests that Dick partner up with Mr. Pinkle. Dick asks, "what's a Pinkle?" Then Mr. Pinkle walks in. Dick takes one look at him and snarks, "you must be dreaming."

Then Audrey runs into John Justice Wheeler. They decide to go on a picnic together. Nearby Dick mocks Mr. Pinkle's stuffed Pine Weasel saying it works against the cause they're supporting. Later Audrey and John Wheeler enjoy their picnic by the lake. He awkwardly sings to her. Audrey seems to like it, but then confides in him that no one really knows her. 

Cooper goes to the Bookhouse to speak with Harry. He tells Harry that he received Josie's dossier from Interpol. He says she's wanted for multiple murders and has two prostitution arrests. Dale thinks it will be easier for Harry in time to know she was a hardened criminal. Harry doesn't want to hear it and screams, "get outta here...go!"

Catherine gets a visit from Eckhardt's assistant, Jones, who claims she came to give Catherine a gift. Catherine is suspicious and pulls a gun on her. She tells Jones to hand it over slowly. Jones then places a black box on the desk. She also says she will be leaving that night and wishes Catherine luck.

"I hope to see you later, Donna."

Donna gets a visit from Windom Earle, dressed as a colleague of Doc Hayward's named Dr. Craig. Donna lets him in and offers him a pop. He turns her down for the pop, but tells Donna a phony story about knowing her father from medical school. He charms Donna and gives her a gift for Doc Hayward, and a number where he can be reached. Then he says he hopes to see her later before leaving.

Later Doc and Mrs. Hayward come home. Donna tells them about her visit with Dr. Craig. Doc Hayward is surprised and says Gerald Craig died when he was in school. Mrs. Hayward calls the number Donna was given and learns it's a cemetery. Then Doc looks at the gift he gave Donna. Inside is a chess piece with move tied to it, Knight to Kings Bishop 3. He looks very concerned and warns Donna not to let him in the house again. Then he takes off to see Dale. After Ben Horne comes to see Eileen Hayward and shares an intimate exchange with her in the doorway. Donna watches them from the staircase curiously.

Pete practices on a variety of chess boards at the station. He tells Dale he's been through every stalemate game in history and he can't find any where no pieces are removed. Dale tells him to do the best he can, and to protect the queen. Andy and Lucy play a game by her desk, but Lucy complains that Andy didn't do, "the little hook thing." Pete reminds Andy that it's a privilege to make that move, and says he has to do it every time.

"A flash of light."

Major Briggs and the Log Lady walk into the station looking for Dale so they all go into the conference room. Major Briggs talks about the symbol on his neck. The Log Lady shows Dale a marking she has on the back of her leg. Then she tells him that when she was 7 she went missing for a day. All she recalls was a flash of light. Major Briggs also recalls a light when he disappeared, which Dale remembers as well. Margaret says she also remembers the call of the owl. She notes that she only heard that call before when her husband died in the fire. Dale stares at the board after drawing both their symbols on it. Major Briggs says he's connecting something. Dale agrees and studies it intently.

"These are the dating years."

Dr. Jacoby speaks with Nadine and Big Ed at their house about breaking up. Ed is concerned that Nadine doesn't understand what is really happening. Nadine says she understands it's a final breakup. Ed thinks it's a little more than that. Nadine tells him he's so serious. She says. "these are the dating years." Jacoby explains that Nadine will start to remember things when her mind feels safe enough. He compares her troubles to scar tissue. Ed asks how long it will take. Jacoby answers he doesn't know, because the scar tissue is packed in there pretty hard. Then Dr. Jacoby tells Nadine she's getting a divorce. Nadine gets a shocked look on her face, puts her hand to her patched eye and gasps that she thinks she's blind in one eye.

"You're very pretty."

At the diner, Norma shows Shelly a flyer for the Miss Twin Peaks contest and says Shelly should enter. Shelly makes a joke of it and mocks a fakes acceptance speech referring to herself as Miss Double R Diner. Then she brings a customer, aka Windom Earle dressed in a biker ensemble, his burger and fries. He asks what she was dancing around about so Shelly tells him her friend suggested she enter the Miss Twin Peaks contest. He responds by saying she is very pretty and should enter. Then Dale walks in and takes a seat at the counter. Annie comes up to him and asks what he wants to drink. Dale takes a look at her and seems quite taken. Windom Earle watches. Then Annie pours Dale coffee saying she made it strong. He notices scars on her wrist, but says nothing about it. Dale takes a sip of coffee and smiles, "it's perfect." Then he looks in Windom's direction, but Windom is already gone. Dale's expression changes, as if he got a weird feeling. After Hawk shows up and tells him they have a problem at the Book House.

"She came to me and made everything better."

Dale tries to talk Harry down at the Book House while he drunkenly rants. Harry says he never went anywhere, Josie came to him and made everything better. Harry gulps that he loved her and thinks she didn't have to die. Dale decides to give Harry a hug. Later Hawk and Dale let Harry pass out, and after they talk about what a good man he is.

Mike and Nadine check into The Great Northern in disguises. Two girls from school notice Mike, which seems to embarrass him. Nadine gets upset and smashes the bell on the front desk. She fiercely demands, "the room please!" When the concierge looks down at the bell, he sees it's completely smashed in.

"Oh please, Mr. Pinkle!"

In the dining room of the hotel, Ben gives an opening speech for the Little Pine Weasel banquet. He has Dick host a fashion show. Lucy models a 'plethora of plaid' as does Andy in a lumberjack version. Andy is quite nervous about being on stage. By the bar, Catherine approaches Ben. She asks him to level with her about what he expects to gain. Ben answers,"a first scrubbing on one of the dirtiest conscience's in the Pacific Northwest." Ben says he's learning that giving is the only thing worth doing in life. Catherine smiles and says he almost sounds like he means in. Ben says she should write him a big check to help stop Ghost Wood. Catherine laughs hardily. 

Then Mr. Pinkle takes the stage with a live Pine Weasel and stands next to Dick. He claims the weasel is attracted to very cheap cologne and wants to give Dick a kiss. Dick is clearly uncomfortable and snaps, "Oh please, Mr. Pinkle." However he reluntantly agrees to play along so Dick leans in toward the weasel. The weasel bites his nose. Dick begins to yell and wildly thrash about. He tosses the weasel onto a nearby table. The entire room begins to panic. Everyone starts screaming and running around. Audrey takes the stage and asks everyone to calm down, but gets pushed off the stage. John Wheeler appears and miraculously catches her. They end up kissing while a nearby woman screams in terror. 

Back at The Book House, Jones sneaks inside while Harry is passed out. She knocks out the guard keeping watch over him and begins to undress. Then she slips into bed with Harry.

End of show!

When Nadine smashes the bell at the front desk I always laugh. There is something so charming about her romance with Mike, no matter how comical it may be. 

Major Briggs and The Log Lady discussing their markings, especially Margaret discussing her childhood disappearance, was particularly interesting to me. I know I've been saying this every recap recently, but this recent arch of episodes is clearly a point of inspiration for Mark Frost's book, The Secret History of Twin Peaks. In fact, the scene with Cooper, Margaret and Major Briggs is the only true moment of mythology in Episode 24. It would have been great to see more scenes with these three, and to have explored more of the mystery of Owl Cave. Perhaps in New Twin Peaks or The Return, whichever you prefer, we'll get to that. It won't be the same without Don Davis though, may he rest in peace. 

Windom Earle and Donna's scene together has my vote for best, 'Windom in costume' moment. Windom's many costumes have always amused me, but some are sillier than others. I think his conversation with Donna was genuinely unsettling, and I loved how concerned Doc Hayward was when he opened Windom's gift.

It goes without saying that Harry and Dale's friend hug is a special moment. Their bromance was always a highlight for me. Annie's arrival in town isn't the most exciting, but I do like Heather Graham. I don't think Annie was her best role, but I am interested to see how, if at all, her character is addressed when the series returns. Finally, the Little Pine Weasel, well...what can I's pretty funny. It's also completely ridiculous, but still it's funny. Ian Buchanan is a terrific actor!

I found so many fun pictures from this episode, but unfortunately I couldn't use them all in my recap. So, I put together a little picture collage below. 


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