Sunday, July 16, 2017

Twin Peaks Returns: Thoughts on Part 9

A Pictorial Recap

"Fuck you, Gordon."

Gordon learns that, "Cooper flew the coop," on the airplane, and he asks Diane to join him in Buckhorn, SD. Of course she says fuck you and wants to go home, but a bit nicer than in her previous scene. 

"I'll take a rain check."

Mr. C sends a mysterious text and orders Hutch to kill Warden Murphy. Then calls Mr. Todd and urges him to get something done for him. Chantel and Mr. C also share a strange kiss, to which Mr. C says he'll take a rain check for more. 

The Three Stooges

Bushnell says Dougie had a car accident that made him suffer some lingering effects at the Las Vegas police station. After we learn from the giggling detectives that Dougie didn't exist before 1997.

Red Shoes

Cooper seemed to connect to the American flag and in particular, the girl wearing red shoes. He also takes note of the electrical socket. Is this a call back to Audrey's red shoes from the original pilot episode? Or could it be the color red in general that attracts him? After all the Black Lodge has red curtains and Dougie's front door is red.

"We have your whole palm."

Ike the Spike gets arrested for his attack on Cooper/Dougie by the three detectives. They tell him they have his finger prints, and his whole palm. 

The Red Chair

This scene seemed to offer an example of relationship compromise between Andy and Lucy. Lucy wants the beige chair, Andy wants the red one. However since Andy decided to let Lucy have the beige chair, she decided to buy the red one to surprise Andy instead. Lucy's eyes seemed extra wide to me in every scene. Is she just dazed or truly confused?

"Where is he?"

Johnny plays with Silvia Horne and inexplicably smashes into a picture of the falls on the wall, thus knocking himself unconscious. Could Johnny's condition be the reason Audrey returns to town?

"Your father never lost faith in you."

Betty says Major Briggs knew one day Bobby, Hawk and Sheriff Truman would come to talk to her. She gives them a curious device left for Bobby by his father, which she stored in a secret compartment in her living room chair. Bobby is once again emotional, especially when Betty tells him that his father never lost faith in him. The furniture in the house looked a lot like the furniture in the gray room to me. Could there be a connection between Major Briggs, The Gray Room and ??????? aka The Giant?

"It's a fucking morgue!"

After lashing out about being told not to smoke, Diane checks her phone. She's the recipient of Mr. C's text message, which says, "Around the dinner table, the conversation is lively." Is she working with him or being threatened by him?

Albert says Major Briggs should be 72 years old. Gordon notes that Cooper knew Briggs twenty-five years ago. Albert and Constance seem to hit it off via their sense of humors.

"I am not your foot."

Jerry battles his own foot in the woods. I hope there is more to this than meets the eye. Is Jerry just high, or is something else happening to him?

"It was our make believe world."

Bobby knows how to open Major Briggs device, and says that Jack Rabbits Palace was his and the Major's make believe world when he was a child. The men decide they need to go there in two days time, which is listed as 10/01. 


One drag sure impressed Gordon after the longest and most awkward staring scene ever. Tammy seemed unimpressed with his choice to smoke. Are her and Gordon more than just co-workers? 

The Search for the Zone

Tammy questions Bill Hastings about his blog, The Search for the Zone, and his encounter with Major Briggs. Matthew Lillard cries like a champ, great acting on his part, and wishes he and Ruth Davenport had gone scuba diving. Bill signs and dates the Major's picture 9/20. He also describes watching the Major ascend in a manner that seemed very similiar to how the Giant created Laura's ball in Part 8. 

"It's a mesmerizing tone."

Beverly seemed almost euphoric at the mysterious tone. Ben describes it as, "other worldly," although they are not able to locate the source of the sound. They decide not to act on their obvious attraction, and Beverly tells Ben he's a good man.

An Itchy Rash

Sky Ferreira itches her horrid rash at The Roadhouse, and makes us all a bit uncomfortable to the sound of Hudson Mohawke's song, Human. This scene was a little hard to wrap my head around, and made me wonder if all the Roadhouse scenes are actually taking place on the same night. 10/01 perhaps? Just a thought on my part.

Au Revoir Simone finishes the episode with another song of theirs called, "A Violent Yet Flammable World," and the credits role.

This episode in some ways seemed odd, but like the building blocks of any foundation, I imagine it will fit into place as we continue with the story. Part 9 picked up with the same feel as Part 7, but continued with Mr. C's story from Part 8. It had more of a comedic feel to it, but there was also some vital plots points worth noting. It was delighting to hear music from the Deer Meadow scenes in Fire Walk With Me in this episode. Bobby shined in his father's light, and gave us the biggest nugget of information. I'm also very intrigued with Beverly and Ben, and their mesmerizing tones. It appears that there could be some mysterious timelines in the episodes we've seen so far, which begs the question, are things really what they seem?

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