Sunday, August 20, 2017

Twin Peaks Returns: Thoughts on Part 10

Oh Dougie!

"Go away, Richard!"

Richard Horne pays Miriam a visit at her trailer. She tells him she wrote a letter to the Sheriff saying he was the one who ran over the little boy. Richard decides to kill her, and then calls Deputy Chad demanding he abscond with Miriam's letter.

"It's a fucking nightmare!"

At the Fat Trout Trailer Park, Carl sees a red mug come flying out of the trailer across from him. Then he hears yelling and notes with disgust, "it's a fucking nightmare!"

Then we see inside said trailer are Becky and Steven in the middle of an abusive domestic dispute. Seems like Becky is repeating a bit of her mother's history with Leo Johnson.

Candie is determined to kill a fly in the Mitchem brother's apartment. She ends up smacking Robert Knepper across the face with a television remote controller, and bursts into hysterics at her misdeed. Later, Candie is still crying while the brother's watch the news. They learn that Dougie Jones is not only a local hero, but he's also Mr. Jackpots.

"Has he lost weight?"

Janey-E gets intrigued by Dougie's fit body and health at the doctor's office. She admires his form and refers to him as remarkable. 

"Do you find me attractive?"

Later at home, Janey-E looks at Dougie while he's eating chocolate cake. She asks if he finds her attractive. Dougie looks at her in a daze and continues to eat his cake. Then we cut to the bedroom where Janey-E has an intense orgasm while making love to Dougie. He looks delighted and flaps his arms on the bed. After she tells Dougie she loves him. 

"He's so beautiful!"

Nadine watches Dr. Amp's angry podcast on her computer at her Run Silent Run Drapes office where she has a golden shit digging shovel hanging in the out facing window. Nadine notes that, "he's so beautiful." 

In the woods, Jerry Horne screams, "You can't fool me; I've been here before!"

"Enjoy this beautiful day."

Chad tells Lucy he wants to enjoy the beautiful day by going outside to collect the mail from the mailman. She watches him from the window. Chad grabs an envelope from Miriam Hodges, different than her last name in the credits, and hides it in his shirt.

"Hello Johnny, how are you today?"

Johnny Horne stares blankly at a disturbing Teddy Bear at Silva Horne's house, while tied awkwardly to a dining room chair. 

Richard Horne shows up and violently attacks Silva. He then proceeds to rob her safe and takes her purse while cursing at her, and threatening to, "corn hole," poor Johnny.

Mr. Todd tells Anthony Sinclair to tell the Mitchem brothers that Dougie Jones has a vendetta against them. He warns that if Anthony fails, he'll have to kill Dougie himself. 

Tammy and Gordon watch as Constance and Albert enjoy a flirty dinner together. Tammy remarks how cute they are. 

Candie drags her feet bringing Anthony into the office at the casino, which annoys the Mitchem brothers. Once he enters, Anthony tells them that Dougie Jones is their enemy. The brothers seem unfazed, but later in private they decide to go after Dougie. 


Gordon draws a peculiar picture in his hotel room. Then a knock comes to his door. When he answers Gordon sees a flash of Laura from FWWM, and we hear her name called by Sarah. It disappears, and Albert is standing there. He comes in and tells Gordon that Diane has been texting with Mr. C. Then Tammy shows up and shows them a photo of Mr. C in front of the glass box. 

Ben learns from Silvia at The Great Northern that Richard attacked her. She insists that he send her more money and threatens to call her lawyer. Frustrated, Ben asks Beverly to dinner. 

"Laura is the one."

The log lady calls Hawk at the station and tells him that electricity is humming everywhere. She says the Truman brothers are "true" men, and his brothers. She also tells him that the circle is almost complete and he should watch the dream of time, because it all comes out now flowing like a river. Then she says Laura is the one. 

At the Roadhouse, Rebekah Del Rio sings along with Moby playing guitar to the song, No Stars, and the credits role. 

Part 10 definitely played on the humorous side, but also offered a lot of drama and mystery. Nice to see Rebekah Del Rio sing again. You might remember her from the Silencio scene in Mulholland Dr. I loved Janey-E and Dougie funny sex romp. It seems that Dougie can do no wrong, despite his confused condition, and finds good fortune everywhere he goes. The guidance he's been receiving from the Black Lodge seems to be working. 

Richard Horne proves himself even more horrific in this episode, and it appears he's wildly devoid of anything human. Could that be more evidence that he's Bad Cooper's son with Audrey? I guess time will tell. 

Finally we get a little introduction to Candie, Amy Shiels, and learn that she's delightfully dumb and/or high or both. Either way I loved her scenes, and the Mitchem brothers are fast becoming some of my Twin Peaks characters. 

My favorite moment was definitely the Log Lady's call to Hawk. What does it mean when electricity is humming everywhere and the dream of time comes flowing out like a river? I hope we get that answer before these 18 hours are up, because just like in original Twin Peaks, when the Log Lady's important!


  1. Where do you find all these images?? Nice blog!

    1. Thank you! I was fortunate to receive the pictures directly from Showtime.